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Lakitu's only role in this cartoon is to throw some explosive Spiny Eggs at Luigi, who is in dog form, to stall him in his chase with Hip and Hop Koopa. Lakitu's one and only appearance in the Nintendo Comics System came in the comic " Cloud Burst ", which depicted Lakitu as almost identical to how they appeared in games. However, drastic changes were made to this Lakitu's cloud and shell; although the front of this cloud which happened to be the only side with a smile looked similar to game art, this front was attached to a larger, flat cloud where Lakitu kept its things and seemed to live in.

This Lakitu's Cloud, which Lakitu identified in one line of dialogue as Fluffy , was also capable of speech, limited free movement, and it had a large dissipation plug amidst it.

This Lakitu's shell was several colors. It was white, black, blue, and yellow instead of the normal green and white. Lakitu itself was depicted in this comic as a kleptomaniac, stealing most everything it saw, including its own king's crown and Koopabits. The Lakitu had also stolen Princess Toadstool's crown, which she desperately needed for her re-coronation ceremony; as such, she sent Mario and Luigi out to find the jeweled headdress which she thought had been stolen by King Koopa.

Lakitu, with orders from its king who happened to not be aware of the cloud-riding Koopa's mutinous crimes , attacked Mario and Luigi with Spinies; although Mario managed to get away from Lakitu, a less fortunate Luigi was sprung up into its cloud.

This Lakitu, despite its later cruelty to the plumber in green, actually started a limited friendship with Luigi as it stole his clothing; however, Luigi would appear to have just been playing along when he started a bond with the turtle, as he had found Princess Toadstool's crown amongst Lakitu's treasures and had to get away with it. In the end, Luigi pulled the cloud's aforementioned dissipation plug raining Koopabits and the like down at Bowser's troops and got away with Princess Toadstool's crown along with Mario.

While it is unknown what happened to Lakitu, it is assumed that he was reprimanded by Bowser for theft. In its only appearance in the Club Nintendo comics, Lakitu was briefly seen in the opening panel of " Mario will hoch hinaus ".

It is shown to watch Mario flying, surprised. It doesn't appear in the comic afterwards. Lakitu appeared in various volumes of Super Mario-Kun where it served as an enemy, and in other issues, Mario Kart referee and an announcer in various Mario Kart tracks.

In the latter case, it seems to be more wild than normal, as it bonks Mario with the traffic light. These Lakitus appeared in an unknown desert area just at a time when Princess Toadstool's troopers were dehydrating; when the gang of Toads first saw a Lakitu's Cloud appear, they mistook it for a harmless raincloud and initiated a rain dance to ensure water.

However, when they saw that their actions had only provoked the Lakitus, they declared that they had "done the wrong dance" and chaos ensued. After this brief appearance, it was later revealed that Bowser had kidnapped Princess Toadstool and therefore, it can be assumed that the Lakitus captured her and her gang.

Later, during Bowser and the princess's wedding, a Lakitu could be seen tossing confetti. In the Mario Kart series , Lakitu's friendly roles start. He has many responsibilities throughout the series, thus guiding the race most of the time.

It most prominently appears as the referee, holding a starting light with a fishing pole which tells the drivers when the race begins except for Mario Kart DS , and signals the drivers what lap or section they are currently in.

Occasionally, in Mario Kart: Another major, vitally important role is signaling the players if they are driving the wrong way, doing so in three different ways: Super Circuit , or a U-turn arrow sign since Mario Kart: In Mario Kart 8 , Lakitu even puts the drivers in the right direction if they do not do so within five seconds.

This is not done in Time Trial mode. There is a secret in Mario Kart Wii regarding this: Lakitu can be crushed by a Thwomp when signaling about going the wrong way. However, in the next two installments, Lakitu quickly evades the hazard without getting crushed.

If the driver crosses the finish line at the end of the race, then Lakitu will come in while waving the checkered flag. Another important role in the series is helping out the drivers when they are in a bad situation by transporting them back onto the track. This applies when the racers are falling into a void, a body of water, lava and when they are going out of bounds from the track.

However, as a "penalty" for falling, they have to wait a few seconds before they can drive again, usually losing some position, and in Super Mario Kart , Mario Kart: In the latter game, Lakitu appears immediately to save the drivers without them having to plummet. In Mario Kart Wii 's Rainbow Road and Galaxy Colosseum , the drivers are shown burning up on re-entry into the planet's atmosphere as they fall. This is very important, as it lets the player replay the whole race or the best highlights.

Other characters, such as Toads , film for the service as well. Because of Lakitu gaining another role, it is likely being the most prominent character of the series. In Mario Kart 8 , if the result screen CPU happens to get stuck on a wall, they will be pulled by an invisible Lakitu.

And, if the player fails to finish in the top three, when the results screen is seen with all the racers and their positions, Lakitu appears in place of a trophy, and "Nice try!

Mario Kart 7 introduces a playable Lakitu with a red shell: The Lakitu is in the Feather class, giving it high acceleration, handling, and off-road while giving it low speed and weight it shares these attributes with Toad , Koopa Troopa , and Shy Guy.

It is unlocked by winning the cc Lightning Cup. When starting races that contain major amounts of underwater driving, Lakitu will be sporting a snorkeling mask, as well as his cloud sporting some goggles similar to Lakitu himself. The race tracks that use this are: In Mario Kart 8 , the red-shelled Lakitu returns as a unlockable character.

It is a slightly heavier lightweight sharing its stats with Toad , Koopa Troopa , Shy Guy , Toadette , Larry , Wendy , and Isabelle , being a little bit more focused on speed and weight than with acceleration, handling, and grip. Additionally, the latter track has images of Lakitu in the tunnel and several stone Lakitus in martial arts poses.

Lakitu also appears on the poster of the fictional film Kung Fu Lakitu. It now shares stats with only Koopa Troopa and Bowser Jr. Because of the player playing as Yoshis , Lakitu skills are better compared to those from the Super Mario series in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and its remake.

The game is the first chronological appearance of Lakitus. In this game, Lakitus chase their opponents in the same manner that they did in Super Mario World , although the Lakitus' mechanics are changed the most in that they now use cursors to throw Spiny Eggs; if a Yoshi touches one of these cursors, Lakitu will throw an egg towards the Yoshi's spot.

Lakitus' attacking methods are also changed by the fact that Spinies themselves do not exist in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island , meaning that their eggs simply explode upon contact with the ground.

The game also reuses Super Mario World' s ability to hijack Lakitu's Cloud and gives the Fishin' Lakitu a return appearance, although rather than tempting Yoshi with a 1-Up Mushroom as it did in the previous game , the Fishin' Lakitus of Yoshi's Island rather use actual fishing hooks to grab Baby Mario and run away with him.

When the largely Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island -themed game Tetris Attack was translated from the Japanese game Panel de Pon , Lakitu took the role as a hero in place of the air fairy Windy. Yoshi and Lakitu settle their differences and become friends in this game, although the events of Vs. Yoshi, bent on freeing all his friends, then travels to the Breeze Stage and fights Lakitu and its Goonie ally, which breaks the enchantment and reforges Lakitu's friendship with Yoshi.

Like the majority of Tetris Attack bosses, Lakitu is also playable in that game's Time Trial mode, which makes Tetris Attack the first game to feature a playable Lakitu and the only game where a generic, unnamed Lakitu can be taken control of by the player. This Lakitu, like all its brethren, attacks by throwing Spinies; although simply shooting it is all one has to do to defeat it, the fact that he has much HP and no "hurt" animation makes it a very challenging and confusing enemy for Mario and Yoshi to fight.

However, they eventually blast him out of his cloud and it is not seen again in Yoshi's Safari until just before the final battle, where they fight it or possibly another Lakitu in a long round of rematches against other bosses; it is here battled after Boomerang Bro and before Sledge Bro. Lakitu also appears in Yoshi's Story , but with a less significant role and different attacks.

In this game, they now throw rocks, Spiked Balls , and sometimes Melons instead of Spiny Eggs, but they still ride on clouds, which Yoshi can use upon its defeat. Their clouds are different from normal: Lakitus themselves also appear different, having rosy cheeks and separate lenses on their goggles.

Other than the updated graphics, they are completely unchanged. Just like in Yoshi's Island DS , their behavior is unchanged. Lakitus return in Yoshi's Woolly World , behaving exactly the same as in the previous games. Their first appearance is in Spiky Stroll. In the minigame, it drops golden Beads for Poochy to collect. A single Lakitu makes a small appearance in Mario vs. Wario , appearing as a mailman who delivers Wario 's letter to Mario at the start of the comic.

He wears a blue cap and have a blue rucksack. Also, its cloud is shown to have a little tail when moving. Lakitu often appears in various spin-offs to take friendly roles, the Mario Tennis series being an example. Its fishing pole holds a screen that shows information about the score in each match. In Mario Power Tennis , like they do in the Mario Kart series with falling racers, Lakitus help retrieve balls that can no longer bounce. Lakitu also appears in three minigames in that game as well.

In the minigame Chain-Chomp Challenge , it holds the game timer to tell the player how much time is left during the game as well as the total score in Balloon Panic. Lakitu is also responsible for starting the Artist On the Court minigame with his traffic lights from Mario Kart: As opposed to the aforementioned predecessor, however, Lakitu appears in no minigames, not even in Super Mario Tennis , which is a minigame based upon Super Mario Bros.

As such, Lakitu appears less often than before. He has tennis gear though, that can be used by Miis. Legend of the Seven Stars. In this game, Lakitus for the most part take up their role in other games, although one noticeable change is given to them: Enemy Lakitus appear in four different levels in the game, and all of these Lakitus behave differently based on the level they appear in. Despite their appearances being fairly spread out, there is no more powerful sub-species of Lakitus to take their place later in the game.

The first Lakitu Mario encounters is found in Mushroom Way. This Lakitu throws Spikeys down at Mario, but can not be attacked because it flies so high above the ground, out of Mario's jumping range and would make for a rather challenging enemy so early in the game if it could be attacked.

The next one is found shortly afterward in Rose Way ; this Lakitu who is depicted with a Fishin' Lakitu pole on the overworld attacks by lowering Shy Guys down at Mario and Mallow. Unlike the Lakitu from Mushroom Way, the Lakitu at Booster Pass can be attacked by scaling one of the rocky cliffs and jumping on the enemy from above. Lakitus can also be fought in the enemy corridors of Bowser's Keep.

In battle, Lakitus often use quick, hard-to-dodge attacks. Earlier in the game, another Lakitu appears in Tadpole Pond as a helper of Frogfucius ; this one carries the sage across the lake to talk to Mallow and Mario when they first arrive, to give the illusion that he can float in midair though the illusion is ruined when the Lakitu lowers and can be seen fully on-screen, but they recover soon after ; the Lakitu is also present when Frogfucious admits to Mallow that he isn't a tadpole.

Both these Lakitus appeared riding a large cloud float based on the former's bus during the game's ending sequence.

Though Lakitu does not have a major role in the Mario Party series , he does make a few appearances throughout. The majority are mostly, but not limited to, minigames. The player must stop a roulette held up by a Fishing Lakitu to win or lose something.

This Orb under the name "Lakitu Capsule" makes its first appearance in Mario Party 5 and allows players to steal Orbs of their choice from other players.

Despite Tumble 's role as the main host of Mario Party Advance , Lakitu actually does get minor but noticeable roles as that game's minigame referee; at the start of a minigame, Lakitu and his whistle-blowing cloud alerts players to start and announces the end when time runs out for minigames. The Lakitu Orb finally being named as such makes a return appearance in Mario Party 7 's Neon Heights , where players can use it to steal one of Koopa Kid 's Treasure Chests at random, awarding the player with the item inside which could vary in helpfulness.

One Lakitu appears in the minigame Glacial Meltdown where, instead of throwing Spinies at the player, this Lakitu strangely throws Buzzy Beetles at the player for them to jump on and hit their opponent. In Mario Party 9 , a Lakitu is one of the game's twelve bosses.

It is the miniboss in Toad Road in Solo Mode and the first boss to be fought. The players fight it in the minigame Sock It to Lakitu , where players must hit blocks to send varying numbers of Bullet Bills at it.

Lakitu attacks the players by throwing Spinies at them. When Lakitu's health is half depleted, it throws larger Spinies onto the field. Lakitus reappear in Mario Party: Island Tour as non-playable characters. One appears in the minigame Pachinko Wizard where it throws Spiny Eggs at the players, who are trying to stand in safe places.

The last one standing wins. In the minigame Pool Buoy , Lakitu flies above the pool, throwing flag buoys; players must get the most points to win. Red buoys are worth one point and gold buoys are worth three. They also appear in Perilous Palace Path with the item Lakitu Leech , which, similarly to Mario Party 5 , allows the user to steal an item a random one if the target has 2 from the player of choice. Star Rush , there is a space in Toad Scramble mode with Lakitu's cloud on it.

When landed on, the player can pay one coin for Lakitu to transport them to another player's space. This section is referring to a subject in an upcoming or recently released game. When the game is released, or more information about this subject is found, this section may need major rewriting. Remove this only when the changes have been applied. Lakitus make their debut in Super Smash Bros. It appears again in Super Smash Bros. It also appears in the upper part of Mushroom Kingdom , alongside two green Koopa Troopas and a Goomba.

Also, a Fishin' Lakitu although simply named "Lakitu" appears as a trophy. Lakitu appears again in Super Smash Bros. It will toss Spinies on the ground when released from the Assist Trophy, hurting players who hit the Spinies. It is, however, one of the few Assist Trophies that can be attacked and defeated. They reappear in Super Smash Bros. Lakitu has friendly roles once more in the Mario Golf series. However, its figure is not so important as in other spin-off series.

Its most important role is saving balls that ends up in water, thus signaling the Water Hazard. This is its only role in normal games though. In Speed Golf games, it also takes the role of signaling the player when to start playing just like they do in the Mario Kart series.

In Mario Golf , perhaps with influence from Super Mario 64 , places a Lakitu in the role of a cameraman and referee of the Speed Golf sub-game with his traffic lights from Mario Kart 64 that can be seen at the start of the first hole of any course. Lakitu is used as catcher of balls lost to water hazards and tree hazards in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour , which also featured a surprisingly Lakitu-less course called Lakitu Valley.

Also in the game, he is served as the referee of the Speed Golf sub-game once again, but this time, with his Double Dash!! Lakitu makes an appearance as the referee of the Speed Golf sub-game for the third time in Mario Golf: Their name can also appear on the tournament scoreboard of the Castle Club , usually hanging in ranks close to last place.

He welcomes players at the Sky Island entrance, and his golf gear is available for Miis to use. Again, he retrieves balls that fall into water hazards, as seen in the transition which follows once that happens.

Puff in his plot to cover the fauna filled place with clouds. In this game, Lakitus, as well as throwing Spiny Eggs, employ a new tactic: As well as appearing as generic enemies, Lakitus appear as mini-bosses at least three times in Paper Mario.

The Lakitus in this game appear to directly serve Huff N. Puff, rather than just Bowser. Two notable Lakitus in this game are Lakilester , who joins the party after a fight, and his girlfriend Lakilulu. Additionally, a more powerful sub-species known as the Dark Lakitu , as well as the regular ones, appear in the Pit of Trials.

However, Lakitus are more common in case of NPCs, such as Laki , a train enthusiast found near the Excess Express boarding area and a grey Lakitu with a camera in the Glitz Pit, as well as Lakitu crowd members. The Thousand-Year Door is given a reference in some Merlee's Mansion graffiti in this game and a Lakitu despite his species's obscurity in Super Paper Mario can appear as one of the randomly-generated characters on the first page of the Japanese Super Paper Mario website.

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