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The Phoenix Force also allows her to travel unaided through the vacuum of space, cross interstellar distances faster than the speed of light, and to manifest flames while using her powers, often in the shape of a fiery raptor. As the favored and true avatar of the powerful Phoenix Force, Jean may greatly increase her powers by tapping into the life energies of those yet unborn. She was taken to the hospital as a Jane Doe. I love the concept. It's possible that she could have created and given birth by using a portion of the Phoenix Force to create Hope Summers. Jean subconsciously saw through the Phoenix's farce, and caused psychic incidents back in the real world as cries for help.

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The team battled Apocalypse and his Alliance of Evil. Apocalypse would become one of Jean and the X-Factor's most persistent foes. One of his first actions was turning their teammate and friend, Angel, against them as his Horseman of Death. Jean learned that her older sister Sara Bailey had begun speaking on behalf of mutants in her absence. Jean and Scott went to check on her, fearing for her safety.

Upon arriving, the house exploded. It was later learned that Sara had been murdered by mutant-hating fanatics, likely acting on orders from Cameron Hodge , X-Factor's public relations manager. Feeling bad about abandoning his family, Jean suggested that Scott goes home to check on them.

Scott went back to Alaska to look for them. Scott and Jean were both still unaware of Sinister's influence on their lives. She was shot multiple times and fell into a coma. She was taken to the hospital as a Jane Doe. Sinister erased every record of Madelyne and the baby. After finding the corpse of a young red-head in a river, Scott believed his wife was dead and buried her by himself. Scott began to hallucinate and believe Jean, Madelyne, and the Phoenix had been the same woman all along.

Scott's visions nearly led him to kill Jean before it was discovered they were actually holograms created by Cameron Hodge, trying to destroy them. Jean and Scott began to grow close again. Scott and Jean returned to the site on the Moon where Phoenix had committed suicide and Jean acknowledged that Scott loved Phoenix and she had loved him.

Meanwhile, Madelyne Pryor awoke from her coma and contacted the X-Men who agreed to protect her. X-Factor brought Angel out of his brainwashing. X-Factor finally revealed the truth of their mutant origins and shed their disguise of mutant hunters.

After saving the city from a series of fires that began as a result of their battle with Apocalypse, X-Factor was given a ticker-tape parade. Using cryptic clues provided by Destiny , Scott and Jean returned to the orphanage Scott grew up in and found an entire laboratory in the basement with many children, including baby Christopher, in incubation pods. Jean somehow opened a telepathic link with Nathan Christopher, only to fail to prevent demons from snatching him.

Jean recognized her niece and nephew in Nanny's brainwashed army of children, but could not rescue them, either. Scott was shocked to find out that his wife was alive. Madelyne started a fight, blaming Scott and Jean for the misery in her life. When Wolverine saw that Jean was alive, he kissed her. The Goblin Queen locked herself, Nathan, and Jean inside a psionic barrier.

The invasion was thwarted after Madelyne committed suicide in combat with Jean. She was forced to reintegrate the portion of herself that Phoenix had given to Madelyne.

Scott appeared to kill Sinister with an optic blast. The children, however, could not remember her. She left them in the care of her parents as her sister was still missing.

In a battle with the Celestials , the personalities of Madelyne and Phoenix were purged from her system. Only their memories remained and Jean was free. Scott and Jean started taking Nathan Christopher with them on missions. Nathan Christopher's mutant powers began to manifest as a protective force bubble whenever he was in danger. Later, Scott proposed to Jean only to be turned down.

Apocalypse infected the child with the Techno-Organic Virus , that was rapidly spreading through his body and, if not stopped, would kill him. A woman from the late 37th-early 39th century appeared calling herself Sister Askani. She claimed to be a member of the Clan Askani that had technology in her future that might be able to save Nathan. However, she could only risk one-time jump without destroying herself. Distraught, Cyclops chose to send his son into the future rather than watch him die in the present.

For some time, Scott had no way of knowing if Askani's cure had been successful. X and returned to his school. Fellow Blue Team member and telepath Psylocke tried to lure Cyclops into infidelity, influencing his mind behind Jean's back. Meanwhile, a mysterious soldier called Cable had reorganized the New Mutants , Xavier's junior mutant team, into an outlaw team called X-Force. The Gold team was invited to a Hellfire Club event in an attempt to bury the hatchet between the two groups. It ended badly when Trevor Fitzroy 's Sentinels crashed the party, resulting in the deaths of the Hellions.

After waking in Emma's body, Jean battled Trevor Fitzroy. The X-Men rescued her and she was returned to her body. Attempting to save human lives, Jean was forced to kill the Morlock MeMe by switching his mind off. Mister Sinister returned, this time posing as Apocalypse and commanding his Horsemen. Sinister sent the Horsemen of Apocalypse to capture Jean and Cyclops and then turned the couple over to Stryfe [47] in exchange for a canister containing a genetic matrix he was led to believe contained Summers' family genetic material.

Torturing Jean and Scott, Stryfe claimed that he was Scott's son Nathan returned from the future and seeking revenge for being abandoned.

Stryfe claimed that Cable, who shared the same face as Stryfe, was a clone of Nathan. On the lunar surface of the Moon, Cable and Stryfe both vanished into the timestream after a temporal device exploded. Jean and Scott thought they had lost Nathan a second time. Jean finally confronted Pyslocke on her constant flirtation with Scott, demanding to know if Scott was cheating on her.

Psylocke used her psi-knife on Jean, rendering her unconscious. Their confrontation was interrupted by the arrival of Kwannon , who informed everyone that Pyslocke had been influenced by her darker persona.

There, Sinister informed Scott that instead of the genetic matrix he had desired, Stryfe had betrayed him and given him the deadly mutant killing Legacy Virus which Sinster had accidently released. By the time Scott returned home to the X-Men, Colossus' little sister Illyana had already succumbed to the Legacy Virus, and more deaths were to come. Scott and Jean reconciled. Cable found his way back to the present.

Sinister appeared and informed Cable that Stryfe had been wrong about their origins. Stryfe was the clone. Cable was Nathan Summers.

Sinister also informed Cable that Tolliver, an arms dealer who Cable and X-Force had had run-ins with, was none other than Cable's adopted son Tyler Dayspring. Cable believed Stryfe had been killed, however, Stryfe had actually survived as a consciousness in the back of Cable's mind. Sinister allowed Stryfe to gain control of Cable's body. Tyler escaped in the confusion.

When Cable was himself again he asked Scott about his mother before leaving. Scott finally had most of his answers at last, and father and son began build their relationship at last. On Thanksgiving, Jean finally proposed to Scott. Afterwards, on the other side of the world and away from Jean's notice, Rachel Summers sacrificed herself to exile in the timestream to save her Excalibur teammate Captain Britain.

While on their honeymoon in the beaches of Saint Bart's, the consciousnesses of Jean and Scott were taken years into the future by an elderly Rachel, who had become the Clan Askani's matriarch Mother Askani after the Phoenix Force had abandoned her years earlier. As their own bodies could not have survived time travel, Jean and Scott inhabited new bodies cloned from their descendants.

Rachel had taken them to the moment right after Scott's young son Nathan, the boy who would one day become Cable, had first arrived in the future infected with a techno-organic virus after Scott had sent him there to find a possible cure. The techno-organic virus was spreading and could only be held in check with telekinesis.

Under the aliases of Redd and Slym Dayspring, Jean and Scott raised the boy together while Rachel was lying in a coma, held alive by machines. Slym and Redd never told Nathan of their true origins or his.

They joined the Askani-inspired Clan Rebellion to undermine Apocalypse 's empire. Meanwhile, a virus-free clone Rachel had grown from Nathan's healthy cells in case the virus killed him had been captured by Apocalypse who named him Stryfe and raised him to be his new host vessel for the next time Apocalypse needed to switch bodies. After twelve years, Nate, Slym, and Redd stopped Apocalypse from killing Stryfe and destroyed him once and for all.

On that day Rachel finally died of old age. Jean and Scott were sent back to their rightful bodies in the present, leaving Nate alone and Stryfe under the care of Apocalypse's former servant Ch'Vayre , who promised to try to raise Stryfe properly.

Back in the present, Jean and Scott revealed to Cable that they had raised him in the future as Redd and Slym Dayspring. Cable had known for some time and was waiting for them to be ready to tell him.

They were pleased to be reunited as a family. Back at the school, Jean and Scott moved into the former boathouse. Jean coached Psylocke in the use of her telepathic powers.

Accompanying Scott to Alaska to check on his grandfather in the hospital, Jean happened upon Adam-X and sensed that there was a connection between Adam and the Summers family. Adam allowed Jean to transfer memories of his days as a Shi'ar combat pilot to Phillip.

Afterward, Adam disappeared and Jean decided not to reveal her encounter to Scott. Jean was confronted by Onslaught on the Astral Plane , who claimed he could give her the power of the Phoenix Force once again if she joined him. After she initially refused, Onslaught showed her Prof. Xavier's hidden memories, where Jean was shocked to learn her father figure and mentor had once believed he was in love with her. However, Jean still refused Onslaught. He left Jean with an image of his name upon her brow.

A frightened Juggernaut came to Jean for help. Jean attempted to remove the mental blocks Onslaught had instilled in him to prevent him from revealing Onslaught's true identity.

When Jean learned Onslaught was Xavier himself, Onslaught psionically muzzled him. Fragments of this message survived to Bishop 's future. It was determined Xavier had been transformed into Onslaught as a result of his attempt to mind-wipe Magneto. Xavier, most of Earth's heroes were lost for a time.

Xavier was left powerless after Onslaught's defeat and was arrested for his role in the events. Jean and Scott were left as leaders of the X-Men and co-headmasters of the school. Jean discovered the powerful time-tossed mutant teenager known as Nate Grey.

Nate was Jean and Scott's son from an alternate reality. Essentially, Nate was a younger version of Cable. Nate possessed vast telepathic and telekinetic power. Nate had unwittingly resurrected Madelyne Pryor in a subconscious attempt to reach out to his "mother. Despite bringing her rival back into her life, Jean parted with Nate on good terms. Jean and Cyclops were sent back in time to London in the year by Madame Sanctity. They believed that they were there to prevent Nathaniel Essex from becoming Mr.

She had sent them to the past to stop Apocalypse from conquering England. The government-sponsored mutant-hunting operation known as " Operation: Afterwards, Jean and Scott took a leave of absence from the X-Men for him to recuperate.

Scott grew weary as Jean began to wear the same costume her Phoenix double had worn. She now also manifested the Phoenix flamebird while training.

With neither of them at their strongest, the couple stayed in retirement together and the matter of the Phoenix Force's return was dropped for a time.

Professor X returned to the X-Men in their absence. Nate Grey visited them during that time as well. With the bonds between Nate and his parents strengthened, Scott presented Nate with one of his old X-Factor uniforms. Scott and Jean returned to the X-Men some time after at the request of Storm.

Storm was concerned about the mental well-being of Professor X. Xavier had been pretending to lose control in order to uncover a traitor he had sensed in the ranks of the X-Men. A plot hatched by Apocalypse and the Skrulls was uncovered. To secure a new host body, Apocalypse sought to collect the mutants he required to carry out his plan and siphon the awesome energies of "The Twelve". They were wired to a machine that would channel the Twelve's awesome energies into Apocalypse, allowing him to absorb the body of Nate Grey.

Jean lost her telekinesis but her telepathy increased greatly.