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No Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars – An easy after school snack

Easy Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars
But apparently the world loves those little portion-controlled bites just as much as I do, because there were zillions of recipes for them online! Chef's Recipes Lamb and duchess potato pie Sep 12, Popcorn, peanut butter and bitter chocolate combine in this no-bake, salty-sweet treat that's greater than the sum of its parts. I used vanilla SunWarrior brand protein in this, but I think chocolate would also be wonderful. I can't wait to try this and a bunch of your other recipes! Health and nutrition have always been important to me, but over the past several years, my knowledge and interest in food and how it affects our body has really expanded. We want to see what you are making in your kitchen!

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I will also grab on and throw it in my handbag and eat it while I am waiting in a carpool line — which is basically always!! They are also great for a grab and go after school snack or even a quick on-the-run breakfast!

Your family will love this healthy snack! I love to cut these up into small squares and wrap them individually in plastic wrap and freeze them. That way, they become a quick grab and go snack and it is great for portion control! No Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake — this is a really easy and quick dessert to make! Light and creamy — you will love it! They are so easy and beyond delicious!

If you make a Princess Pinky Girl creation make sure you take a picture and share it on Instagram with princesspinkygirl! I love seeing your masterpieces! I live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where we are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family.

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Any questions - shoot me an email at jennifer. Hi Julie — That would be a whole lot of calories, but that would also be a ginormous bar! I honestly cut them way smaller and use them as a quick snack. I love to wrap them up and freeze them and grab them on my way out the door, or if I need something quick between meals. The bars I make are probably about calories still, but a small one is all I need for breakfast. Do you cut them in half after cutting them into the 9 bars? I cut them really small and wrap them up and freeze them.

I probably get more like 18 in real life! You said five ingredients, but in the text directions, you only added four. You forgot to say when to add the chocolate chips! Thanks for catching that and letting me know, Marie Anne!

I just bought my 1st container of Wow Butter. Did it turn out for you? Just made these today and I love them! Perfect for a quick snack at work. My son has peanut allergy so I used Wild Friends almond butter and they turned out great. Thank you for sharing an easy recipe that works, tastes great, and is easy to clean up! I just made these. I added a little dash of flax seed meal and chia seed to the oatmeal mixture. I thought they were decadent and almost like peanut butter halvah.

My 6 and 8 year old boys liked the first bite, and then complained it was too peanut-buttery. Thank you so much for the recipe! Do you think you could sub the honey for maple syrup? These look amazing, but we are allergic to honey.

I am allergic to honey also. My recipes say to try karo syrup instead of honey. Coating the ice cream bars does not work well without it. While the chocolate mixture is melting or cooling, remove the pan from the freezer and turn out the frozen mixture.

Cut around the edges to tidy it up a bit, then cut the square into 14 bars, or into smaller chunks if you prefer. Return to the freezer to firm up again while the chocolate cools. They must be completely frozen before you start coating in the chocolate. When the chocolate is at room temperature, remove the bars and the chilled baking sheet from the freezer.

Line the baking sheet with parchment paper then place each bar into the chocolate. Use a spoon to spoon over the chocolate so it gets completely covered. Lift the bar out with 2 forks as per my video , letting them drip a bit into the bowl as you lift them, then place them on the chilled baking sheet. Repeat until they are all coated then return the bars to the freezer to firm up.

DO NOT be tempted to omit the sugar. It is there to stop the bars freezing so hard and to give a slight hint of caramel in the flavour. This post may contain affiliate links. Your email address will not be published. I Have a Question. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. These look absolutely delish! Would date sugar work as well? And would it help to add vanilla extract if I reduced the sugar a little? I think date sugar would work really well. It has a caramel-y flavour like coconut sugar and would work perfectly with the bananas.

You could add vanilla too. Bear in mind that if you reduce the sugar, the ice cream might set up a little harder in the freezer. Hope that helps and that you enjoy them! Thank you so much for the inspo!! Why can I not reduce the coconut sugar? Besides, less calories for a diabetic.

Sugar controls the amount of ice formed during freezing. The bars will also more than likely be impossible to eat straight from the freezer because they will be too hard.

I made these and they were amazing. I did not have peanut butter so I used almond butter and they turned out great. I am buying some peanut butter today to make more, Thank you x. So glad you enjoyed them. I have made them with almond butter before and they are great but even better with peanut butter. Hopefully you will love them even more when you make them again! I made these a couple of days ago. They are soooo good! My husband said its like eating professionally made ice cream bars that someone would buy.

We were both blown away by how easy yet how good these are. Great job on the recipe and thank you for sharing it. I appreciate having another use for almost over ripe bananas.

I have past on the link to this page to my friends and family. I know they will also love them. I use coconut sugar because it gives the best flavour in this recipe.

It gives the ice cream a caramel-y flavour. Pour evenly over popcorn mixture, scatter with peanuts and cacao nibs, and refrigerate until set hours. Popcorn bars will keep refrigerated for up to a week. To serve, cut into fingers with a hot, wet knife. Notes Rice malt syrup is available from health-food shops and select supermarkets. Fast Recipes Roasted mandarins with ginger custard Sep 14, Drinks News An Australian aquavit hits the market Sep 14, Browse All Recipes Mulled apple and spelt loaf Sep 14, Travel News Crazy rich Asian food Sep 13, Travel News The best travel photos of to inspire your next holiday Sep 13,

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