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I am crying as I am reading the articles…so many things describe my ex. And I am in so much pain and cant even pinpoint to what specifically. I guess he was looking for a mother of his kids, because that is what I am. He still plays the nice guy and I also see the Jekyll come out in e-mails, using intimidation, smart ass vocabulary and other verbal tools and its a back and forth of me thinking he might love me but doesnt want to admit it and loving the game.

I am so confused and I cannot trust my instincts or feelings anymore. Same rules dont apply apparently, there is no equality or fairness, and no discussion of solution finding.

Its always about him getting what he wants, and using whatever means possible to get it. He is using my love for my children against me. I cannot understand what is going on and doubt myself all the time. He came into my life as knight in shining armor, and endless hours of devoted attention, letters, flowers, cookies, he even sang to me on the phone. He called me Angel, babe, babydoll, georgous…I have never felt so wonderful and special in my entire life.

He always bragged to everyone about me. But I could not be critical or anything. It was never about what I wanted. I couldnt believe the pain I was suffering when he was displeased with me and i didnt realize how absurd it was to be upset about the tiniest things. I feel like he was hooking me onto a drug and I did desperatly do whatever made the knight in shining armor come back. Forget about my personal boundraries or thoughts on being financial responsible or all the things that were important to me.

But I cannot believe that it wasnt real. Wouldnt anyone have noticed? My gut tells me that he uses his deployment story to get attention at the VA, used it for publicity and all. It didnt feel right to me. He then tried to manipulate me into moving back. I see the same behavior with them…. And they seem to be the same type. But why cant he leave me alone? I know it bc I read the facebook chat.

He is bombarding the woman right now, with wedding plans, moving in togehter plans, over the top romance, and all of that…after officially dating for like 4 days. It makes me sick to be stuck in the middle of this. Someone tell me I am not nuts. Forget about my personal boundaries or thoughts on being financial responsible or all the things that were important to me.

I only know what you have written here, but your relationship sounds prototypical. I too just broke it off too— —I am praying for all the ladies on here. I am pretty sure I noticed a post in one of the forums masking the perp! How do you know when you are in the clear after breaking it off? Are there any signs? How do you not allow that turn off your otherwise fine tuned intuition when you have doubts, red flags etc?

If they did not completely succeed before you found the mask then what—do they just get bored and move on? I am in recovery as the realization of the trauma bond —as defined here opened my eyes to the fact that I also have family members that subjected me to this—and have spent a greater part healing—now this.

But it makes sense, and now, I can see how much more healing I need to attract a healthy partner and authentic, safe love. I just want to move forward. Keep all texts and emails. Do not take his bait. Expect him to file 24 hour ex parte motions against you, filled with lies, at times when you are least able to drop everything to respond.

The fact he has guns is horrific. Print out the cases of mothers and children being killed by the abuser dad, and present them to law enforcement. Do not tell law enforcement his mother is a politician. The dynamic of abuse is that the abuser knows his target is already weakened, and less able to get these things done. Find the strength, for your children, to do them anyway.

We must teach the next generations how to spot abusers, so they can avoid having children with them. I wish I had read this a few years ago. I fell in love with a sociopath then. I thought he was the love of my life.

Then the abuse started, and I decided to save myself the pain by trying to numb out my feelings for him. Unfortunately, this resulted in a depression, and my love for life virtually disappeared. I still feel like this to this day. My life is good these days, but I am up in the clouds somewhere, unable to fully enjoy it with all my heart. I just wanted to add one little thing to your interesting website, you use he to refer to a psychopath but there are as many women acting like predators out there, it is not a gender thing, but I assume you already know that, deception takes all shapes and forms….

Just read this page and have oreded your book from amazon i broke up with my boyfriend 5 days ago and what i have your seen on this page is him very word cant wait for the book. I just wanted to ask one thing when my ex beat me up and i got the police he told the police i had raped him and thats why he beat me up is it normal for them to say stuff like that ,. There are so many of these red flags, and I have chosen to overlook most of them for a long time.

During the course of our relationship, he maintains contact with his ex-girlfriend and will not cut her off despite my pleading efforts. He is always accusing me of cheating, and I have not. He lies about insignificant things for no reason at all. He even uses spirituality as a way to manipulate me.

After reading this site, I finally have some clarity on what is wrong with him. I just kept telling myself that it will get better, but it never does. If anything, I became his accomplice, as he made me do things that were totally against my morals, principles and beliefs. My children were 7 and 13 years old when it started. I felt uneasy, but I was soooooo in love. The sex was amazing, and each time we did it made me more connected to him; he started to incorporate more pornographic elements, show me porn videos, and was turning me into his actress-lover!

That period was bliss, as it made me kind of high on sex; pheromones were flying out of me, I was hooked. What goes around comes around. I became a specialist at compensating on his behalf. He would have little phony tears coming out of his eyes telling tales of the bad treatments as a child. Meanwhile, his only preoccupation are Facebook, youtube videos, hunting, eating, self gratification…and he advises everyone around on how to be a great person, and they listen to him!!!

My allegiance was always fluctuating between two polarities: We clashed a lot; I became disturbed, unfocused. Such a long, long delusional fantasy! I hate him now, he put me in financial debt as I bought a house in a remote place to please him; I have to go there now alone, and it reminds me of my stupidity and credulity. Those people are sick, sick, sick bastards that should be punished, and removed from the public.

They make us, normal people, sound like some naive, hysterical, retarded human beings. I just wanted to share; their sickness is addictive, I believe, and needs to be recognized, addressed and eradicated. Food for my thoughts…and yours.

Thanks for the amazing doctors and psychologists who wrote all this material, compiled it and extracted the juice for us. It is a shocking moment when you have that epiphany and realize what you have truly been involved in. This is a good article on the Aftermath website: In such cases, all you can do is try to exert some sort of damage control. This is not easy but some suggestions may be of help: Make sure the clinician you consult is familiar with the literature on psychopathy and has had experience in dealing with psychopaths.

Whatever the reasons for being involved with a psychopath, it is important that you not accept blame for his or her attitudes and behavior. Psychopaths play by the same rules-their rules-with everyone. Be aware of who the victim is. Psychopaths often give the impression that it is they who are suffering and that the victims are to blame for their misery.

Recognize that you are not alone. Most psychopaths have lots of victims. It is certain that a psychopath who is causing you grief is also causing grief to others. Be careful about power struggles. Keep in mind that psychopaths have a strong need for psychological and physical control over others. Most victims of psychopaths end up feeling confused and hopeless, and convinced that they are largely to blame for the problem. Make sure you have all the emotional support you can muster.

I am so surprised. Damn she was beautiful and knew how to employ these characteristics so well. Anyway, seeing her with her new boyfriend and her behavior that I know she shows to him, I feel bad for the poor guy. But someone has to lose this game. I am so glad I was not the one. When I first met the psychopath who wreaked havoc on me and my family, I felt a cold chill of foreboding. I ignored this as irrational, and was soon thinking how wonderful it was to be so loved.

I remember thinking how his eyes were like that of a lizard, alive but somehow dead, at odds with the rest of his face. Again, I ignored the cold chill. I remember thinking it odd that he felt most at home in the ocean, watching fish.

He described them as his friends. I realise now that he is a cold blooded creature. I wish that I had listened to my intuition. The problem is we naturally give people the benefit of the doubt. Another bigger problem is that psychopaths are very good at disarming our defenses.

I was just reading the preview to your book, and ran across your web site. This whole thing sounds like my sister in law. She is the psychopath. To give you a bit of background. She has been in and out of relationships, and Marriages. She accused him of abuse, and I have seen her doing the mental abusing. After they were divorced she has said nothing nice about this man, and in turn he turned to alcohol, and never married again.

Then she married a great soft spoken gentleman who would not say a bad thing about anyone. She was married to him for 14 years, and was having an affair on him for a few years before she left him. She never told him she was leaving him until after she told the whole family, this man had no clue what hit him.

Now she says he was manipulative and made her crazy. She has nothing nice to say about this man. She moved in with the boyfriend and my husband was so angry about what she did to him that he told her so, and now she bad mouths him at every family function and to everyone who knows him.

Well the plot thickens, she has now broken up with that man and found that a friend of my sons, who is from another country, is a world traveler and has money. She has stalked him on facebook and now after knowing him for a month, they are just head over heels in love.

When I saw them together the other day while he was visiting, she gave me a cocky half smile as if to say I got him. My question is am I wrong in saying she is a narcissistic psychopath? She very well could be one. In the book Without Conscience, Dr. If only it were that easy! He tells plenty of stories of mental health professionals being duped by psychopaths, even when they have the diagnosis right in front of them.

I recently broke up with a person I believed to have NPD. I have found it very difficult to recover from the confusion, pain and abuse that I was subjected to. This woman was very seductive at first. She told me she loved me first which was only 3 weeks in the relationship. Looking back at the first there were a lot of red flags such as; the first time we had sex she was very controlling and dominating.

She was extremely selfish. She would get angry if you questioned her authority or asked questions she thought I should already know. She was inconsiderate to other people. She had an arrogance about her.

She would tell small white lies to cover up things she did or said. So after a few months we decided to start travel nursing together and this is when I started to see the true individual. She became more controlling. She would dictate everything we did. She would never do something nice for me unless the act was doing for herself also. I bought her flowers, gifts and paid for everything.

She never lifted a finger for me. One day we were in the middle of having sex and she started punching me in the face chest and slapping me. At work she would expect me not to get into conversations with any of my female coworkers. I had never been called a flirt in my 36 years of existence and it shocked me.

One time I told my ex that a coworkers hair looked good after she had changed it. I found myself staying away from people because I knew she would blow up. I caught her numerous times making long eye contact with guys with me sitting right there. Of course when I brought it up she denied it and said I was insecure. Our next travel assignment things got worse. She became more controlling and nagging.

She would tell me how to drive and when to switch lanes but then criticize how bad of a driver I was. When we were not working together she would try to tell me what things I should be doing for the day. Of course I wanted to make her happy so I did. This had happened before. She always dictated our sex life.

She started punching the closet door and punched a hole through it and scarred up her hand. I tried to hold her to keep her from doing more damage but she started punching me. Eventually we calmed down and talked and she asked me if we were gonna break up. So then she said well were done I want out. So we start separating things and she starts asking if this is what I wanted. She tells me she only broke up with me because she thought I was gonna dump her first.

I just ignored when she said things. I stopped doing nice things for her. I gave up subconsciously. So with the situation I was in I had to quit when she did.

So we had no job. Our agency was trying to find us something and no jobs were opening up. My money was dwindling fast. We decided to go to her parents in texas.

She immediately said I was right and it was a mutual break up. The problem was we had a 16 hr drive to Tennessee. This was the single worst car ride. She begged me for 16 hours to take her back. I was numb I never gave in. My mom was unaware of everything and talked me into giving her another chance. I contacted her on her way back to texas making sure she was ok. She kept asking if we were doing the right thing. By the time she got home she changed she was over it.

She enjoyed seeing me being tortured by this. I took a travel nursing job and she got a job in texas but a week before I left she called me crying saying she missed me and told me not to go on that assignment, get a job in tennessee and she would move there. So we continued texting and she would say that she wanted to be friends and she was afraid that I was the one but it would be to late when she found out. I told her not to contact me again because I needed to get over her and move on.

She continued to call and text claiming she was worried about me or finding any excuse she could to talk. I finally went no contact with her and blocked all media, email and text.

I have lost all my money while waiting on another job. There is so much more but I think I wrote enough to show what I went through. I hope your next travel nurse job comes soon is a good one and far, far away from her.

Good luck to you! You found your empowerment but also what will cause u physical harm. Keep those words to yourself. Take and hide money. Know where your assets are.. Then leave silently and go far far away.

He WILL find you and tell you he has changed.. Beg you to come back. Charm you back…know this and maybe you wont fall for it. It only gets worse when you leave them and then come back. My heart aches reading all the comments here as I realise I am not alone.

I met a guy thru my work 12 months ago. Red flags popped up everywhere. But im kind, tolerant and understanding. He was sexually abuse as a young child and his life has snow balled out of control. He will not leave me alone despite my repeated requests. Suicide is on my mind often. I am seeking councelling.

I pray 4 all the men and women in this world how r victims of these mentally ill people, praying ur souls will be saved as i am praying 4 mine xxxxxx.

Please stay away from this man and please continue to seek counseling! Suicide is most definitely not the answer, and you will see that clearly once you gain some emotional distance from this situation. If he is stalking you, you may need the help of law enforcement. I found the biggest red flag is that this person shows absolutely no signs of awkwardness or uncertainty around you. This is a huge indicator that you are with a non-person, a projection of something else.

Any real person feeling real attraction to you would have those awkward moments because they fear doing something wrong and they want to impress. The non-person knows nothing except complete and total success, the assumption is you are a forgone conclusion.

Its a sure sign that real emotions are not at play here. You are so right-on. Thanks for your comment! Thank you for this site. I am so emotionally devastated that I have been struggling to keep myself safe from suicide. I understand now that the woman I fell in love with simply is out to destroy.. I am so sad,,.

My heart goes out to you. It is devastating to realize the truth of what happened, and we find ourselves in a very dark place when we do. The person who did this to you is certainly not worth giving up your life for.

Please call the suicide prevention hotline at TALK I will be waiting to hear from you again to hear how you are doing. All the best to you, now and always. Thanks for sharing excellent information.

Your web-site is very cool. It reveals how well you understand this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will come back for more articles. You, my friend, ROCK! What a great website. I was terrified after ready this article and all the comments after.

I dated my husband in high school. He went off to college while we were still dating, and I never heard from him again until about 6 years later and I blew him off. He claims to have been trying to find me for years! We lived in separate states.

He would fly me to him every so often for a few days or he would drive to me and stay for weeks. Romantic and fun all the time. We were sole mates he sais and he missed me from the days of high school. He has had something missing from his life and finally, finally knows what it was. We never go anywhere, but if we do it is boring and he wants to leave as soon as we eat and he eats FAST. We have no friends.

Three months after we were married, he went on a business trip supposedly and never called. He left me here with his two children and never once checked on any of us. We talked every night throughout the courtship for hours at a time. I tracked his phone I know I am terrible because he was not behaving like the person I thought I knew, and he was in a hotel room three floors above his own.

I texted him and he said he was in a conference at another hotel and would call later. He came back and was cold to my concerns. No empathy at all. He would not discuss what happened. Acted like nothing ever happened. Claimed he did nothing wrong and I was suppose to accept that. Had that been ME!!!

I was hospitalized for a week a few days after his return and he came to visit me once, 5 minutes before visiting hours were to end. When it was time to go home, he was 2 hours late picking me up at the hospital and showed up acting as if nothing ever happened and he was a supportive husband just for being there, drunk I might add at 9: Mentioned the romance and the fun we had. Of course he said he would do better, and never did. He did not hold me to say all would be alright.

We used to cry together during the courting process if one or the other felt hurt. Now, he ignores me. My daughters Father died a few months later. He hated him my ex. No remorse, no empathy. I am lost, tired of trying to get him to notice me. Trying to get him to love me like he did. But I see now, there is no love…never has been.

My daughter tried to tell me he was toxic. She tried to get warn me not to marry this man and tried after I did to get me to leave. She says I am not the same person anymore.

I am sad and lost my vivaciousness. I have let her down and caused her pain. My heart goes out to you! I remember that moment when I figured it out. We all fell for the same load of crap. You will get your vivaciousness back, but only after you get away from him.

Your spirit will come back to life, along with your self-worth. Best wishes to you. Thank you for your comments. Since I have been trying to understand the behavior and have been searching for answers for so long, am I coming to the conclusion that this article describes him because it is the only thing that is close to what is happening and I want it to makes sense?

Am I being fair to him be assuming he is a psychopath?? No matter what he is, you sound desperately unhappy. You know what I mean? I think he is feeling me pulling away lately as I have acted unconcerned and uninterested these past few weeks. All of a sudden, today…I am the most beautiful woman in the world and he wants to go out on a date????

The color I am wearing is a great color on me…kiss kiss kiss….. OMG Is it starting all over again. Not sure I can take too much more. You said this horrible marriage is destroying you. I hope you will find your way through this and end up in a place of feeling good about yourself and about your life.

Thank you so much for this information. I now realize that my ex lover is probably a sociopath. He did the love bombing, showering me with attention, romantic experiences and gifts. He was intense, worldly, articulate, brilliant, charming and seductive. I was feeling lonely and neglected, and he was the tonic I needed. Sex happened almost immediately, and it was the best sex of my life. We met online, and he had a habit of not responding to my emails between meetings, but I rationalized this as he was so delightful in person.

Two nights ago, on a whim, I searched a few profiles on the dating site where we met. He encouraged my alias to contact him at his personal email. Your blog has made me realize I was lucky to get out so soon. Thank you once again for this powerful resource. These types do damage whether a relationship lasts 2 decades, 2 years, 2 months or 2 hours.

This site hits the nail on the head. We met many years ago and were great friends right off. We reconnected a little over a year ago some 25 years later. It was a long distance relationship where we saw each other every other weekend. This woman was my soul mate. Those words flowed often. We were so in tune with one another. Yes, the sex was over the top…magnificent!

We would take out of town trips, going to concerts. She was spontaneous, free spirited, fun, sometimes ditzy but she had a dark side, she loves skeletons and psychological thrillers mostly. She was into self help books which now seems so odd as she was the picture perfect presentation of love and caring.

Her game is heartbreak. Like a serpent, she wound herself around every emotion and weakness I have. At the perfect moment, she cut me loose with no good reason.

I hit the bottom hard and almost immediately afterwards, had a loaded piston to my head. The pain was unbearable! Fortunately, I was able to apply some reasoning and delay my demise. About 2 weeks later after trying to sort through this, it dawned on me what I may be dealing with. Thanks to sites like this, I have no doubt that this woman is a full blown Psychopath. The pain is gone as I now know what happened. The bad thing is, that the next man might not as insightful.

Even more shocking is that this woman operates as a nurse in a State facility taking care of low IQ patients. She certainly sounds like a psychopath. Thank you for your comment.

Anna, my heart goes out to you. You are so blessed that neither you or the other party were injured. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I wish you all the best! John, our stories are so similar. My current relationship is very similar. My husband and I were high school sweethearts. He went off to college, stating that we would be together forever and low and behold, I NEVER heard from him again until 10 years later where I blew him off.

I was in the town we grew up and he was miles away. We began sharing life experiences and it turned into a 3 year long distance relationship. He was supportive, loving, worldly, exciting, spontaneous. If I cried he cried. It was like a dream come true. He would come and spend weeks at a time with me or fly me to him for long weekends.

Flowers all the time, he cooked for me, loved me, supported me and my children. His family and I became so close, they were in the same town too. He had lost touch with his family and was able to regain the closeness they all once had. A blessing because his Father passed away suddenly and he was able to have wonderful recent memories to help him through.

But after his Fathers death, the true HIM came out. He was drunk all the time. I was searching for Christmas gifts online. I was crushed and left the pages open on the computer so he could see that I found them. He said he was drunk and there was no real reason he was looking. If I had looked closely he said, I would see there was no communication. I got home and there were flowers, dinner and candles. NEXT I found a hotel receipt that he claimed was from a friend who went on a drinking binge and he picked him up to take him home.

Anyway, another year went on with my lack of trust and doubting myself for not trusting him. Now through two years, we discussed marriage. He never asked me and never introduced me to his kids then 14 and THEN, they asked him to live with him as their relationship with their Mother was declining.

He lost his job and his Mother and I were supporting him. He let the kids come, got a new lower paying job and his Mom and I rushed up to move them in and set up the house for them. Four months later, we married and the day he came in town for the wedding, he was different. All the phone calls were loving and supporting and promises of a life just like we have had, passion, fun, etc. But when he came in the door, he looked right through me.

It was cold unfeeling, etc. I attributed it to the loads of things we had to do in a short time. His was stressed I told her. When I got here, his kids were disrespectful, the house was a mess and he was distant. He would check out women everywhere we went in my presence. It was so obvious, his 14 year old asked me why I allowed his Father to treat me in such a way. So I was married hired to be the maid, the cook and the babysitter while he traveled.

Two months in the marriage, he had a supposed trip to Vegas for a week long conference. When tracking his phone I found his Ipad in his room and his phone in a room two floors up. Called him out on it all. He lied and continued to lie and to this day I do not know the truth nor can prove he has cheated. When he returned he was drunk and slamming Valium he said he got from a friend. He continued to take them several at a time and almost killed his son and I returning from a hockey game.

When we got home, I found the pills and took a handful to show him how stupid he looked all zoned out….. I took another handful…he stood there. Needless to say I woke up in a psych facility where I stayed for one week. He never visited again for a week. I was the only patient with no visitors. I was in longer than I should be because the doctor said I had no support at home. So they set it up by phone where he complained about his inconvenience and asked nothing of how I was and what he could do.

I ended the call and strongly told him for once something was not about him and if he could not support me we were ending the call. I planned to leave upon my release. He showed up two hours late to pick me up and high on Valium. No I am sorry just nonchalant like he was a hero for being there. He had wrecked my car and it was in need of a new tire and repairs.

I drove us straight to a mechanic where the repairs were done and I took his credit card to pay for it. We had separate accounts, his choice. THEN, I got to the house. Both children looked as though they had not slept in weeks. The youngest had not gone to school because my husband had almost killed him taking him to the doctor because he was so screwed up on drugs and alcohol.

The young man was too scared to let his father drive him to school. The had lived in horror for a week. GUILT and feeling of responsibility for them kept me here.

A couple of months later, my daughters Father died. He has not to this day consoled her of his death. He said he hated the man and is not sorry he is dead. Still trying to figure out what I have done to make him change. Still not getting answers, just lies and being told it is all my imagination NOTHING has changed; and being physically and mentally ignored. It just feels so good to talk to someone about it. I have been here two years.

I have no friends, I work from home and the only places we go are to the grocery store. I am an extra-vert in my true personality but now I am a spineless, pathetic nothing under control of a monster. No strength to pull myself out. If I start pulling away and getting stronger, not taking his abuse he pours it on again love bombing but no love making.

He gets his fulfillment with manual and oral sex, I am left unfulfilled and feeling like a prostitute. I am slowly but surely, through the help of this site recognizing his patterns and acting accordingly. He asked me on a date Friday. It seems I received a letter from a job years ago that was liquidating my pension and I have a large lump sum coming to me.

Thank you all for listening. It is a God-given opportunity, and you should take it! Now you have the means to get away from him, and you must. You are being drained and weakened by him, but when you are free of him your strength will come back. I took the ten signs and noted all the stages of a relationship with a psychopath. I then noted my experiences from the beginning of the relationship until now under each category. In moving forward, should one confront this type of person with the facts based on the stages?

I read an article about a professor who called himself a social psychopath and admitted what he does to his family. He works on it as best he can. Does that mean I have psychopathic tendencies too? Is he turning me into him?

I would not waste my time with a psychopathic person. You will always be frustrated. So I wanted to see if I could change. In order to do that, every time I started to do something, I had to think about it, look at it, and go: Their basic response is: They absolutely expect and demand more. Do you want someone who just acts like he cares? Who just acts like he loves you?

Or do you want someone who really loves you? You just confirmed what the logical side of me was saying while typing the question. There always seems to be an argument going on inside my head. I have to save me. Unfortunately, there really is no way to change these people, as far as anyone knows.

One thing I forgot to say. If you confronted someone with the facts based on the stages, as you said, they would never admit to anything.

I always knew what it meant, but I never really got it. I will never let anyone explain away their behavior again. My Mother taught me that! I have used that saying with him and the promises start gushing. I am an enabler. I saw the signs and ignored them. I am on my third marriage, embarrassingly enough. My first husband beat me for 13 years, my second husband was wonderful to me but not a great provider for his family and THIRD …. Looking back, I see my Father was a psychopath as well.

He had all the signs. I am on my 10th of having no contact with him. I would trade 3 for 1 in a moment! Scares heal, physical pain goes away. But this emotional abuse….. I think sometimes, it must be my fault. I make these people this way. Have a terrific weekend and thanks for all you do. It makes me sad to hear you blaming yourself.

What do I do? I really need advice. I have another work party next Friday. Part of me and I hate it misses the closeness I had. Many of us here know how you feel, myself included. We compromised ourselves, we played into their hands, and we were betrayed. Because you still have to deal with this person, you need to have a plan — because he will continue to manipulate you. Make a plan, set boundaries, and stick with them. Also, if he is slandering you at work, keep records of everything.

Maybe filing a complaint with human resources is an option. Do these married psychopaths target other weak women in their eyes because there wives have figured them out? Do they treat their wives the same way? I doubt they wait until their wives figure them out. Many of them treat their wives the same way, as evidenced by so many of the comments on this site.

An old neighbor of mine worked at a bank, and her manager seduced her. On his wedding day, he was 15 minutes late for the ceremony because he was having sex with her! He convinced her she was the one he really wanted to marry, but there was no way to back out. Well, he kept my neighbor hooked with tales of marriage misery while having 2 kids and getting that promotion. His wife was none the wiser. Last I heard, my neighbor was still seeing him.

I feel for you so much Amanda. My two year anniversary is Sunday and I looked at our wedding pictures, just to see if his eyes were as dead then as they are now. I have never thought of myself as pretty until I looked at those pictures and compared it to the way I look now. I thought I was chunky at that time, but comparing it to my now, the loss of weight, my dark circles and sunken in cheeks…. I cannot concentrate on work.

We both work from home sitting right across from each other. I never know if he is working or chatting with one of his online dating hook ups so it drives me completely batty! My best to you throughout this journey. My story is posted somewhere on the site, I think twice! But it is nice, as you said to be able to come here and talk about our situations to people that understand. When I have attempted to discuss the issues with family members, they look at me like I have two heads because they do not understand why I would even begin to think about staying, They do not see our situations as a form of abuse and the affects of that abuse to our psyche.

They loose respect and find me weak for not getting out. I get frustrated and happy at the same time because I want them to understand and I am happy they have never been in our situation. When I read all the signs of a psychopath I felt that they could also be exhibited from a healthy individual.

So how to differentiate? You may just have to wait and see how things unfold. It must have been the pool, or fruits I was eating, etc. Probably not the case. This is especially true if they went to a resort. There is a very good chance that their seborrheic dermatitis cleared up because the hotel had a water filtration system. So the chlorine and hard water from home was no longer irritating their skin. Nicer skin, softer healthier hair, and no or less residue from soap on your skin or built up in your shower.

It cleans and heals the skin similar to the effect that swimming in the ocean has on an open wound. Generally the more trace minerals that are in the salt, the better. While Dead Sea Salt is petty amazing, I also use natural sea salt sometimes that you can purchase from the local supermarket or natural foods store. I get asked a lot about other brands, especially sea salts that people may already have in their home and want to test out.

I have used both on occasion, and they seem to work fine. So just be sure to check the packaging of the brand you buy, and make sure you have the right measurement. After you have your salt water solution, you want to soak your seborrheic dermatitis with it for a few minutes. The stinging will subside shortly, and as the skin heals there will be no more stinging just like the rest of your normal skin!

This is a common mistake people make in skin care, regardless of regimen. You always want to allow your skin some time to soften up in the water. This way any dead skin can be more easily, and gently removed. So always try and give your skin at least 5 minutes to soften with the water before any kind of rubbing or exfoliating. Once your skin has softened, you can gently rub any dead skin away with your fingers as you wash the area.

Once you finish washing with the sea salt solution, make sure your rinse well with fresh water. Most people will see a dramatic reduction in flare ups within 24 hours, and many within just minutes or hours! While this is great, be careful not to get too carried away once you start seeing results.

Too often people get excited that their seborrheic dermatitis is disappearing, and they start dumping more and more sea salt into their salt water mixture, or washing too many times a day. If you add too much sea salt to the water you will dry out your skin, which is not good.

Your skin should be about as dry as it would be after going for a swim in the ocean and rinsing your face with fresh water. So it will take a few days to balance itself out. If you happen to have chloramines or chlorine in your water, you should use bottled water for the entire regimen.

Moisturizing is great for the skin, but there are so many ingredients in them that tend to be problematic for seborrheic dermatitis. Moreover, any one of these ingredients could be the cause alone for your seborrheic dermatitis. So ideally the goal of this principle would be to not use moisturizer at all. For those with facial seborrheic dermatitis the initial thought to not using a moisturizer is,.

Listen, I get it. For years, I felt that same way. So I understand your fear. That said, some people especially depending on your environment might need moisturizer at times. Also, if you are treating a flare up and first starting the sea salt regimen you may need a moisturizer that can provide relief. If you live in a very dry climate like myself, some form of moisturizer may be needed to prevent your skin from drying out. So choosing the right one is very important.

This can be difficult because almost all the moisturizers out there contain oils even Cetaphil , fragrances, parabens, lanolin, and a multitude of chemicals that are known skin irritants. Moreover, a lot of moisturizers help feed yeast. They are unique in composition in that they are oatmeal based, which tends to be very soothing on the skin.

If you have a flare up or itchy burning skin, Aveeno does an amazing job at providing relief. Even during an extreme flare up, these can really take away any burning or itchy sensations. These are simply the best options I have found yet for seborrheic dermatitis, and I have tried pretty much every moisturizer there is on the market.

When you apply the Aveeno be sure to take it easy. To often people go crazy and start slopping on multiple layers at once. I understand the temptation, because it can be very soothing. See how you feel, and then apply another additional thin layer if necessary. Repeat this until you feel comfortable. I wash my face with sea salt in the evening prior to going to bed, and apply a layer of Aveeno.

The reason I might add a light layer of Aveeno in the morning is mainly due to the poor air quality in Los Angeles. The Aveeno helps add a protective barrier to protect my skin from the elements here. Pick up a small container of unrefined natural sea salt from your local grocery store or natural foods store, and some bottled spring water enough to fill a sink twice. If you live in the US, Aveeno is quite easy to find, even at the general grocery store.

So you can pick up the small 2. Use the bottled water to mix your salt water mixture in the sink. By doing this you are ensuring that the water you are using does not have chlorine or many other common tap water compounds that can be problematic.

Once you have washed your face, empty the sink and add fresh bottled water again to rinse with. Rinse your face with the fresh water, gently pat dry, and add a light layer of Aveeno if needed. So I encourage you to test away, and see if it works for you. You may come up with a better regimen that falls in line with the same principles. If you understand the priciples, you can tailor a regimen that works particularly for you and your situation.

It might be just as effective, or maybe even more effective! Has anyone used the dead sea salt for scalp and if yes then whats the routine? I know that writing articles is boring and time consuming. But did you know that there is a tool that allows you to create new articles using existing content from article directories or other blogs from your niche?

And it does it very well. The new posts are high quality and pass the copyscape test. Thank You for this knowledge. What ticks me off is the Dermatologist who casually said, yes you have SD. You can use head and shoulders or a steroid cream. Well, when the itching wakes you Up at 2. How about sitting in front of a blue light with hair section for maximum effect?

I have morgellons- is this related? OR …I accidentally was exposed to a big mold bloom- was this the culprit? Is this transferable to young children, uh.

Waking me up pretty consistently at 2. How easily does it spread from one body part to another? Can towels transfer the yeast? Do You recommend I change pillowcase and towels nightly? I am trying a Himalayan salt sole, per you suggestion and I purchased the Aveeno cream and rosemary mint shampoo. I apologize for laundry list. I just read this here!!!

My experience with SD and my serendipitous travels have led me to a similar approach, one that, for my skin at least, has been remarkably successful. I, like you, have no interest in monetizing this knowledge, merely in sharing relief to sufferers. You have a wider audience, you may be able to do more with this, and faster. Except for medical shampoo, how it is better to wash your hair on everyday basis?

In particular, what shampoo it is reccomnded to use if you have mild seb Derm on t-zone? I am beyond grateful for this site! Hello, thank you so much for all the information provided. I have seborehhic dermatitis on my scalp since i am 10 and now i am Its has been very difficult to constantly face with this debilitating struggle.

I have been usuing all kinds of different shampoo that dermatologist recommended but never sea salt with water. I am wondering if this would cause any hair loss since my dermatitis is only in my sculp. Both are free of dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, protein, oils, parabens, formaldehyde, and other preservatives.

These products completely cleared up the seb derm on my scalp. However, I still have it on my forehead. Thank you so much for this very informative site. Have just started on salt washes now plus giving up coffee although subbing with tea which may be cheating and taking omega 3 supplements.

I travel a lot with work so am in hotels at least one night per week. This means lots of different water types all round the country I find transitioning between hard and soft water can give me temporary skin problems too. Thank you again for all the info and fingers crossed I see some improvement. I have redness around my mouth and nose and it created a kind of puffiness and expressed nasolabial folds.

Even just stopping using soap and any moisturizer on my face completely helped it, and even helped tighten the skin in that area so that the folds are not as noticeable. I am not sure what I should do next, if I should use an oil-free moisturizer in that area. Thank you for completely changing what I thought about my skin. This really helped me, and I wanted to say thanks for this feed! It was a new thing for me, the itch was unbearable, and the inflammation was even worse!

Next came the Dermatologist with the textbook Steroid treatment on and off for months. Thats what I thought anyway. I guessed it was the harsh shampoos that were compounding my situation. I tried the Dead Sea wash at the proper ratio, soaking for my head in a bowl for 5 — 10 minutes, gently scrubbing away flakes towards the end of the time. The water was warm, not hot! Then rinsed all the salt out — a long rinse with fresh water, going cold water at the very end just to refresh more.

Twice a day, in the AM before work, and at night before bed. The 4th day, I only light wash my hair with Burts Bees baby shampoo, or Dr. Bronners Hemp Baby, but very little. This seems to be helping me greatly so far!

I came to this sight by a different route. Due to a very painful pinched nerve I was incapacitated. I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks from not even wanting to get up to eat. Became dehydrated from not wanting to drink water because getting up to use the bathroom was painful.

Taking a shower was nearly impossible, it was bad. Disgusting, I know, but I was waiting for the surgery. The thing I noticed was about 5 days after my last shower, my seb derm had cleared up dramatically. With help I got a shower. Within 24 hours after, the seb derm returned on my face and scalp. Again, 7 days without a shower. The seb derm cleared up completely for the first time in years.

I have not tried the salt water washes yet, but anecdotal evidence suggests you have hit the nail right on the head. Our city tap water has tons of dissolved minerals and strong odor of chlorine. Again, you have nailed it. You have completely changed my thinking on this. Thank you, I realize there are others who suffer with this a lot worse than I do. I will try the salt water washes. The hardest part is going to be getting clean, soft water to use.

The person who has posted this knows what they are talking about. It looks like you have a Forum here which looks like it could be well-used, considering all the comments.

However, it is malfunctioning. I sleep great, have no stress, lifelong athlete, eat really good, drink a beer or two a day, 2 cups of coffee a day. But I do sometimes have candy, cookies, coke. As you say, everybody is different. My plan is to cut out the junk sugar, less beer, 1 cup of coffee. I also have phlegm in my throat so that I clear my throat a dozen times a day. I took a detailed skin-prick allergy test: I like your approach and attitude, Matt: And when a flare-up occurs use it as a signal that one is overdoing something.

I have sebo-psoriasis on my scalp. My scalp is very dry from all the dandruff shampoos, and flakes constantly. I now massage a few drops of squalane on my scalp after i dry my hair and before I style it. Once the scaling came off, it stayed off. Forgot to mention that Squalane oil does not feed the yeast that causes seborrhea. The only other safe oil is MCT oil. All other oils — coconut, argan, almond, johoba have the potential to feed yeast. And my skin and hair are left smooth and hydrated, definitely not oily.

Have had seb derm my entire life 29 years. Always in my face, sides of nose, forehead, facial hair. Been on Eucrisa over 3 weeks and can say it is the only product that has worked. Everything I have tried in the past clears it up for a few days then stops working.

Eucrisa seems to be doing the opposite. Also do not have the dry feeling like I ususually have after a shower or just in general. This seems to be both a moisturizer and dermatitis killer combined. I never have reviewed a product in my life, but because I know how shitty seb derm is I figured this could help other people out there. Is it correct if I mix ml water with 3 tsp sea salt? I converted your measurements but I think is too much. When I get out of the shower it softens up and it is much more noticeable, like a white cast on my face.

Has anyone else had this problem? I have looked it up and found others with the same problem but it always leads to a dead end. You basically described the same symptoms I have been dealing with for several years. Two dermatologists diagnosed it as seb derm. The excess oil sebum production causes the thick, flaky skin in the forehead, eyebrow, and nose areas. I have more or less tried everything talked about on this website to try and regain balance to the skin and reduce the oil production — nothing has worked.

The only product that keeps it under control for me is Hydrocortisone Valerate, which I apply once every 4 days. How do you use the sea salt if your major problem area is your scalp? I used to use Nizoral both OTC and prescription in the past. But it is so hard on your hair and made me lose a ton of hair. I had not really had problems with itching and flaking for what seems like years until recently when I had a lot of itching. Have people tried this?

It is not organic, but it contains no oils, proteins, perfumes, masking fragrance, sulfates, parabens, gluten, betaine or formaldehyde. I use the Free and Clear shampoo when I shower at night. Both have worked wonders for my scalp. I put the solution in a tiny spray bottle and then part my hair and spray away. You can do this in the shower and leave it in while you wash, and then rinse. So glad I have you. I have a question. What do you think about this cream Nizoral? What do you think about apple circulation to apply a face?

I have had seb seen for almost a year now and it was very depressing in the beginning however I am learning through research and forums how to stay positive and control it as we all know we will be stuck with it for ever. I am 25 and I have never had any issues with my skin up until this problem. I always have had clear skin with a small pimple every few months that would go away in a few days and only in my face.

When I started having symptoms it was in my scalp and it was really confusing. All the sudden I was having either really dry or really oily scalp with itching and discovered acne like bumps. I thought it was dandruff at first and started using selsun blue shampoo and had a little relief and symptoms seemed to diminish at first however it only worked for a short time.

Instead of seeing a doctor about it right away which I wish I would have now looking back. I was using cheap mousse because I was on a extreme budget and I have curly unmanageable hair unless I put something in it. I have always used product in my hair for years but never understood the impact it had in my hair.

Anyway nothing was working. I used apple cider vinegar after some research thinking maybe it was a fungus and it worked but I read you can only put that in your hair every once in a while as it strips your hair, so the symptoms went away for a few days and then quickly came back. Then I started breaking out on my forehead really bad. I went to the dr and he diagnosed me with seb derm and staph.

After two months of antibiotics my breakouts finally started to actually heal. Then I started noticing my eyebrows releasing white stuff from my hair follicles.

It seemed to be like flakes of skin coming out of my hair follicles and was scary. After tons of research I found out about white vinegar. White vinegar has been a huge relief in my seb derm. I apply it and let it sit on my scalp about once a week and shampoo my hair only every other day and I definitely use conditioner on my scalp. Also, I rinse with cold water before I get out of the shower to close my pores. In addition, occasionally I use aloe vera soap to help moisturize.

I started cleaning my washer and dryer every so often with bleach and added borax to my laundry soap in the washer. I also started taking probiotics and drinking a detox tea daily. When I get out of the shower I take a cotton ball with vinegar and a lil water and clean my face and other seb derm areas.

I only moisturize my face so that I can prep it for my makeup to hide my scars caused by the past breakouts. I believe in white vinegar as it has been my best friend since. I also rub it on any areas when I feel a flare up coming on and it seems to instantly make it go away. I barely get flakes too. When i do, I take a warm washcloth with vinegar on it and lay it on my face to release dirt and oils from my face,.

The white vinegar leaves a thin film on my face that prevents feeding the yeast. I know diet is important but I love my carbs so I use the detox tea and probiotic yogurts and pills to help control and balance me internally.

Hope this story can help someone. Stay positive and hopeful. I believe a lot of the issue is caused by environmental factors we cannot control and it seems to be a common thing in a lot of people. Shampooing hair only every other day Drinking organic detox tea Limiting sugar intake Switching hair product to organic White vinegar scalp soaks every week Cold water rinse before getting out of shower Applying white Vinegar on seb derm areas after shower DAILY drinking more fluids Aloe Vera to moisturize occasionally and using cetaphil moistiring lotion in face daily Cleaning washer and dryer Adding borax to laundry soap in every load Limiting stress or trying to Getting more sleep Staying positive!

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and success with white vinegar. My skin gets much oilier particularly in T-zone area during the day, so I have also been applying it in the mornings. Do you mind me asking which facial cleanser you use? Recently, my dermatologist convinced me to try AquaNil cleanser, which only contains7 ingredients purified water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, SLS, and xantham gum.

It caused so much flaking and dryness all over my face that I had to discontinue using it after 10 days. The white vinegar has not yet allowed me to stop using Hydrocortisone Valerate cream every days or so to combat the redness and lesions, but I am now using that cream less often than before.

Will definitely keep trying the white vinegar, which I believe acts like a mild anti-fungal to help stop the growth of the yeast.

It is not organic, but it contains no oils, proteins, perfumes, sulfates, parabens, gluten, betaine or formaldehyde. I an realt suffering from seb derm. I read your article about maybe weeks ago. I tried to apply dead sea mud mask on my face for twice a week, i wash my face with sea water literally i went to the beach very sunday to bath myself and get a container of sea water every morning and before going to bed, letting it dry on to my face.

I dont use soap either. Got some good result on some days but intching and swelling keeps on staying on my face i cant handle it and so i apply clobetasol on itchy and swelling areas.

Hi i just bought dead sea salt mud pack. It says that you have to apply it just once a week. Im suffering from seb derm, is it possible to be cured when i can apply it just once a week?

I tried everything for my daughter for her serb derm and allergies… its been months and nothing has worked. Dead Sea salts… who knew, why is this infor not available more readily. Thank you from both of us! So far one of the best decisions I have made. I simply take a ml bottle of still water and add the Minerva sea salt. I poor 3 or 4 capfuls in each morning into my hands and evening to rinse my face and let my skin air dry, no moisturiser as I have oily skin naturally. Made a massive difference.

Drink lots of water, exercise and cut back on coffee and alcohol. The second question I have is about how often I should be doing this. So should I be doing it twice a day? Or maybe use ACV which used to help against the itching? Or better sea salt? I use bottled water and aveeno eczema cream.

Hi, I have had this condition for many years. I recently ordered Minera dead sea salt to give it a try. I only did it two days in a row and ignited a vicious flare. Do you think I used too much salt? Or if I was already in the beginning stages of a flare I caused it to get worse? I think the dead sea salt wash is a good idea and I would really like for it to work.

Seems like it works for so many people…. I had to switch recently to another cream to keep it under control but my question is, do I wash my face with the sea salt remedy and then normal face wash at all?

Do I continue to use my creams or do I just dive right into the sea salt. This is my routine, its what works for me.

I mixed my sea salt and water in a fine mist spray bottle. After washing my face, I pat it dry, let it air dry for a few seconds and use my PChoice SA to help with the flaky skin and then I use my SS solution and spray my face or scalp, it did sting the first time just on my face but its to be expected and it will subside. You can also use Candex, take 2 caps empty them into some water and and use it like you would a toner.

I know several people who have used this and it seems to work great…. I also have to be careful what products I use on my skin due to being allergic to Formaldehyde Releasers.

What do you use to wash your face in your routine? Are you using a cleanser and if so, which one? I have tried the Sea Salt solution in several forms full forehead wash, dabbing on forehead with clean cloth and rinsing off with distilled water, etc. I always have to then discontinue using the sea salt. Your mist spray bottle solution sounds very promising! Currently, I sparingly use Dr. It seems to mildly help. Right now, the ONLY product that truly helps keep my forehead seb derm under control is Hydrocortisone Valerate — which I apply once every four days.

I would love to finally get off it, as I have been using it for nearly 6 months. You also mentioned Candex — do you also take that as a supplement to control candida yeast?

I am currently researching whether or not to supplement with Caprylic Acid by Pure Encapsulations, which is a brand I trust to help control Candida yeast.

Your toner idea using Camdex also sounds interesting. It is Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser, I love this cleanser, very gentle, no burning or irritation and has a hint of smell which I think smells wonderful you can get a sample of it Sephora to make sure you like it before you buy.

Did not cure me of SD but at least it helps with the flakes and I can wear alittle makeup again…. I shampoo 2x a week with Salicylic Acid shampoo by Neutrogena and use Vanicream shampoo and conditioner on the other days. I have and it was hard totally got away from the steroids all together as it can make things worse after you stop using them…like I stated before this is what works for my skin and I have had to build up using the SA due to my skin being so sensititive to everything in the beginning.

I have yet to try any of Dr Dennis Gross products but I have heard and read some great reviews. And about the Candex, I tried taking it orally and it caused me to have alot of nausea, bloating and stomach pain so thinking I will give it another try in the near future but in a smaller mg dosage…. What I will say, is topically I have seen a change with the texture of my skin, which is awesome… I have read that it breaks up the biofilm of the yeast which if this is true thats very promising.

I do believe that whats in your water does contribute to being a constant irritation to the skin, and I am looking into testing and possibly getting the waterstick myself. Thanks so much for the feedback. I am going to give that Korres cleanser a tryout. However, my dermatologist has asked me to discontinue using this product, as it does contain urea — an ingredient he feels is detrimental to those with seb derm.

I do feel that if you have scalp and forehead seb derm, you must shampoo daily to breakup the oil. For anyone that has seb derm on or behind their ears, I was able to completely eradicate it by discontinuing the use of any cleansers, moisturizers, etc.

I just gently rinse them with distilled water and a clean cloth after showering. The itching, redness, and irritation has been gone for a year on and behind my ears. Anxious to try your Candex home-made toner — and thanks again for the feedback! And thanks to Matt for providing such a great website and forum for these ideas. My forehead has not itched the entire time I have been using the Candex — first time I have had relief from daily itching in 2 years!

Eventual goal is to get off it for good. Do you use the Candex toner every morning and evening, or just at night? Do you let it sit on your facial areas all day and night, or do you rinse it off after an hour or so? Thanks so much for your feedback! Unfortunately, the Korres Cleanser was too harsh for my skin and I had to stop using it. I can understand why many women like it as a makeup remover and cleanser, as it did seem to do a very good job of cleansing.

It just made my skin feel real dry and cracked as it almost seemed to clean too well. Sorry to hear about the cleanser even if its been used Sephora will take it back just an FYI so far I am really liking it, and love the smell. It took me a little while to work up to the acids I use, will never be without them I believe I started with spot testing every couple of days for 2 weeks and then just moved it up… but my tomato face is gone and its helping so much with the flaking…woot woot!!!!

Keep me updated on how its going and I will keep checking back, and if you run into any great products please let me know. I have read a great deal about it and it does seem to be a high-quality product which helps control sebum overproduction, shrink large pores, and reduce redness. It does tend to go on somewhat oily, even though the product has no oil.

Do you apply it all over your face or just do spot treatments where you have peeling, redness, or small red lesions? Currently, I am only using it sparingly at night.

So far, it seems to be helping better control the peeling and redness, which tends to show up for me every 5 days like clockwork. Everything you have recommended has really worked well for me so far — my skin hardly itches anymore and I no longer have that stinging pain feeling when I wake up.

My extreme seb-derm breakouts are happening much less often. Would aloe be a safe moisturizer instead of oils? Also, would a sea salt honey mask potentially be a safe way to moisturize and get the salt on the skin? My personal experience with aloe is that its great for moisturizing the skin try to use fresh aloe and the honey has antibacterial properties. From what I have researched honey can feed the yeast if it is diluted, so me personally I would just stick to using honey as a mask.

I would do a honey mask then use the SS solution like you would use a toner dip a cotton pad into it and wipe on your face….. Any and all comments are from personal experience or from research that I have done due to having SD for the last 4 yrs and being allergic to formaldehyde releasers.

I absolutely love this site and have learned so much. I just have a question about the actual application of the salt water solution to my face. I understand the ratio, but how can I best apply the fluid to my face. My SD is most located in my mustache, chin and nose. Can a simply dip a wash cloth in the solution and hold it on the affected areas for a few minutes, then splash cold, filtered water on my face?

It s me again. In addition to the Nizarol, acv and white vinegar, what is your opinion on Nioxin scalp therapy shampoo? It is supposed to clean the scalp, followed by nioxin scalp conditioner then scalp serum. I have an appt. Thank you in advance.

Your opinion on Nizarol shampoo? I have Sd on my scalp. So I will cut that out. I will try the salt water tomorrow. Moisturiser actually can trigger this as well. Have you had this occur and did you use the dead sea salt cleansing routine when it reached this level? Can you provide me with more info? What a remarkable amount of research here! I am ready to start soaking my scalp with the sea salt mix. Hi, I used the sea salt and soaked my face in it for about five minutes and then started to rub away the scales on the adjoining cheek right next to my nose.

After I rubbed away the scales that portion of my face is now left bright red. I did this about two days ago and was wondering if this was the dermatitis underneath the scales or if I really irritated my skin. I can say that if you are rubbing away scales, the skin could certainly be red. I would try and be gentle, and also consistent in cleaning the area to prevent scale build up.

I have seb derm on my scalp. Should I soak my head in a sink of sea salt? Is the sea salt used in place of shampoo? Or should I shampoo after I soak my head? Argan oil is what worked for me. Specifically, I used the Somaluxe Argan Oil and let the oil soak into my scalp.

I used to wash it off, but I found it heals the dermatitis better if you leave it on! Thanks for the great information! Question though…what about women with makeup? How do we wash off the makeup? Does the sea salt take care of it too? I came across a lush sea salt shampoo product and googled sea salt out of curiosity and this website came up.

My SD has been an added stressor and no one seems to have knowledge about it or understand the problem. Just one final comment, I saw a mention of Aveda above. One product I tried was their scalp therapy shampoo did not work for me.

Someone recently mentioned that Aveda hair products have sulfates in them. Glad you liked the site and info. So I would lean towards not recommending it to people for both those reasons. Products that have a sulfate in them are plant based from things like coconut. I know they also have a number of products that are sulfate-free. Hey i hope you reply to this. First off thanks for putting this together andvim gonna try the seavsalt wash.

But how big of a cup do you mean? Sorry im not from america so i dont really understand. I have Seb derm which started about 4 months ago. I never had any skin issues. I did grow a beard for about 6 months late last yr and I do facial hair.

I started washing my face with the sea salt about 5 weeks ago and it immediately worked within 24 hours. My routine is as follows:. I mixed half a cup of sea salt to a gallon of filtered water I have in my kitchen then splash my face with it for about 2 mins 3. Then lastly I rinse my face with cold filtered water for about 30 seconds then pat dry with towel.

I play semi pro soccer, so I train 3 times a week and play a match on the weekends. This lasted for 5 weeks. My Seb derm had improved a lot. However when I played my first game from injury last weekend my face flared up like before especially on both cheeks. I also have been eating very clean diet in the last 2 months and have cut out coffee and processed foods along with sugar foods. The only time I eat sugar is once a week for a cheat dessert meal.

It always flairs up after I train or play a soccer match. Can my skin become use to this regime and stop working? I always had the same problem where sports and extreme sweating would make my face red and irritable. However, even though I felt like my skin was having that reaction because I had SD, I always felt it was more symptomatic of sensitive skin vs SD.

Do you feel the same when you think about it? To the day, I can do normal work outs or light exercise without any skin problems. I noticed nobody has had this question, so there must be a fairly simple answer which will make me look stipid, but: Stick it in the sink or a bucket?

Because I can handle a waterboarding but five minutes is really stretching it. Hi, I just scrolled through looking for shampoos, could you list them again? Thanks, will the sea salt burn on the scalp? What kind of shampoo, or do you use Sea Salt to clean hair?

I have tried everything, I feel sorry for him…. This is the cinnamon you sprinkle on pancakes. Wash off at night. I live in southern Nevada and have a salt-water no chlorine! After being in the pool for minutes or so, I often rinse my face with bottled distilled water to remove any salt and impurities left on my skin that are in the pool water. Since my face and overall skin is exposed extensively to salt water in the summer months due to the swimming pool, do I still need to do the Minera Dead Sea Salt Wash again at night?

I do realize that a filtered salt water pool is clearly not the same as salt water from the ocean. If your skin begins to feel dried out then you need to ease up on washing with sea salt or any product to gain some moisture balance in your skin. I almost never wash my face during the day or mornings with anything other than fresh water bottled, purified, etc. At night I alternate a bit these days. Sometimes I just wash with fresh water and sometimes I wash with sea salt.

It really depends on if I feel my face needs to be washed and how my skin looks and feels. Keep in mind that many things can add to skin dryness like smoking, drinking things like coffee, being dehydrated, going swimming in the ocean all day, etc. So your routine should always be flexible and adjusted to your skins needs that day.

The Sporkings