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From Size 24 to Size 4: My Nutrisystem Review and Success Story
Name and email address are required. And the payoff is amazing! I have only been able to lose weight in the past if I did juicing fasts. If you are a foodie who likes to try out the hottest restaurants and pair your dinner with a drink or two, you may need to find other options. I know I can and NS I believe will help me do this. This is my 4th time.

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NutriSystem Day 21: Tired, Hungry, Not Much Lighter

June will be better because I feel more in control now. But here are 5 things I've learned while doing Nutrisystem:. Get Fit Friday nearly Saturday: Jammin' with the superfruits. I'm switching over to the regular women's program this month, to see the difference. But here are 5 things I've learned while doing Nutrisystem: Eating more fruits and vegetables is the key to happiness. Sure, some of the entrees may look dinky but if you mix them with a cup of cooked veggies your entree will be far more filling.

For instance, I mixed my Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli with a cup of cooked broccoli and turned that little cardboard cup of lunch into a pretty big meal. Then the next day, while watching football at a friend's house, I had to leave, after only two hours, in the middle of the game because I was so hungry. So far this week I'm still generally hungry. It's like even when I do have the small portions in my stomach, I could go for an enormous burger, preferably with lots of bacon, tomato and mayonnaise, at any moment.

I also have not had nearly the energy I did last week. Although I'm planning to run tonight, it will be my first serious exercise since Saturday. I never went that long even when I was off the diet; I just haven't had the energy to do much more than walk back and forth between my apartment and my office. I even turned down watching a movie with a friend last night because I was coming down from the coffee high which sustained me during the day. I should add that I'm not a regular coffee drinker.

After perusing NutriSystem's online forums, I found that many of the other dieters also say that their energy and hunger come and go.

It is a unique seven day meal plan for ultimate weight loss. It promises a 5-pound weight loss after following the plan verbatim for seven days hence the name Fast 5 of course It comes with 7 breakfasts entrees, 7 lunch entrees, and 7 dinner entrees, plus 14 shakes for mid-morning and mid-day snacks. During the Fast 5, my daily caloric intake was calories — so needless to say I felt pretty weak the first few days.

It definitely got better throughout as the week went on, as my body began to get used to absorbing and living on less food. We realized that Jeff was not going to physically be able to tolerate the Fast 5 because his calorie intake would be dangerously low for his size and body weight. He began the week on the My Way Select Plan.

His customized plan is the Complete Men He works at home, so I was able to fix his meals and bring them to him in his office. He and I both knew that the less choices he had to make regarding food, especially when he was feeling deprived, would be better. So he essentially has a personal chef throughout his Nutrisystem journey must be nice!

We are in this journey together, to attain peace with our weight and healthy bodies, so I am happy to do it!

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