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LA vegan meal delivery coverage: All vegan meal shipments will be shipped inside an insulated shipping box with gel ice packs. Rolleston prison is located in Rolleston , another satellite town of Christchurch. It accommodates around male prisoners of minimum to low-medium security classifications and includes Kia Marama a sixty-bed unit that provides an intensive 9-month treatment programme for male child sex offenders.

Invercargill Prison, in Invercargill , accommodates up to minimum to low-medium security prisoners. Otago Corrections Facility is located near Milton and houses up to minimum to high-medium security male prisoners. The New Zealand Customs Service whose role is to provide border control and protect the community from potential risks arising from international trade and travel , as well as collecting duties and taxes on imports to the country has offices at Christchurch International Airport , Dunedin , Invercargill , Lyttelton and Nelson.

Compared to the more populated and multi-ethnic North Island, the South Island has a smaller, more homogeneous resident population of 1,, June At the Census of Population and Dwellings, Eighteen percent of the South Island's population was born overseas, compared to The British Isles is the largest region of origin, accounting for Anglicanism is the largest Christian denomination in the South Island with The South Island economy is strongly focused on tourism and primary industries like agriculture.

The other main industry groups are manufacturing, mining, construction, energy supply, education, health and community services. The South Island is a major centre for electricity generation, especially in the southern half of the island and especially from hydroelectricity. The three large hydro schemes in the South Island: While the majority of the time the South Island exports electricity to the North Island via the link, it is also used to import thermally-generated North Island electricity in years of low hydro levels.

Offshore oil and gas is likely to become an increasing important part of the South Island economy into the future. Origin Energy has formed a joint venture with Anadarko Petroleum , the second-largest independent US natural gas producer to begin drilling for oil in the Canterbury Basin off the coast of Dunedin.

Market analyst, Greg Easton from Craigs Investment Partners commented that such a substantial find it could well turn Dunedin from the Edinburgh of the south to the Aberdeen of the south. The three successful permit holders are: Due to the gold rushes of the s, the South Island had regional stock exchanges in Christchurch , Dunedin and Invercargill — all of which were affiliated in the Stock Exchange Association of New Zealand.

Separate trading floors operated in both Christchurch and Dunedin until the late s. It is a summary of the movements in market capitalisation of each South Island based listed company.

Tourism is a huge earner for the South Island. Popular tourist activities include sightseeing, adventure tourism , such as glacier climbing and Bungee jumping, tramping hiking , kayaking, and camping. Numerous walking and hiking paths such as the Milford Track , have huge international recognition. An increase in direct international flights to Christchurch , Dunedin and Queenstown has boosted the number of overseas tourists.

This is a list of ski areas and resorts in the South Island. The South Island's railway network has two main lines, two secondary lines, and a few branch lines. In Stillwater , it meets the other secondary route, the Stillwater - Westport Line , which now includes the Ngakawau Branch.

An expansive network of branch lines once existed, especially in Canterbury, Otago, and Southland, but these are now almost completely closed. The most significant freight is coal from West Coast mines to the port of Lyttelton for export. Passenger services were once extensive. Commuter trains operated multiple routes around Christchurch and Dunedin, plus a service between Invercargill and Bluff.

Due to substantial losses, these were cancelled between the late s and early s. The final services to operate ran between Dunedin's City Centre and the suburb of Mosgiel , and they ceased in The Southerner between Christchurch and Invercargill, once the flagship of the network, was cancelled on 10 February The South Island saw the final use of steam locomotives in New Zealand. Locomotives belonging to classes long withdrawn elsewhere continued to operate on West Coast branches until the very late s, when they were displaced by DJ class diesels.

In comparison to most countries, where steam locomotives were last used on insubstantial rural and industrial operations, the very last services run by steam locomotives were the premier expresses between Christchurch and Invercargill: This was due to the carriages being steam-heated.

The final steam-hauled service in New Zealand, headed by a member of the J A class , ran on 26 October The South Island is separated from the North Island by Cook Strait, which is 24 kilometres 15 miles wide at its narrowest point, and requires a 70 kilometres 43 miles ferry trip to cross. Dunedin was the headquarters of the Union Steam Ship Company , once the largest shipping company in the Southern Hemisphere.

The east side of the island is home to the Canterbury Plains while the West Coast is famous for its rough coastlines such as Fiordland , very high proportion of native bush , and Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers. The dramatic landscape of the South Island has made it a popular location for the production of several films , including The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. On 4 September , the South Island was struck by a 7.

Five and a half months later, the 22 February Christchurch earthquake of 6. The climate in the South Island is mostly temperate.

Historical maxima and minima are Conditions vary sharply across the regions from extremely wet on the West Coast to semi-arid in the Mackenzie Basin of inland Canterbury. The southern and south-western parts of South Island have a cooler and cloudier climate, with around 1,—1, hours of sunshine annually; the northern and north-eastern parts of the South Island are the sunniest areas and receive about 2,—2, hours. The South Island has 15 named maritime fiords which are all located in the southwest of the island in a mountainous area known as Fiordland.

The spelling 'fiord' is used in New Zealand rather than 'fjord', although all the maritime fiords use the word Sound in their name instead. A number of lakes in the Fiordland and Otago regions also fill glacial valleys.

Lake Te Anau has three western arms which are fiords and are named so. Lake McKerrow to the north of Milford Sound is a fiord with a silted-up mouth. Lake Wakatipu fills a large glacial valley, as do lakes Hakapoua , Poteriteri , Monowai and Hauroko in the far south of Fiordland. Lake Manapouri has fiords as its west, north and south arms. The Marlborough Sounds , a series of deep indentations in the coastline at the northern tip of the South Island, are in fact rias , drowned river valleys.

Most of New Zealand's glaciers are in the South Island. They are generally found in the Southern Alps near the Main Divide. An inventory of South Island glaciers during the s indicated there were about 3, glaciers with an area of at least one hectare 2. There are some 3, lakes in New Zealand with a surface area larger than one hectare. Much of the higher country in the South Island was covered by ice during the glacial periods of the last two million years. Advancing glaciers eroded large steep-sided valleys, and often carried piles of moraine rocks and soil that acted as natural dams.

When the glaciers retreated, they left basins that are now filled by lakes. The level of most glacial lakes in the upper parts of the Waitaki and Clutha rivers are controlled for electricity generation.

The South Island has 8 of New Zealand's 10 biggest lakes. It is the 16th deepest lake in the world. Millions of years ago, Central Otago had a huge lake — Lake Manuherikia.

It was slowly filled in with mud, and fossils of fish and crocodiles have been found there. There are 4 extinct volcanoes in the South Island, all located on the east coast. Banks Peninsula forms the most prominent of these volcanic features. Geologically, the peninsula comprises the eroded remnants of two large shield volcanoes Lyttelton formed first, then Akaroa.

These formed due to intraplate volcanism between about eleven and eight million years ago Miocene on a continental crust. Two dominant craters formed Lyttelton and Akaroa Harbours. The Canterbury Plains formed from the erosion of the Southern Alps an extensive and high mountain range caused by the meeting of the Indo-Australian and Pacific tectonic plates and from the alluvial fans created by large braided rivers.

These plains reach their widest point where they meet the hilly sub-region of Banks Peninsula. A layer of loess , a rather unstable fine silt deposited by the foehn winds which bluster across the plains, covers the northern and western flanks of the peninsula. The portion of crater rim lying between Lyttelton Harbour and Christchurch city forms the Port Hills.

The Otago Harbour was formed from the drowned remnants of a giant shield volcano , centred close to what is now the town of Port Chalmers. The remains of this violent origin can be seen in the basalt of the surrounding hills. The last eruptive phase ended some ten million years ago, leaving the prominent peak of Mount Cargill. Timaru was constructed on rolling hills created from the lava flows of the extinct Mount Horrible , which last erupted many thousands of years ago.

It is thought to contain some of the best modern representations of the original flora and fauna present in Gondwanaland , one of the reasons for listing as a World Heritage site.

There are six forest parks in the South Island which are on public land administered by the Department of Conservation. The South Island has ten national parks established under the National Parks Act and which are administered by the Department of Conservation.

There are several bird species which are endemic to the South Island. Many South Island bird species are now extinct , mainly due to hunting by humans and predation by cats and rats introduced by humans. Organised around geographical areas of varying population sizes, they are not coterminous with the Local Government Regions. There are several air ambulance and rescue helicopter services operating throughout the South Island.

Parts of the South Island principally Southland and the very southernmost areas of Otago near the border with Southland are famous for its people speaking what is often referred to as the "Southland burr", a semi-rhotic , Scottish-influenced dialect of the English language.

The South Island has seven regional stations either non-commercial public service or privately owned that broadcast only in one region or city: These stations mainly broadcast free to air on UHF frequencies, however some are carried on subscription TV. Content ranges from local news, access broadcasts, satellite sourced news, tourist information and Christian programming to music videos.

A large number of radio stations serve communities throughout the South Island; these include independent stations, but many are owned by organisations such as Radio New Zealand , New Zealand Media and Entertainment , and MediaWorks New Zealand. Anglicanism is strongest in Canterbury the city of Christchurch having been founded as an Anglican settlement.

Catholicism is still has a noticeably strong presence on the West Coast , and in Kaikoura. The territorial authorities with the highest proportion of Catholics are Kaikoura where they are Presbyterianism is strong in the lower South Island — the city of Dunedin was founded as a Presbyterian settlement, and many of the early settlers in the region were Scottish Presbyterians. The territorial authorities with the highest proportion of Presbyterians are Gore where they are Dunedin's Al-Huda mosque is the world's southernmost, [70] and the farthest from Mecca.

A number of professional sports teams are based in the South Island — with the major spectator sports of rugby union and cricket particularly well represented.

As well as rugby union and cricket, the South Island also boasts representative teams in the domestic basketball , soccer , ice hockey , netball , and rugby league. The North vs South match , sometimes known as the Interisland match was a longstanding rugby union fixture in New Zealand. The first game was played in and the last match was played in Christchurch also hosted the Commonwealth Games.

An unidentified group is promoting a bid for the South Island to host the Winter Olympics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the island in New Zealand. For other uses, see South Island disambiguation. South Island Te Waipounamu. History of New Zealand. February Christchurch earthquake.

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