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In the study, the olive leaf extracts killed almost all bacteria tested, including dermatophytes causing infections on the skin, hair and nails , candida albicans an agent of oral and genital infections and Escherichia coli cells bacteria found in the lower intestine. Its yellow-orange flesh is also infection protective, and may even reduce age-associated illnesses. Sardines are tiny but mighty, rivaling salmon when it comes to omega-3 fatty acid content. Try stirring in a spoonful of tahini, which is a sesame seed paste, for a punch of flavor. This recipe is also a great way to use up leftover chicken or Thanksgiving turkey if you have it. If you can't find frozen, be sure to rinse canned artichoke hearts well--they're saltier than frozen. Some studies suggest improved exercise performance related to MCT consumption, but the data is not yet convincing.

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Wandering Chopsticks — I use a leaf which grows on the ground. It really gets around though. This one tastes kind of bland but has a nice subtle flavor. We love Mian Kam in Nebrasks. My wife is Thai and found the perfect leaf the Nasturtiums flower that grows in most areas in warm weather and the flowers are a bonus for the bundle.

They both have a spicy taste. Adding flower to the spicy bundle in the leaves. The plant needs full sun and and the leaves get about inches. I also like the peppery flavour of using nastuirum leaves! Hi…have tasted several time at our local Thai restaurant in Kuching, they even use baby kailan. A little bit chewy though…. One grocery had them but only as part of a kit for tourists, not in the produce section.

Do Thai people really eat this dish? Or or tor kor out by Chatuchuack will have them too. Yes Tai people eat these in more than 20 variations. The bai chaploo leaves can be found at open local markets.

Where are you located? I made them yesterday for a family get together and used large spinach leaves which have a thicker tooth than lettuce leaves.

I love chaploo but very few markets here carry them. There are versions of Miang Kum made with beef, noodles, jellyfish, pork, chicken, pomello, etc. Love these eat out of hand snacks.

Lucky you living in Thailand!!!! I have traveled to Thailand 30 some times, each trip is usually for a month plus a few weeks to Vietnam, urma, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, or Singapore. Laos is my second fav spot. It is like N.

Tai are also known as Shan. The Bai Chaploo leaves grow quite well actually profusely in my window in a rather cool, temperate climate — I take it outdoors in summer. The trick is to find a shop where you can buy leaves with a bit of stem. Will readily flower as well, the flowers resembling tiny, white cobs. Is related to black pepper. Skip to content Leaf Wrapped Snack Mieng Kham is a great, easy to make albeit a bit time-consuming appetizer or snack.

Directions Dry roast the coconut in a wok on medium high, stirring constantly to avoid burning. Cook until the coconut is medium brown, about 5 minutes. Set aside the amount used for the sauce, and put the rest into a serving bowl. Contact Us Discover Duck. Appetizer Recipes A perfect start to any meal, appetizers are great for entertaining and the ideal way to try duck for the first time.

Our recipes include appetizers both with duck and without duck as an ingredient. Main Dish Entrée Recipes Duck is an impressive main course that can be surprisingly easy to prepare. From roasted whole duck to duck breast, try one of our many flavorful duck main dish recipes. Soup Recipes Duck turns plain soup into something special.

The flavor of duck makes it perfect in soups or stews, adding a richness you'll love. Salad Recipes The versatility of duck shines in fresh salads. The flavor and texture of duck are the perfect accompaniment with crisp greens or other fresh ingredients. This collection of sauce and rub recipes perfectly accents the flavor of duck. Side Dish Recipes Wondering what to serve with your duck dish?