Janet Jackson Sneak Peek: Stunning 65-Pound Weight Loss Ahead of Tour


Jermaine Dupri explains why he’s been a vegan for the past 12 years
It is a method of losing a lot of body fat in short period of time while holding on to hard-earned muscle. Hugh Jackman, 49, reveals how he keeps his youthful visage I think maybe not in some regards but in other ways I think we need to be clear because the messages can get a bit blurry. Freedom April 2, at I have done many bodybuilding competitions years ago and this is the diet i followed and i kooked amazing i now weigh 13 stone through being geedy and gorging on food but i am back on this diet again at the age of 45 and again the weight is comming off it will take me approx til august and i know i will look great again so it definately does work!

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I think maybe not in some regards but in other ways I think we need to be clear because the messages can get a bit blurry. For example, I think most not all and this is just my take vegans look at eating vegan as one aspect of being vegan.

Even if it is a bit of a blurry hot mess. Greater clarity will emerge as we move forward. Another thing she talks about is fish. Your email address will not be published. Please enter an answer in digits: By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

Sign up to our newsletter! And I had once dropped 40lbs doing Atkins. I gained all that back when I got in a relationship. I managed to get down to lbs by April which was not my goal. I was suppose to go to lbs. I am an emotional eater too. I was going to go back to Atkins but then I realized how quickly the weight came back and I how sick I was feeling afterwards because of all the meat and cheese.

I have made the decision to just eat differently and excercise for 30 minutes or more5- 6 day a week. That includes walking and going to the gym. I will commiti to doing weight training twice a week and eventually moving up to 3 days.

I have started today with 1 slice of Turkey Bacon,! I aim to stay on the right track. If anyone has any tips that can help me along the way please email me. II am 45 and will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary next year. I would love to renew my vows and fit into my wedding dress again. I have actually been on a diet similar to this for about a week now… The plan goes like this.

I havent weighed myself this time.. I always weight, get excited over the loss and never continue the plan. I have already noticed the weight loss and want to continues. Im sleeping better and more often, and my body just feels alot better.

I dont think the protein shakes are necessary, but it gives you what you need for your motabolism to really get going. This was given to my by a friend who is married to a personal trainer, its the same plan he gives to his clients, with exercise of course.

Its very true, you cant call this a diet, you have to make it a life change or you will never stick with it. And all this crap about no carbs… your brain, not your body needs carbs. The key is not mixing carbs with the wrong foods and not eating carbs at night. With that and exercise anyone can overcome anything, but you have to WANT to do it. Not just know that you need to, or being pressursed because someone around you is doing it. And people, remember that cheating only hurts you.

I exercise everyday at a local gym, and do some laps in the pool afterwords, and so far have lost 5 pounds. Loosing weight has always been really hard for me ever since I have twins and everyone is right by just changing your mind set and the way you eat you will loose weight.

I have exactly 2 months before my 10 year high school reunion, and I plan on looking good! Thanks Janet and fellow commenters!!! It sounds like the South Beach Diet which takes out all carbs in the begining. I remember losing like 8 lbs the first week I tried it a couple years ago. The first week of South Beach you cut out all processed foods: She must be healthy to be able to carry on such an intense schedule.

The sample menu, looks just like the food my husbands doctor recommends, since he has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I would be greatful if someone could forward the eating plan to me too. This will do us both good. Please send me a menu or the foods to eat like janets diet. And how much exercising to do. I want to try this change of life but and i know there shouldnt be a BUT in this but i have 3 kids who wont eat many veggies and a husband who wants meat and potatoes, my family is over often or im there and they eat like piggys, lots of country style food with lots of grease.

I dont go out so i dont have many friends so therefor i dont have motivators and no support. My kiddos are only 5, 2, and 1, lol and youd think id lose weight from chasing them, but i am lbs and would love to look and feel so much smaller by thanksgiving. I guess i just need some support. If your trying this change of life and you need some support and feel like giving some support and tips along the way please email me, my name is christina also i live in va in case any of you are close by.

I am ready to start this plan is there a book I can read up on Catherine M apart from the detox raw food? This will be my very 1st time ,however I am lookig for love in all the right places, so that i will someday soon be dating and not be lb,so prayerfully i,ll be writeing back soon with excellent news. Everything on this menu I like and it sounds yummy. Jackson and most of all Determined.

Jackson looks Great,so if she can do this well so can I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the menu Mr. Must go shopping tomorrow God Bless all..

Yes keep away from any white products, rice, flour, potatoes. Sweet potatoes is better. Eating x a day is great and you can eat as much fruits and veggies you want. Just remember not to mix the starches with meats or other starches. You should start to drink water later in the day..

Then I jump started to do the plan i mentioned above which takes you to the stages of being a vegetarian…not me but the book helped…The Raw Food Detox Diet…Amaazon.

I lost 16lbs in like a month! I had no gas after the first few days…and my body runs like a clock. According to the book I was a stage 3 and will as I get older get to a 2 but no hurry.

I sitll lvoe all types of food and I do it in moderation. You will enjoy the new you at any age. I am 44 years old. And I lost 73lbs Just believe and you will do it. Consistence and sleep is a good thing. I have started following the same life change and dropped like 20lbs in about 5 weeks just by changing my eating habits and no exercise at first except a little bit of walking a few nights a week.

I have since hit a plateau on the weight but I started exercising a little more. Jackson can lose the weight naturally by changing her eating habits and exercise should not speak ill of her because I know first hand it does work. I had help from my holistic doctor who has encouraged me the whole way.

Yes Janet has a trainer and someone who cooked her meals…. If you want to lose the weight then you have to make some sacrifices. Please stop the insanity on Ms. You can do it too if you simply try. I went from a size 18 and am now in a 14 in 2 months. So good luck to all who have the self discipline and who really want to lose weight and not complain about us who can stick to a life change and actually see results fast!

I tried this diet plan before and I began to loose weight immediately. I began to build muscle in the toughest areas arms and I also had more energy. But after a while I began to crave those fatty foods again and stopped. To add further comment the reason this diet works is because you are following a high protein low carb low fat diet, people do not realise even when dieting that carbs are the major cause of not being able to lose the weight, for instance we are told that pulses i.

Plus, I generally wonder what is the deal with grass-fed meat, beef or milk as they seem like oxymorons? I agree with Common, that you have to find the right balance. I have titter-totter with being a lacto-ovo vegetarian and pescatarian for more than 8 years. I am aspiring to become a vegan sometime this year. I have enjoyed being a lacto-ovo vegetarian more so than the pescatarian lifestyle.

I feel it is a travesty if you have not decided to become a vegetarian because as human beings I believe that we do not posses the digestive system to digest meat. I love being a pescatarian but I realize that I love animals more and being healthy is definitely a lifestyle. I am an ethical vegan first because I love animals.

Eating a vegan diet that is whole foods plant based is the best thing you can do for your health. All animals want to live and all animals deserve to live. Veganism is the no bullshit reality that everyone on Earth should be treated with compassion. Most people want to compartmentamentalize their compassion and there is no room for rationalizations when there are suffering beings. It makes a mockery of all humanity when you dismiss the suffering of others as long as its not yourself or your family member.

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