Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bake

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Associations of dietary calcium intake and calcium supplementation with myocardial infarction and stroke risk and overall cardiovascular mortality in the Heidelberg cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study EPIC-Heidelberg. Vegetarians might absorb less calcium than omnivores because they consume more plant products containing oxalic and phytic acids [ 1 ]. Breastfeeding and other reproductive factors and the risk of hip fractures in elderly women. Evidence is insufficient to support one specific amount of carbohydrate intake for all people with diabetes. The role of diet behaviors in achieving improved glycemic control in intensively treated patients in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial. Fiber, fructose, lactose, and fat are dietary constituents that tend to lower glycemic response. Moderate amounts of alcohol, when ingested with food, have minimal acute effects on plasma glucose and serum insulin concentrations


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This is my first Whole30 and this looks amazing! We are getting a little tired of our sweet potato, kale, egg hash every morning. So would it could as your vegetable because of the pumpkin , a fruit because of the apple and a fat because of the nuts and coconut milk? Just trying to think about what else we would need to eat with this. Thanks for any suggestions! So yes, vegetable, fruit and fat, but also a bit of protein.

It also depends on your breakfast appetite. Sometimes a slice of this can fill me up until noon, other times I want this first thing in the morning, and then I will eat again a few hours later. My husband is not a fan of eggs, so he will do this and a hemp protein shake.

He says it fills him up until lunch. Hi Abby, without eggs it would be tough because of the custard consistency. You could try flax eggs to help it bind. Yes, you can find it in the spice section of most grocery stores in the US. If out of country, you could make a blend of your own: There are plenty of pumpkin spice recipes out there! What is the calories, fats, carbs and protein percentage in each serving of the pumpkin apple breakfast bake? If you divide into 9 servings: If divided into 6 servings: Just made this and it is delicious.

Do you by chance have any nutritional information for this recipe I. I am trying to track what I eat along with my exercise program. You could try another nut milk almond, cashew, Flax, etc. I have only used the real thick coconut milk, but I still think it will work! When you say full fat coconut milk…is that like a can of coconut milk from the Asian section? Or is is like Silk coconut milk? Maybe, but it probably needed to cook longer because of the silk. It could also be a difference in ovens, I would give it an extra minutes.

Although a custard like texture is also yummy in this! The recipe calls for 1 cup, so a small can would give you enough for 1 cup! I would love to have this! I think that would be a great idea to put in mini muffins! Cooking time will be shorter, check after around 20 mins.

This is so very good — thanks for sharing! A couple edits to the recipe you might want to make for ease of use: This is not criticism at all, I just thought since the recipe is so popular you might want to make it fool-proof! This is not Whole30 compliant. The ingredients may be, but baked goods are not allowed. By labeling it Whole30 you are setting people up to fail in doing a real Whole30 round. There is no gray area.

It clearly states in the books and website, no baked goods. You need to do more research on what makes a meal Whole30 compliant. Hi Jennifer, I appreciate your feedback. So I will take your advice and caution my readers who are doing Whole30 against eating this to satisfy a sweet tooth or as a dessert.

Let people make up their own minds as to whether they should include this as part of their Whole 30 plan. I think your comment could have been worded differently to get your point across and not be rude.

Just as a thought: I am having trouble with nausea and stomach plains from a high fiber Whole30 diet. This recipe is the perfect way to calm my stomach on bad days!!

Girlfriend you are a genius! I for maybe the first time in my life look forward to breakfast every day that this is around. I make a double batch and freeze it in serving sizes. I take it out and put in the fridge the night before and grab it as I leave for work.

What should the end result be consistency wise? Hi Donna, for my oven, 35 minutes does create a more pudding type consistency. Amy, thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe! If I wanted it to have more of a muffin or bread consistency, would you recommend adding some flour — possibly almond flour?

If so, how much? I have made this at least 4 times already. A couple times I have left out the apple and pecans for a change. I felt like I was having pumpkin pie. An average cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine per serving, so this is safe to drink more than once a day.

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Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bake