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About Nutrisystem Turbo 13 TV Commercial, 'New for 2018' Featuring Marie Osmond

Nutrisystem Turbo 13 TV Commercial, 'New for 2018' Featuring Marie Osmond
One of the reasons that Marie is a huge supporter of the Nutrisystem weight loss program, is because it works so well! Now, before you criticize me, I have been walking 30 minutes a day, seven days a week for over a year. You should take the time to re-read what you type, because I have no idea what your comment means. Marie Osmond wore a beautiful dress on one of her commercials — it had studs that looked like a sun burst. But we all need to look more real and more believable! Get something new and fresh! You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions.

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Marie Osmond Nutrisystem TV Commercial

Which means she is 1 burger away from being overweight again. It would make more sense to lose pounds if being overweight is such a life destroying condition for her. This was the funniest thing about this commercial to me but I also had the same thought about why she keeps telling us about the product.

Why do we fall for these ads. These celebs get everything free and lots of money that comes out of our pockets. I would like for them to say they receive nothing and are only concerned about our well being. Can some Grip get me another shake? Cold, this time, ya bums. Marie Osmond lost the weight on Dancing with the stars. Take away her make-up artist and Hair stylist and all the designer clothes, and I believe that she has had tons of surgeries she lies just to make the money.

There is no way she eatsthat cardboard craps. I am so sick of seeing those phoney commercials. You know that if she wanted to loose weight she would hire a dietitian. She is not going to eat that frozen crap that comes in a box to your door. And her hair is always to one side and she is always taking her hand and moving it back as if to say I am so beautiful. She has tons of make up on too. Enough said commercial is unrealistic. Really very disheartening to see all the bashing of a truly great product!

I am a real true customer of Nutrisystem. Good Lord so very grade school!! Chat with real customers of the product and any product for that matter. And yes weight loss is something desired for myself for as we all know starvation as we get older sloooows the metabolism causing the body to store fat. Nutrisystem has been a godsend for me. Anyone who thinks they can sit, eat and lose weight needs to retrain their way of thinking though. This is an absolute MYTH! I too had always heard it tasted like cardboard.

I ask you please if you have not given Nutrisystem a chance and you have goals similar to mine please do. Yes she did lose the weight on Dancing With the Stars two months later she was making this commercial. Do I believe she is eating this food? I think she has a personal dietician and chef. But Nutrisystem is a great product. I am having a lot of success with it too. The food tastes great. I did it back years ago when the food was dehydrated and you had to add water to the meat before cooking it in the microwave.

It has come a long way since then. Does anyone else think she gained some of that 50 lbs back? They use more spandex and slimming designer dresses she lost her weight on Dancing with the stars.

My wife and I fell for it. Our first ship was obviously packages that had been handled several times, probably returned packages, all crumpled and crushed. The food was not nearly as good as similar stuff available at Walmart. I think Marie Osmond looks fake, like a doll..

Her painted face and ugly pointed nails look ridiculous.. She is a made up phoney. I am so tired of seeing those commercials.

There is no way the average person can pay that amount of money each month to eat cardboard. If you look closely, her waistline is creeping up. Big give away that the fat is piling up. One day she will have to face the fact that she will age just like the rest of us. Look how nice Donny looks without all that crap. She claimed to lose 40lbs during the show taping and it showed.. Shame on 3time married Marie.

Want to lose weight, portion control, of healthy foods. She is such a phoney! And not a wrinkle or expression on her face. I wanted to cut back on carbs so I called about a year ago and asked about their program for diabetes thinking it would be stricter but healthier. I just watched the newest version of this TV commercial. Marie Osmond and Nutrisystem have been working together for many years now, and by all accounts, the paring has been a huge success.

Osmond officially signed on with the diet food delivery service in back in , and nowadays she is probably their most well-known spokesperson. One of the reasons that Marie is a huge supporter of the Nutrisystem weight loss program, is because it works so well! As of today, Nutrisystem is offering some amazing discounts for TheDietDynamo. The singer reportedly dropped more than 50 pounds after starting the meal delivery diet, and is proud to share her store on commercials and on the occasional television program.

Like a lot of people me included , Nutrisystem helped get Marie back on track with her weight. She had achy joints, low levels of confidence, and was just generally unhappy with her appearance and how bad she felt.

She was juggling a bustling career, while also doing her best to take care of her family. Unfortunately, as many of us know, it can often be easy to forget about taking care of yourself in these situations. In these instances, we often reach for a Big Mac instead of a lettuce wrap, or a beer instead of a glass of water. It can happen to the best of us, but the good news is there are plenty of things you can do to get back on track, like taking action and joining a plan like Nutrisystem , Medifast , or Weight Watchers.

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