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The 15 Healthiest Frozen Dinners

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Allrecipes The website's most popular recipes hand-selected by editors. Thanks God I saw your blog before purchasing any kind of supplements and drugs and I'd really want to appreciate your effort. You can have 1. Click the image below to visit our "Buy the Book" page: The ingredients which u hv mentioned iz easily any one can arrange. Or I simply toss in boiling water for a few min. Now about me, I am almost 50, 5' 7" and 97kg, a vegetarian living in Saudi Arabia.

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To me, you would reach a much broader market with an abbreviated option. Jorjan — You look stunning! How to explain such a strong reaction? Lyna, I eat a fair amount of organ meats. I still eat liver pretty much every week for health benefits. I think there is a liver pate recipe on the site if you search for it.

Having bacon with liver really help too. Calf liver tends to be less repulsive. Beef heart is actually not bad at all; reminds me a bit of a lower grade, tough steak.

I sometimes make heart chili. Hi Lyna,try lambs kidneys,not as strong flavour. Cut then in half longways and snip out the white grisly bit.

I always soak kidneys in slightly salty water,it seems to mellow the taste. But just wondering if you have ever considered including a forum in this website. Yes, I am planning a website. Both are in progress. Lots of regulars look at it, well, regularly, and many topics and questions are addressed. Paul mentioned it on a post.

Maybe ask on the Q and A page. What are some sample daily menus to get a better idea of what people are eating at these retreats? I have moderate-severe back acne as well as some acne on my face. I follow the auto immune protocol although i dont have an AID just a leaky gut probably. I also have mild depression, as well as dandruff which has gone away some since I cut out fodmaps and added starchy veggie carbs.

When i got up to depression was noticeable. I am currently taking now Foods peppermint gels as well as all your recommended non optional supplements, except vitamin K.

Iodine is probably an old deficiency for me supplementing mcg now. I have had constipation issues for almost 7 months that was aided by starchy carbs and fodmaps, but the help from fodmaps was temporary. Should I get prescription antibiotics? What other things would you suggest? This is having a profoundly negative impact on my life at college and I really appreciate any response!

Acne seems to be getting better since I found your depression diet recommendations but it may just be cutting out fodmaps. Well, I would be sure to eat liver, and you might supplement vitamin A and should supplement K2 as A and D are crucial for mucosal immunity and K2 supports both of them, as well as neurological function.

The easy way is to get a powder and flavor drinking water with it. The key is going to be reshaping the gut flora. Eat fermented foods and a diverse mix of PHD foods with some starch and fiber.

I would avoid antibiotics for the time being as they can easily make things worse. Thanks a ton for the advice. Are these actually different? Because if peppermint gels are giving me relief, they are enterically coated which I am told causes them to release in the small intestine. Thanks again for your time and advice, James. I know going low carb can induce insulin sensitivity or something like that. I finally got off all by flushing my system with anti candida supplements. NOW brand makes a Candida Clear supplement with caprylic acid and cats claw among other things.

And plenty of water each day. Of course the maintenance diet is critical which eliminates sugars and starches and Frankenstein wheat and go grains and soy from the diet. Dairy is not great either…. I suppose I had confirmation bias and the problems lies in the large intestine. Should I obtain carbs a day from SCD type carbs and rice syrup or honey? Sorry for asking you almost an entire posts worth of questions, you are one of the few people in the paleo-sphere I trust to have a completely unbiased answer.

Chris Kresser spoke about it in one of his podcasts: Anyways, it might be worth a shot. I purchased your book and I am following the advice at the moment with positive results. I can say the Lypo-Spheric one does have a good mix of phospholipids. In the product description page it says it is alcohol free and made with non-GMO sunflower oil. Does this make it superior to the Lypo-Spheric? Paul, What do you think about substituting egg yolk for soy lecithin to make homemade liposomal vitamin C?

The emphasis on weight loss is, to me, dissapointing.. What I have seen in practice is that people reach their optimum weight when health issues ares resolved. The ideas you have shared in your book and blog should be validated further by the community and academic research, not by a weight number on a scale.

The main point of PHD is that disorders including obesity have many causes, and so the path to health or weight loss is by addressing all causes of ill health.

It is one path. Ultimately, we need enough testimonials on a health condition to convince people with that condition that we can successfully address it. As it happens, most people who are obese or overweight have multiple other diagnosed conditions, so we will get a sampling of evidence even if what draws people in is weight loss.

Not the first because there is a huge amount of diets, programs and retreats already. However, when you put the specifics into the equation, you get a different picture. Namely, people with overweight and several diagnosed health conditions for whom overall health is more important then rapid weight loss. In this phase it seems extremely important to make it as specific as possible. What exact weight range?

And for which people with overweight is overall health more important then results? Besides that there are way more variables that should be considered. My advice is to take a very specific sub-group and focus your marketing efforts on them. I discussed with Damon to join the retreat in July, also helping with marketing efforts, but was unable to do so because US law forbids tourists to work.

Wow, Jorjan looks extremly good and strong. Nice results she has achieved, she should be really proud of it. Paul would you mind clearing up vinegar and its relation to fungal infections such as candida?

I have followed the PHD pretty closely for a number of months, although I have not eaten the supplemental foods as faithfully as I should, particularly the liver. I like beef liver ok but when I eat it regularly I notice every time after a few weeks feeling tired.

I think it is the large amount of copper. I am hypothyroid and I think I am pretty high in copper and tend to be lower in iron and zinc. I feel better when these are supplemented and worse with more copper.

I am 46 and have almost no gray hair, just a few hairs which I pull out! I tried eating chicken liver pate but always have dread about it. I actually hold my breath while eating so as not to taste it. Could I try eating maybe half the amount of beef liver and see how I feel? Would that be enough to help me? I want to lose about 40 lb so yesterday I tried doing the weight loss version with no added fat to my meals. I ate everything else including egg yolks and some gelatinous broth.

I take the supplements as well. I also walked quite a bit yesterday. I think no added fat given my activity level was overdoing it. I am pretty sensitive and get a stress response from under eating. Then I went to the kitchen at midnight and ate including some fat and I could feel the stress response slowly shut down and I fell asleep an hour later.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get the right amount of calories and fat to prevent this kind of problem while not overdoing it so that weight loss can still occur?

Would you recommend using fit day to determine calories required? This seems like it can be kind of complicated to get things right and I am discouraged. I tend to be a sensitive person with narrow margins for things to be such that no negative side effects are experienced. Would you recommend that I just do full PHD for a longer time without any calorie restriction before attempting the weight loss version in order to rectify malnourishment?

I have had a long history of health problems going back to childhood. I had colitis which resulted in anemia and tested as deficient in iron iodine and vitamin d just a few years ago. I never really had a weight problem until my pregnancies which were four in number and were 2 years apart or less.

I no longer have colitis symptoms but I think the many many years of having it really depleted me. Being a peri menopausal woman with the above mentioned issues I wonder if it is even possible to lose weight even with PHD.

Or at least I wonder if I may need a few years on full PHD without calorie restriction and to get through menopause before I will be able to have success with weight loss. Do you know of any stories of women with these sorts of problems in peri menopause who have been greatly helped by PHD?

By these sorts of problems I mean hormonal issues like thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones, sleep and weight? Paul these weight loss testimonials and pictures are fantastic! But I dont see them yet included here http: I recommend adding the testimonials and pictures to the retreats testimonials page. My challenge now is bone broth. Are any commercial seafood stocks acceptable? Does the word stock mean they use bones?

Also, are seafood stocks as beneficial as chicken or meat ones? And finally, what about the gelatin in jarred gefilte fish? I sometimes leave it for a day or two. But I use beef bones, not chicken or turkey, because it is work to save those to make it worth your while. I hope you are also well and happy. It would be so very nice if you were close by to share your broth. We just throw a few bones in a 2 quart ceramic pot, simmer for 3 hours, let it cool, and then put it in the refrigerator.

Thanks for the inspiration! Why is someone like HE Mgr. It is sad to see very friendly qualified applicants who desperately need employment treated in such poor manner, also how much money was invested in this new hire only to be tossed aside because she did not fit into a position? This Regina should be looked at, this location is hurting because of the superiors at this location. They abuse it MR. Unfortunately we have lost contact with Allen and would appreciate assistance in locating him because we want him to attend our 50th anniversary celebration, can you help us out?

First of all, after reading these other complaints, my faith in Kroger stores has greatly diminished! I am 69 and disabled. I only go grocery shopping every weeks. Yesterday when I went shopping, I was told something by the cashier that just about floored me. My one vice is Ice Coffee. There was absolutely no Starbucks Coffee or Caramel flavor left. It is a rare occasion that I can find them. So I got all that was on the shelf, I was told when I checked out that from now on customers are only allowed to purchase 12 of any item.

I can not believe this. It is asinine beyond words. Seems to me you just want to keep the shelves full. Why do you hire people to stock the shelves then? Are you there for appearances or to sell things? Whoever came up with this rule has NO common sense, NO sales experience and is completely lazy and cheap.

This is the last thing I expected to be told at a grocery store. I will be writing to every manager, CEO that I can find.

Iam a former Marine and was working at Kroger before I went in to the service. I have been out of the military for a few years. I have a clean background. I was seeking employment back with Kroger.

I was notified I did not get the job. I must say Iam very disappointed in Kroger the treatment of vets. I agree the Kroger company has gone downhill on their professionalism their morals and ethics of work and especially their management team who thinks that they are God treat people like dirt because of the position that they have the Kroger companies to retrain all their management team on how to treat their employees like people instead of trash specially in the Colorado area called King Soopers.

With nothing more than 4 items in hand, I headed to a cash register to check out. The male cashier there by the name Frank a white man almost finished ringing up the customer before me. As I approached the register, he told me that he is closed so let me go to another register. After ringing up with another cashier, on my way out I saw him ringing out a white female customer while another white lady was also waiting in line at his register..

He started arguing with me then I asked to speak to a manager. Then I asked him what else could it be other than that after he told me that the lane is closed and refused to ring me up because I am black then turned around ringing for two other people who are both white. I am a senior and have been shopping at Kroger in Georgia for years. When I went to checkout, I was told that Kroger is going to stop the senior discount day on Wednesday. If this is true, it is a terrible change that you are making as us seniors can use all the help we can get.

Since we do not get raises in our social security every little bit of savings means a lot to us. I think this will be terrible if this is what Kroger is going to do and it is very possible you will be losing a lot of business. If you do digital coupons and they work. It is in reality a nice and useful piece of info.

Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. I had a problem with a digital coupon last October 6th. I bought the three containers, and when I checked out, they gave me 50 cents off the eggs. I went back to the store to show them and they gave me the rest of the amount due for the free eggs. I still have the receipt, and took a picture of the digital rebate that was online. In the ensuing weeks and months, I have brought the problem up every week when I fill out the survey, and I always check the box asking for a reply.

Here it is five months later, and I still have not heard a word from anyone. At this point of course it is a matter of principle, and I wonder why this survey is even given since no one seems to read them or care.

I have also written emails to Kroger, and any other email addresses I can find, but still no response. So I tried calling, but the young lady had to go ask her supervisor whether any of those are read, and apparently the supervisor said that 85 percent of them are read. I have started telling friends about this problem, and some have vowed to try writing a note and see if any of them can get a response.

I always seem to get the automated email saying that my communication was received, and that they are very busy at the moment so it might take awhile for a response. Well, ok, but five months seems a bit much!! So I decided to write another missive to the Kroger management team instead of Ralphs. But alas, the site was down for repair. I am very disappointed in this whole operation, and now believe that customer service is not something that this company has any concern about.

I am about to leave the store that I really like, and that has wonderful employees, and go to Vons. I have been a loyal customer at Ralphs for over 45 years, and it is not easy to let go, but I would rather give my money to a company that has a better attitude about the customers who patronize them.

And then today I went to Ralphs and tried to purchase Uncle Bens Rice that had a dollar rebate on a future purchase if you bought two packs, so I bought six — and guess what, no rebate for my next visit was given. I am about to add that to my list and try one more time to see if I can jiggle any of the corporate pawns enough to bother to respond to me, but I have little hope. I am NOT a fan of digital coupons in the first place because they often seem to malfunction, and neither do I have a phone that I can store them on, so I can only try to remember what was there and guess how many of what I need.

For one thing, I usually try to buy numerous groups of 6 when they are on sale, and it gets almost impossible to keep track of how many groups of 6 I have. It seems to me that it would be much more advantageous to ask you to buy 6, and then all other extra of the same item would be discounted to the buy 6 price.

You are losing money by making people jump through these hoops in order to get a sale price. All I can say is shame on you for ignoring the comments from customers and treating them so irresponsibly. I would think that, since you put out the survey every time a customer comes in that you might want to know what they say. Hello Mr McMullen, This was my real after the contacting via the website and continue to get nowhere!

This comment was ! Austin at CSR From App said we should and would be compensated as we have both been long term valuable Kroger shoppers.

Disgruntled customer as of now , Maybe my Local H-E-B would be a better choice next time , they are only a few minutes away. I will probably check n them out! This Kroger really need some assistance on training the employees, cleaniness, and also stocking. Why would an manager of this store continue to allow the employees to present themselves in a complete mess in hygiene.

This place is dirty and stink as soon as you walk in. Never have anything in stock. One night I came in only self check out was open at 8pm and no other lanes the lines was down to the produce area! I plan to contact the local news for consumer reviews on this store and also the health inspector!

This is my local grocery store why are you employees in groups talking and cursing? Why are they not cleaned up well and professional? Why every single time I come in you are out of products? This is a letter to voice my concern. For me to take the time out to write a letter I will go forward until there is a change. If I need to come in and train the staff myself I will or have us as customers start a petition to change. I will not end here if there is no resolution soon.

Purchased new hp lap top 2 days ago. I purchased from fredmeyers not hp. I purchased it because I needed to do some business on it. Horses would love this!! But City Market tossed it in the dumpster!! A huge box of perfect apples! All grocers but Vitamin Cottage refuse to give me the salad scraps for my chickens. I even offered a notarized waiver to protect these liability obsessed and paranoid corporations.

America is ignorant and lazy- pretentious and selfish- the waste here is beyond irresponsible in terms of losses, manpower, environment and societal involvement- but then America always plays the Good Samaritan on the world stage- while they toss perfect food items in the trash- such as this box of apples that they refused to sell me cheaper or donate it to my horses at City Market Buena Vista.

They all just look the other way and no one cares! You know how horse rescues would love the fruit Grocers toss out?? Most rescue horses have never seen an apple as budgets are tight for many- yet tons of apples are tossed in dumpsters!

Americans have to experience a severe depression before the corporate giants get a clue! Create a waiver to exempt any and all claims- it can be done! Kroger needs policy reform. Bernard Kroger would turn in his grave, if he knew. I needed gift cards for work to give out as Christmas gifts to my coworkers. After I collected my gift cards and approached the self-checkout lane I was immediately confronted by Chec, the cashier stating that I had to go to customer service to cash out with the gift cards.

So I proceeded to check out and as I was doing so Chec screams across the store to someone and prompts them to call the store manager.

I actually thought the store manager would have more sense than Chec to bother a paying customer. As I was ringing up my gift cards and placing them in the bag, Chec, the cashier proceeds to personally remove each card as I place them in my bag and held them in his hand standing over me as if he was monitoring and managing my check out.

The store manager approached me as I was continuing to check out stating that it was policy that I not check myself out in the self-check out lane.

So I asked him what policy was he talking about, where was the policy posted in the store, and in the past I have always been able to check out gift cards in the self-service lane. The store manager continued to harass me and withhold the items I was attempting to purchase as if he was trying to incite a negative response from me.

Additionally, the store manager was in such close proximity to me that I felt extremely violated and attacked for no apparent reason. I in return acknowledged to the store manager that I felt as though he was obviously discriminating against me at that moment and for him to step away from me.

I continued to repeat that phrase and eventually he placed my cards by my bag and moved away from me. I have never felt so humiliated in all my life. This was an obvious act of harassment, discrimination, a violation of my rights to shop freely and venture through a public setting without being followed or profiled.

I will never shop at this Kroger again. My problem is that the shelves are not fully stocked and the products that are on sale are non-extant. You would think with a holiday such as Thanksgiving the products that is used more frequently for that day would be in stock and plenty of it but that is not the case. The employees are nice what they have of them.

I just think it is poor management the way the store is run. Due to the distance where I live now; Clarksville, TN. After my incounter with them this pass week, I will not be returning to any of their stores…ever!!! To whom it may concern: Yesterday around noon I. I took the plastic bag that was priced and sealed and finished my shopping then drove home and put away my groceries. This is the 3rd time in well over 15 years that I had to make a return to the store.

She is relatively new and needs to be supervised closer. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. John Martinson, Sevierville, TN. Having worked as a Front End Cashier at the Lanett, AL store was by far the worst experiences in all my working years. These are a few things I took issue with: We should be kept as happy as our wonderful customers we serve. There is so much more to know store layout, what to do when sale items are out of stock, etc.

Schedule changes to an already posted schedule should be handled by the scheduler notifying whoever is affected by the change via a phone call. Same goes for availability. Again, all parties particularly upper management should know what to do in all areas instead of deflecting to someone else.

They may not wear the uniform, but should be able to better handle such inquiries. Returning the uniform as well as taking the time to type this letter may be pointless, but the overall experience motivated me to at least share my thoughts.

While shopping, the other shopper attempted to squeeze between myself and another shopper with a shopping cart in the same aisle. As she attempted to squeeze through the bottom metal area of the shopping cart sliced the back heel of my right foot. Management was notified by my son who frantically ran to get help due to the amount of blood that covered the floor.

Management was wonderful in assisting with first aid to apply pressure along with disinfecting the area to avoid infection. The store manager apologized and claimed fault. He then asked for my ID and stated that he was so very sorry and would cover any medical treatment needed. He was very cooperative and supplied all insurance information needed to file the claim and contact info to follow up.

The picture and video evidence along with eyewitness accounts from multiple people that were involved clearly shows the accident genuinely occurred and resultant damages. Those damages include, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses for home care of the wound, business missed due to being unable to walk given the area of the wound and more.

For about 16 years and used their pharmacy the same length of time. It changes every month. So when I went in to shop and drop off a new prescription the whole pharmacy staff was new…. I had gone to my doctor that day and she sent me with a new start date on my medication. They all got filled except for one and instead of asking me why a new start date he was so rude I felt beat up and left and left my other prescriptions too.

I went about my shopping kind of upset but it was fine. Then the fire alarm went off for a really long time. They have been in bad shape for a while empty shelves, no meet, rude service but I hate change. Regarding the Kroger store at Centennial Blvd. I have shopped at this store since it opened. Our neighborhood was so excited to have a Kroger store. Since it opened and over the years, the store has made a steady decline in all areas, but mainly the staff.

I have let a lot of things go over the years, but about a week ago I had 2 store visits that were extremely unpleasant. The first visit resulted in not getting home with tomatoes or deli meat and cheese. When I realized that I did not have the tomatoes, I called the store to see if they were left on the check out area. I was told no, but to come to the store and they would replace them. Later that evening, I was going to make a sandwich and realized that I did not have the meat and cheese.

At that point, I just wrote it off and put it in my memory bank. Why these items were charged to me and did not make it to my car is a mystery.

I even had help putting the groceries in the car…. The second visit was about 10 pm. When I got ready to check out, the only places were for customer check out and the line was long.. When it was my turn, I asked for help since I had a full basket.

The young lady assisting customers did help me by scanning the items in my basket. She was definitely over worked and I observed other employees just standing around. When I asked why there was not a regular check out station opened, I was told they closed them at Interesting since the store is open until 1: My observations made me think of this….

Young people need supervision and this store did not have that. The store is in Mansfield, TX on Broad street. I went in today to pick up some groceries that my wife had asked me to pick up. Most of the time, shopping there is a good experience. Today, I had a shopping cart with what I needed, and when I got to the self check out counter it was not busy , I remembered that I needed to get two more items.

My first thought was to let one of there attendant know. However, they were busy working with other customers. I took approximately three to four minutes. I came back and my cart was gone. I asked one of the attendant, she had moved my cart to the side. That was perfectly fine until she had told me that they put back all the frozen products. I was only gone less than five minutes! To say the least, I was very angry. I requested that they bring back what they took out of my cart. This took in the area of 10 minutes, probably longer.

The manager, Jeff stood there talking with some other managers, while one of his junior assistant manager took care of me. He did a reasonably good job. Later at the register, one of their employee had offered my a gift card.

I did not accept it. I was furious because this should NOT have happened. This made me late in getting to a meeting. What I want is not to have this happen again, because as much as I like Kroger, I will have a need to find a suitable competitor at that time.

Perhaps someone should be speaking to this manager? I think he cared more about his conversation with his manager than a customer! This morning I went into Kroger as usual, until I find another job anyways, and started working the bread which is what I do every day I work.

About an hour or so after I was already working the bread, two women come over and start removing and replacing shelf tags. One vendor had already come in and then left saying he would try to come back later, another came in and only stocked the bare minimum of his items. I took what I had out on the floor back to the back and also the empties and then told the head night shift guy that I was going home.

I am not going to change my job around or do other things and I am definitely not going to take bread back off the shelves that I already worked. The store is closed and there are neither stockers nor vendors.

This reset that should have been done in a week and is now going on three or four weeks is ridiculous. The person in charge of it should be fired. I worked for a Kroger store before that did a reset in one frigging night. They closed at 8: They pulled in about 30 or 40 people from other area stores and just got it done. I did the meat department by myself. This method is frigging moronic. By the way, that was in This store is a little bigger, but not much and the reset should not have taken more than one weekend or say Monday through Wednesday with a Grand Re-Opening sale on Thursday.

This store is closed form midnight to 6: I e-mailed Kroger and they are giving me an extremely hard time, going back and forth, even though I have pictures of the chicken and the receipt. We had nothing for dinner that night as a result. Not only are they poisoning people with ignorance, but their customer service is nonexistent with canned e-mail responses every single time, not listening to the customer at all.

I hope you go out of business, Kroger. Well here is the start of it. This is not appropriate for an associate to speak in this manner while at the workplace. They do not even care if customers are around to hear them. I have heard other employees make sexist remarks and say things of an inappropriate nature. I complained to management several times but nothing was ever done. Perhaps a class action lawsuit like against Wal-Mart would perk them up to the issues in a lot of their divisions.

They certainly did not address mine. In fact the harasse r still works for Kwik Shop in Omaha, Nebraska. Plus she steals from the company, management saw it on video and she still has a job! The experience I just had with my local store was turning out to be a nightmare but blossomed into a flower.

The reason I am telling you this is I first called in my prescription number around 9: So I thought I would let them do there job. So I got frustrated and called the local store manager who himself walked the phone he had to the pharmacy area and I talked to Mark my friend and he said with all the rush for the weather that he was backed up and no one was able to answer the phone and apologized for that.

Her name is Amber Brackett. She said that this was an easy fix and should take only for a doctor to call in the prescription that I needed. Weird situation was going on behind the Customer Service desk.

This way she can notify her manager. They should be able to see the employee doing this. January 9, around I love shopping at Krogers. I was getting lunch for work and gas at Kroger, Westheimer Pkwy. It was very busy this morning. I insert the nozzle in my car, and went to sit will gas pumping.

When I took the nozzle out and turn the car on, I did not have any gas. I advised that my car is not broken. I showed her the preauthorization that was charged to my card.

She directed me to go and speak to manger in the Kroger store. I requested to speak to a manager, I am not sure what this person position is, but I explained everything to him, Daniel Rios. He did not understand and requested me to show him my car. Daniel requested the receipt and my card used along with my Kroger card.

I said ok, maybe it was a mistake at the pump or cashier. I have a pre-authorization on my card and I have no gas. While taking to Daniel, he was over talking me. How the process work. I requested a note from him. If the transaction did clear my account, I will request a reversal. I asked why not.

I asked him, Are you accusing me of stealing? Why would I give you my credit card and information on me , just to steal from someone else. I asked for the receipt back for my proof. He refused, so I took it back. I went into the store and now requested for General Manager. Jeff Bailey came with a huge grin. I explain the exact same thing to Jeff. Jeff is saying yeap, yeap while chewing gum with teeth showing.

He is looking through me and not giving any feedback. People passing by looking at me as being label as a thief. Now, I am now very upset and shaking, heart beating very fast. This has never, never happen to me.

Now Daniel showed me that my card was not charged, ok. He did not need to start yelling Fraud. Jeff showed no empathy, and no willingness to solve or ease my concerns. Jeff Bailey and Daniel Rios need more customer communication training. I really need to hear back from Kroger. How unprofessional this company is for not caring about their customers.

Wow Wanda , I am or was just a cashier at Krogers , I am suspended because apparently I took a WIC check incorrectly 2months ago and another one a month ago. I love working and shopping at krogers and I am truly sorry for your experience. Unfortunately Krogers hires to many young people that have no clue on customer experience and that the reason they have a job is because of customers.

I know some baggers who have been working for my store awhile and never got a raise at all. I find it appauling myself that they just get minimum wage , I think if they been there 5 yrs … they should at least get 50 cents. I a deeply upset that they are probably going to let me go on the WIC check but like I said I have 2 jobs and krogers is just my pt job… I asked a few times t cut my hours because I have a 40 hr a week job but they continued to put me on 25 to 30 hrs.

Kinda surprised those were the only mistakes I made but yes I signed a paper that I trained on WIC so they say but WIC recently changed some… personally I thought all the baby formula was the same size and when I talked to a few other cashiers they said the samething without me telling them I said that.

Guess they will watch now. Security seems to think I knew the lady because it was the same person both times but I swear on my fathers grave I had no clue who she was… but on my behalf WIC always beeps at you on cereal bread and baby food… I never paid percent attention on it.

I try to get the customers out in a hurry because I work when customers are getting off of work and want to get home quickly… I have been commended by numerous customers. I have a bunch tell me they would rather wait in my line than go to another cashier. Seems krogers loves to keep you on suspension for awhile and not schedule you. But all and all I love shopping at krogers especially now with the fuel benefits.

The sales are pretty good also. I work in an ALABAMA store and I have to say you would make a lot of money if you put a few more stores in ALABAMA … customers that come to krogers from phenix city and Columbus and Montgomery keep saying over and over they wish they had a krogers… I even had people from brmingham and Huntsville who drive through a few times a year and come in and say they wish tey had a krogers. I am just a current peon at least at this moment and if I could change it I would…… it is not acceptable in my eyes and I apologize.

Its never acceptable to accuse an innocent person. Horrible experience this morning. I never had issue in the western hills Kroger store on Glenway ave, Cincinnati except with this employee named Mark!

Every time he sees someone coming with full cart he tries to ignore the customers. Anyway, I asked him nicely if he can help but he was so rude in replying that the checkout lanes are closed!!!! Very bad customer service! I hope Kroger does the right thing. I feel I was badly mistreated! Krogers in Houston Txs Tomball parkway that store needs a total make over.. Management at Kroger in Jonesboro Arkansas is not conducting themselves professionally when it comes to their employees.

The whole month of December, employees were having their hours slashed substantially. When employees would come to work, management had little to no regard toward the way they would talk to and treat their employees. Those who stood up and tried to get them to re-evaluate how they would treat us and talk to us were fired the next day or two myself included. I sent a note and did not hear back regarding the spoiled food that I continue to purchase at this location. It happens about one out of every three-five times I purchase groceries.

My biggest concern is the large number of elderly that frequent this store. I remember the media covered these issues a few years ago with grocery stores and maybe that is the best option. We have learned to never purchase marked down items in any department. Now we always check the dates but rarely bring the food back but have addressed it with management.

This time was especially aggravating because I purchased wings to cook for Christmas with my family. We opened them Christmas afternoon to cook and they were rotten!

However, it happen with cheese, lunch meat and other perishable foods. What else can I do to address this problem? Please give feedback because I am very concerned this issue is not being addressed. I had the worst experience at Krogers last night! When I began to cook it , it began to smell rotten! I told the night time manager! So I have no Turkey for Christmas for my family!

Plus I have company coming! I thought he would give me a turkey! My family will be very disappoint like I am! I read you comment and maybe I am wrong about the location and it is more of an overall practice.

Sorry for the insane amount of typos. I can assure you I am educated. I just typed too fast and did not reread before submitting. Nonetheless I am sure you get my point. I guess I am just hoping that my words are not only heard, but understood. So hear it goes…. I am sickened by the things I hear about this company in general, but also about the individual stores. For this reason the staff suffer and become disgruntled in doing their jobs it seems. Staff need to come before anyone else in order to be successful.

When management cannot manage properly and efficiently many things can go wrong. I imagine the turn your turn over rate must be astronomical. Tell me, what good is a company without a solid foundation?

However, there are the odd cases where wrong is wrong and there is no hidden meaning behind the behavior. For example, the other woman on here who complained of being threatened and felt her life was endanger because of the employee who was clearly psychotic.

Immediately, he should have been pulled aside and talked to about his behavior. He should have been asked why and able to explain, not just able to keep working treating customers like dirt. If the store cannot handle their employees then corporate should be stepping in. I was recently informed that Kroger stores are adopting families for the holidays. Wow indeed, Mind blown. Honestly you should be handing out all expense paid vacations to loyal employees just for dealing with your shenanigans!

I feel sorry for the good employees that actually do care, but their care is being squashed by the many incompetent people in management and fellow employees. You as a company do nothing for employees or humanity and that is a crime against the world. Clearly so many others feel this way. If it were my brand and I am currently building my own company I would nurture the crap out of it.

I would ask my employees how I could make their experience better and what I could do to change the things that need to be changed, I would not just listen but I would hear and understand.

It may not be in my future but it will be in the future if things keep up the way they are. Also, that means to start replying to people on here so they know they are heard and ot ignored, not matter bad or good. Be a company people can be proud to walk into. The shoes came in after 2 weeks and they were too big so we sent them back. Then after 3 weeks, the company sent the wrong shoe and the wrong size.

This happened once more and then I asked for a refund from HR Charlie- a woman. Krogers said to contact the shoe company and the shoe company told me its through Krogers because they took it out of my check. We had a situation where my 7 year old ate some blue substance off the floor located in the deli department.

It turned out to be Spill Magic. In fact, it was under a machine in a pile. With the inviting blue color and sugary looking texture my 9 year old told my 7 year old that it was blue sugar from the donut machine and my 7 year old tried it. There were donut samples sitting right above it that the deli worker had told my children were free. One of the workers got a manager involved, who by the way handled the situation by reprimanding my children which I had already done when the incident occurred and several more times throughout the night.

My son was in tears and scared and so was my daughter at this point. Then the workers stood around and proceeded to laugh about the situation and point at me and my family. Now, I do not in any way disregard the fact that my 7 year old should have known better than to put a blue, very inviting, sugary looking substance in his mouth from the floor of a grocery store but the fact is he did.

He can read and would have known had there been a caution sign in front of it. I called Poison Control first thing and for the rest of the night had to watch my child for blisters in his mouth, vomiting or sudden swelling. There is, however, the chance that if you leave something like that out again without cleaning it up and without a sign that the store might not be so lucky. My husband is disabled, I have 3 children and work full time.

It is hard to make my money stretch so I choose to shop at Kroger, as do a lot of my family members, where I usually get good service and good deals. But if this were to happen to someone that did pursue legal action, it might not end so well. I immediately looked for grocery stores and was pleased to find a grocery store of the Kroger family called QFC, right across the street from our apartment. The first time I went, I picked up veggies, tofu, juice, organic flour, wine, etc.

I approached the cash register complerely unaware that I was headed into a very disastrous, violent, intimidating, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, Hitler based behavior from a cashier by the name of Roger. I set the carry basket down and advised the cashier, I would hand him the items I was going to purchase and that I might not get everything in my basket. He looked at me and began snatching the items I was handing him.

His body and hands then started shaking in a violent manner. Please note, he never said hello, hi, how is your day. I asked him was he ok and asked that he let me know when I reached No acknowledgement from him. He continued to roughly snatch the items I was handing him and I asked was he ok again.

He then looked at me and said very loudly and in a menacing, threatening tone, do you want me to tell you or not when you reach This was when I started to get physically scared; I felt threatened because of his behaviour towards me.

During this time, a line had developed behind me and I asked him why was he talking and treating me this way? He didnt answer and looked very, very, very, very, very, very angry.

I looked around because this entire incident was on display. Everyone in line saw how he was treating me all white , and no one said anything.

I walked around the cash register and I looked at the bagger also white and asked her, in front of him, why is he treating me this way? She never once intervened. How very, very sad. I looked at his name tag, saw that it said Roger, and I asked him again why the discrimination in his treatment towards me?

He started yelling and I asked him to stop everything and then I asked the bagger, to get the manager. She came back with the manager and I asked her to finish my transaction because of the racist behaviour of Roger.

She apologized, took me to the next register and I explained to her the entire ordeal. I asked for a next day follow-up. I immediately went back to the cash register and my 2nd bag was not there. It had mysteriously disappeared. I believe, Roger saw me leave it and intentionally hid my 2nd bag. The next day, I decided to proactively follow up with the store manager, Eric Roner. He wanted me to come in and I did.

I told him the story and how badly I felt for receiving the abusive and racist treatment. Maybe that has something to do with it. This gift card in this circumstance, was unacceptable to remedy the treatment. Last night, December 2, at Someone by the name of Brandon swing team lead came over and started the process and I asked him what happened to the first cashier? And what is his name? Brandon advised his name is Roger and I said oh, now I understand.

I said is it customary to get refused service? I looked at him like really? When Brandon finished and I saw my total, Roger came back over and stood next to Brandon, and stared at me in a very threatening way. I called and spoke with the assistant store manager at 8: I asked for Roger to be removed from his job, he advised they were unionized and could not remove him and if it were up to him, he would fire many of the people there but could not because of the union.

He said no and he would do everything in his power to remedy this and would have Eric to call me. If this should happen, I will call I did not hear from Eric and I called your corporate office to file a complaint. In my complaint, I asked for the removal of Eric Roner the store manager, Brandon the shift team lead and Roger the cashier. You are hiring people that lack diversity and that is very dangerous.

What does that say about your leadership team? Is the team exhibiting the same behavior? Is that how you effectively meet your daily sales goals, your organizational objectives? How you plan your road map 5 years down the pipeline? If this is your strategy for your business model, I suggest you change it fast. How Roger treated me in both instances was undeserved, unacceptable, threatening, hurtful, scary, xenophobic, terrible, menacing, and I am now fearing for my life.

How are you going to prevent this from happening to any person ever again? No matter the nationality, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or religion? I have a friend who works at Kroger Fryes in Arizona and know that a person was fired just for cussing back at a customer.

When I asked her about the union, she said there ARE situations such as theft, sexual harassment, etc. She also said the union very seldom protects employees against misconduct. I stepped out of my Jeep in a hurry shut the door and realized I had locked my keys in my Jeep. I went to the small building to see if I could use the phone telling the lady what happened and where my Jeep was parked in front of the pump.

She directed me to go to TJMax. Who normally do not allow it but thank God they allowed me to use their phone to call me insurance company which took forever to get help and then my boss who was so ever so understanding.

I said why would you lie and have my Jeep towed? What if it were you? She still said nothing. Tears running down my face I went to stand in front of my Jeep praying they would hurry. She said I am not waiting much longer. I said I locked my keys in my Jeep and I am waiting for help. She offered for me to sit with her girlfriend and her until they came.

I told her they were the whole story and they could call a tow truck so she parked in front of my Jeep and said over her dead body. Then she continued to call the company who was supposed to be there over and over until they finally showed up this was now almost 3 hours.

I will tell you I prayed and even though the help I thought I needed there fast instead 2 wonderful angels showed up instead I thanks them so much. I just stood watching for help cold, praying with tears running down my face. It is a shame so many people came through because of how cheap the price. And just one offered me warmth, a phone and most of all to be there for me. Please remember this I beg you. I would never want anyone to go through what I did, and yes it could have been worse.

But please offer help even a phone call whatever. Thanks for reading I am sorry it was so long. But I hope it will make you think the next time you see someone who may need your help. This time was around I also used my card and purchased had I paid cash bit used my Kroger card, the purchase was made after I was yelled at so you can get the right time frame. The woman who I first spoke to is a larger shorter black woman in her 20 s or 30 s she is also the woman who said she knew nothing about why my Jeep was sitting there and told me to go to TJMax to call me insurance compay and would say nothing when i confronted her in front of the other woman at this point crying thinking my Jeep was going to be towed and the woman who yelled and screamed at me.

I will also tell you that the taller blonde lady when she was yelling at me said she paged me. I only went to TJMax because it was right next to the gas station and that is when the shorter Black lady your employee told me. Kroger store is a lot farther down. The lady said she was paging me. She was gonna let. I will not no matter what the savings will shop or get gas at your stores if this is how someone is treated. The Taller white lady had a white mini van she left and came back in she never even offered for me to sit inside I was freezing.

I could not wait in TJMax because of the threat of my Jeep being towed. Again this was at Kroger on Gratiot one Roseville Michigan. South of 11 mile rd. Around 12 or I definitely will make sure my friends and family know how you are treated at this Kroger Store I would never treat anyone this way. The Fortune year ranked your prestigious company on its list as 24th of top US corporations by revenue for the Year I am so sorry for all the horrible experiences that anyone has been subjected to at any Kroger.

There will always be issues weather your a customer or employee. At Kroger we are trained to give the best possible customer service we can. There are steps to follow.

I work for Kroger, I shop at kroger. I to had a God awful experience. I was checking out, the cashier was ignoring me, speaking to another employee, then when I got her attention she basically snapped at me, was rude.

Several days later I found out her child was sick, and she lost her child. When bad things happen and people are rude, I just say to them. Maybe your right, maybe not. But if I was so unhappy with where I worked, I would find another job.

The media will be alerted that Kroger supplies Hubert Williams farms tomatoes. Hubert Williams is federal convicted drug traffickers.

My last 3 trips to the Kroger Market in Calhoun Ga. A couple of weeks ago I went there with a list of groceries for the next week, on that list I had Gala Apples, and Naval Oranges. I then turned around and drove to Rome, Ga. The following week I returned to your store in Calhoun, Ga. The oranges were Organic and about half the size of normal Naval Oranges.

I picked up a few things and checked out knowing I would be in Rome Ga the next day and could finish our shopping at Publix. So I stopped at your store in Calhoun again, you will not believe what happened. The management team at in Irving Texas is the worst!! I have been an employee for their 9 years and I have never been treated so horribly. I work in the floral department and majority of my shift they call me up front to check!

I am NOT a checker! They never do this to any other department but ours. I have things to do in my department. I have seen the co manager take stuff on shelf and eat it.. I am not technically supposed to be lifting anything. I really do love Kroger. I just question the management we get to deal with..

I have had numerous bad experiences, even with a manager. The same manager that was more concerned about me letting the public know what I found in his store, the same manager that knows who we are because we were always in that store, we were never greeted or anything from him. Oh, but when i had an associate call him over to show him what I found in his store, he was so so apologetic and really hopes that I would not let that get out to the public……Well I just might get it out there.

They are a gross joke. We value your comments, questions and suggestions.

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