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Baked Brussel Sprouts Casserole (Keto Friendly Recipe)
An early form of quiche can be found in Forme of Cury , a 14th-century recipe collection, as a Torte de Bry with a cheese and egg yolk filling. Poor adults would sometimes drink buttermilk or whey or milk that was soured or watered down. One was expected to remain in one's social class and to respect the authority of the ruling classes. The Example of Europe" in Food in Change , pp. Cooking times and temperatures were seldom specified since accurate portable clocks were not available and since all cooking was done with fire. Though sweeping generalizations should be avoided, more or less distinct areas where certain foodstuffs dominated can be discerned.

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Add bacon crumbles to the top of them after you pull it out of the oven to cool. I purchase real bacon crumbles from Costco.

Try not to eat those scrumptious Brussel Sprouts you just roasted. This is me taking a small taste or two. You could stop at this part and serve the Brussel Sprouts as is too.

While those are cooling…. Combine the eggs, heavy cream, shredded cheeses, rosemary, onion powder, garlic powder and paprika in a bowl and mix all those ingredients together. Place the cooked Brussel Sprouts in a small casserole dish and pour the liquid ingredients over the top of it. Bake it at degrees for another 20 minutes.

To get the top browned I turned the oven to broil the last 5 minutes. Feel free to Pin this recipe on Pinterest for later:. I made this brussel sprout recipe for Sunday dinner and it was a hit.

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The recipe makes one serving, so you have your portion-control built right in and aren't tempted to have more than you should that's an important factor to me. Of course if you have a family you want to feed breakfast to, you can make as many servings at once as you prefer. This is a very easy recipe to make.

I tend to use leftover meat portions in mine. I added hamburger meat, mozzarella cheese, and a few jalapenos to one of them. I added hamburger meat, mozzarella cheese and a small amount of spaghetti sauce to the other.

Both turned out amazing! Get creative with the filling! Next time I think I will add pepperoni, sausage, and cheese with a small amount of spaghetti sauce.

Please come back and tell me what you create because I am always up for a bit of variety and new ideas too. There was some confusion on the servings. I made two large hot pockets and then I cut them into individual sizes by cutting each of them into six servings each.

I wished I grabbed a photo to show this but the family devoured them about as quickly as I cut them. I wanted to show you what the dough looks like before you start kneading it. I used a silicone mat to roll the dough out. Then I flip the mat over onto a parchment sheet of paper to bake it. I would have used my other silicone mat to bake it on but I was using it for something else at the time. I fold it by flipping over the long side first and the the other long side. Then fold over the ends.

This is the second Keto Hot Pocket where I added a small amount of spaghetti sauce to the top of it. The house was smelling amazing at this point! Everyone came to see what just came out of the oven!! You will need a small saucepan and a medium size bowl. It's important to have the cheese warm when you roll out the dough. If not, it won't roll out easily. It will seem as though the ingredients don't come together right away. You will see the separation of flours and cheese but, don't worry, these ingredients will eventually come together when you knead the dough.

Pour the dough mixture on to a non-stick silicone mat or parchment paper I prefer the silicone mat because it sticks to the counter top and don't budge when you are rolling out the dough Split the dough into two different portions.

Gently roll the warm dough out into a rectangle shape. Then set it aside. Finally, bake it for about 18 to 20 minutes or until it's golden brown. This dough recipe made two large Keto Hot Pockets. There are about 4 to 6 servings for each individual Hot Pocket depending on how big you slice them. I stuffed it with scrambled egg, ham, breakfast sausage, black olive, green onion, mushroom, and salsa.

I eat too much cheese. If you are looking for more Keto snack ideas, I highly suggest you look at the Top 10 Keto Snacks article here! Thank you for sharing. The dough was so flaky! One thing, can you explain the serving size exactly? Mine made two big pockets and the nutritional facts say 12 servings so we can assume we should get 6 pieces out of one.

Too bad I ate the whole thing!

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