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Fernando Lane, Moratuwella, Moratuwa. Manhattan Institute, August 13, , http: This CD showcases the diverse fiddle styles she learned from by Pacific Northwest fiddlers and why she is regarded as one of the best dance, old time, and bluegrass fiddlers in the West. I must confess I had some fun with Gamini back in There were two fiddlers on the Lewis and Clark expedition as they explored and mapped the route between St.

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Key Proposals to Strengthen the Affordable Care Act

They need to replace it. Weakening tax enforcement combined with new complexity invites evasion and massive illicit tax savings for the rich. By expanding the scope of savings accounts, the GOP gives the wealthy another way to cut their taxes.

Weaker disclosure rules at the Treasury Department are just one part of a big-money campaign to keep political spending in the dark—even as foreign money fears spike. A new bill supported by both Democrats and Republicans is yet another deregulatory action that gives Wall Street room to run in dangerous directions.

In an effort to marginalize his nation's large far-right party in the wake of attacks by Islamist radicals, the president of France teams up with an old foe.

Posted 6 days 17 hours ago. Sign up here to receive exclusive, daily writing from Bob Kuttner and Harold Meyerson straight to your inbox. The Prospect 's ongoing exposé of the folly, dysfunctions, and sheer idiocy of feed-the-rich economic policies. After three weeks, prisoners will have ended their work and hunger strikes, but their demands are no less powerful. No matter how bad this presidency gets, administration officials are unlikely to face consequences.

Skip to main content. Home Magazine Blogs Tapped: Bernanke, Geithner, and Paulson's Lessons of the Crash. Masterpiece Cakeshop, the Sequel: Kavanaugh Will Further Divide Us. Economic insecurity and an influx of migrants have pushed Swedish politics to the right.

Will lower corporate taxes generate an investment boom? The evidence suggests not. But advocates want detainees freed, not sent to for-profit jails. The tax plan was always going to be a huge giveaway to corporations. And the individual tax cuts were always heavily tilted to the top. Why Democrats should run on rolling back the tax cut and raising taxes on the rich.

Far from giving Republicans bragging rights, the Tax Act presents Democrats with a potent line of attack. But can they stay united when they put forth their own alternatives? The Fake Claims, Debunking the Myths. For the past three decades, the overriding priority of American corporations has been paying their shareholders.

Republicans and corporations tried to convince Americans that their employees would be rewarded. But only 4 percent of workers have gotten bonuses or raises.

Some good comments and all are appreciated. View my YouTube 3 clip video from Watch this 30 minute video produced by Hallicrafters in showing their War effort to produce Mobile Radio units that would help to coordinate radio communications in the field during WWII.

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Expanding Access to Health Coverage for Moderate-Income Americans