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I have twin infants that use formula. I saw somewhere before on your blog where you described how you prepared your formula, with a bottle warmer instead of boiling water to kill any bacteria. Many of you ask which organic baby formula I would choose if it were my own baby. We are a vegan family. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from April

What to Avoid in Baby Formula

In Spain and Mexico, it is sold under the name Jugo Maggi. In June , tests in India found high amounts of lead in Maggi noodles. In India, Maggi noodles carry a green dot, meaning they are specifically formulated to serve vegetarians.

The soup mixes are packaged with a disposable fork and a seasoning packet. Moods Hospitality, which owns the "Yo! China" Chinese restaurant chain, sued Nestle for copyright infringement; Moods Hospitality initially won but Nestle appealed and was found to be not infringing, on the basis that the products were not similar enough for consumers to be confused.

Like other dehydrated soup mixes, Maggi Onion Soup mix is often combined with reduced cream to create a French onion dip. Recipe mixes or so called Fixes were introduced in Germany in The product offers to the consumers an idea and a recipe to cook with fresh ingredients and a Maggi mix. A complete step-be-step recipe is given on the back of pack.

Following the recipe guaranties the result. These products were originally launched in Germany, where they became very popular, and some Western European countries. In the ties recipe mixes were introduced in Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia and Poland under Winiary brand , where they became a big success.

Nowadays the portfolio of recipe mixes offer consumers more than recipe ideas across different European countries. In May , Food Safety Regulators from Barabanki , a district of Uttar Pradesh , India reported that samples of Maggi 2 Minute Noodles had unexpectedly high levels of monosodium glutamate , as well as up to 17 times the permissible limit of lead.

This finding led to multiple market withdrawals and investigations in India and beyond. Nepal indefinitely banned Maggi over concerns about the lead levels in the product. Maggi always insisted that their noodle product is safe. In India, Maggi products were returned to the shelves in November , [47] [48] accompanied by a Nestlé advertising campaign to win back the trust of members of the Indian community.

Nestlé has faced criticism of its advertising not adhering to marketing regulations in developed countries, and for making misleading claims in developing countries. The advert made false claims that the noodles would "help to build strong muscles, bone, and hair".

The British Advertising Standards Authority stated that the advertisement did not abide by the new EU consumer protection legislation, by which advertisers have to provide proof of health claims.

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Gerber BabyNes Formula Dispenser: Worldwide Audience Compare it to Here is a list of the best recipes. This Australian formula is very similar to to the European brands. This Swiss brand of organic baby formula looks similar to the other European brands. I love the lack of maltodextrin, palm oil, corn syrup, and sugar! Please comment below if you know of a reliable source to purchase Bimbosan. I also like that this formula contains a nice prebiotic blend; in fact it contains nearly four times the prebiotics found in an other organic baby formula in the U.

Kabrita hopes to debut an infant formula in the U. I like that Kabrita uses non-GMO goat milk from Missouri and the Netherlands and has lactose as the primary added carbohydrate. What really makes Kabrita stand out, however, is the fat blend that they use—from what we know, Kabrita is the only brand that uses plant-derived fats that match the structure of the most common fat molecules in breast milk.

These fats high SN-2 palmitate, a. When Plum launched this formula last year, we were flooded with questions about what we thought. No corn syrup solids, no glucose solids, no maltodextrin. Lebenswert is a spin-off of Holle, and it offers a big advantage. Lebenswert also skips a bunch of the synthetic nutrients found in most of the organic formulas in America.

I love that Holle formulas are made from milk from Demeter-certified farms, which means that the cows are pastured in addition to not eating any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

I like that the primary ingredients in these formulas—goat milk, carbohydrates, and oils—meet a very high, European organic standard.

These are the only goat milk formulas that are officially organic. Formula 1 does have L-methionine. Although European HiPP formula does contain palm oil and soy oil, it is blended with coconut oil.

The major upside to HiPP is the lack of plant-based sweeteners it uses lactose instead. The only major concern with HiPP is the powder variety of its formula was found to have high aluminum levels. So I now tell my clients to go for the ready-made version if they can.

The only sweetener is now organic lactose, making this formula very nearly Good Stuff. Because of the soybean oil and lack of organic certification, I am designating it as only Okay Stuff. Any infant formulas that are not organic should definitely be avoided, for all of the reasons listed above.

Aptamil Nutura is a British brand about which many of you have inquired. For one, they are plastic heavy, with lots of surface area exposure as opposed to bigger traditional containers.

Plus the pods are super wasteful from an environmental standpoint. Nan formula is perhaps the best of the Bad Stuff, since it does contain lactose as a sweetener. Bright Beginnings Organic Baby Formula , owned by pharma giant PMB, contains corn syrup, rather than dairy-based lactose, as well as lots of vegetable oils. Similac Organic Baby Formula is the only organic formula to contain actual cane sugar, and lots of it. Their ready-to-use formula also contains carrageenan.

Similac is free of palm oil. This marketing ploy really annoys me. GMOs are the least of the problem with conventional infant formula. This version is actually better than Similac Organic, which contains maltodextrin and regular old table sugar. Similac Pure Bliss is yet another version from this pharma giant. My pick is the Pura line, which is economical, convenient, and earth-friendly because you simply replace the tops to convert it from infant bottle to sippy to straw cup to sports bottle as your child grows.

Thanks for a very insightful article. I am due in July with twins and know that I will have to use formula. I had a very difficult time with my now 3 year old and could only breast feed from one side. With twins my fear is now doubled! Have you heard of it? You input would be greatly appreciated! We wrote about Goat Milk formula here: I got a list directly fro them and Calcium and other stuff are double than FDA suggested amounts for Infants.

I purchased the lebenswert for my 4 month old after he started drinking way more BM than I could produce. Does that constitute an allergy? Should I be trying a different brand formula?? Hi Lorien- We recently blogged about this. You can find the post here: Thank you so much for this review, Maia! Can you please be so kind and cite the study that showed elevated levels of aluminum in Hipp?

I used to live in Austria where Hipp is manufactured and I know they allow parents to tour the manufacturing facilities, which in my mind, is a very positive thing. Or should I stick with what I have. I just received Lebenswert 2 and it has fluoride in it. The fluoride listed on the box is NOT added—just naturally occurring! Do you have any suggestions for how to keep up to date with any recalls or news so we can stay in the loop?

Still, I would have to defer to a pediatrician on this, if you trust yours! As for Lebenswert, I would definitely expect whoever you buy it from to keep you looped in should there be a recall. In fact, I would ask them to do so explicitly if I were you. It was painful to watch him go through that.

No dilution is needed for babies under 12 months of age. Please follow label mixing instructions. The American Academy of Pediatrics Expert Panel for Nutrient Levels in Infant Formula has provided recommendations on the amount of calcium with the minimum per Calories being 50 milligrams and the maximum being milligrams per Calories.

Phosphorus is another important mineral for bone health. The Expert Panel has also recommended that the calcium to phosphorus ratio in an infant formula be no less than 1. The balance between calcium and phosphorus is most important for bone development. You are probably aware that most often an egg allergy is caused by the egg white rather than the yolk.

Additionally, it is the protein component of foods that usually elicit an allergic reaction. Because we use the phospholipids not protein from the egg yolk, there is only a very minute chance that an allergic response will ensue.

DHA is also found naturally in other foods, including oily fish like trout, sardines, tuna and salmon and the yolk of eggs. Dietary ARA is available from animal meats, dairy foods, eggs, peanuts and nori seaweed. As your child increases the variety of foods in her diet, you can include some of these foods in her diet. Other natural sources of DHA would include fish oil or fish oil supplements. Unfortunately, it is difficult to insure that these are free from mercury or other environmental toxins.

But, also remember that these fatty acids can be formed from dietary linoleic and linolenic acids nuts, seeds, grains legumes, vegetables and their cold-pressed oils. By including good sources of high quality fats in the diet, your child will easily be able to meet her specific needs. Proteins are the component of foods that cause allergic reactions.

Egg allergy is usually due to the proteins in the egg white. These protein allergens are: However, there can be a rare situation of egg yolk allergy. The literature to date usually associates egg yolk allergy to a reaction triggered by inhaled bird allergen, referred to as Bird-egg syndrome.

This is a very rare syndrome. Egg allergy can also be seasonal. Oak pollen, short and western ragweed and the goosefoot family of weeds may cross react with eggs when these pollens are in season. The estimated point prevalence of egg allergy in children is 1. Most children outgrow an allergy to eggs by 5 years of age. I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thanks for this information. When he turned 10 months old he just stopped nursing all together and started screaming for the bottle, which was becoming more and more formula, as my production immediately fell. My husband bought enfamil because it was on sale and our pediatrician told him not to look at brands, that they were all exactly the same.

The last few days on formula have been terrible. He has diaper rash as well, which never happened on breast milk…. I feel just terrible.

Hi Melissa- Felix also had some Enfamil in the early days of his life…before I had done the research! Has anyone used barebottoms organics to buy formula? My packages are arriving from France. Do you think this is a problem, or should that not make a difference?

Thanks so much for all the great info you are providing!!! Hi Dawn- I reached out to Harry and here is what he said: However we also have a warehouse in europe where all our supply goes first then gets dispatched to us. We may also ship from there if we have a stock issue here or if the customer order a large amount or if they ordered Lebenswert.

We can also ship packages from there that are bound to new york city area as they arrive overnight. Of course all those packages get also shipped with 2 day shipping. Thank you for this article!! Question, if it was your child, 6 weeks old.. And congrats on your baby! Out of all the formulas which one would you personally recommend to be one of the safest?

Out of holle, hipp and babys only how would you rate them as your number one? We live in Canada so of course most would have to be ordered. Here is my top choice: Second would be Holle. It is better holle than hipp? Here is where we compared HiPP and Holle: Hi, I am new to all of this I could not breast feed my LO, so he has been on enfamil gentleease since birth he is 8 weeks old and has now been on 4 different formulas gentleease, AR, Nutrimagen, Similac Alimentum he has terrible gas, reflux, fussy, cries half way through bottle, chokes, looses breath, kicks his head back and arches his back was really constipated, is on oatmeal in his bottles and takes Zantac, gerber soothe, and lactulose when constipated… it has been a stressful 8 weeks and a battle that has yet to be solved.

Do you know of any formula that does not have that In it that I can purchase from a local store Walmart,Walgreens,Cvs,etc instead of waiting on shipment for something. Any help or advice is so so appreciated Thank you. I looked into it from what you have mentioned about it, I was a little confused BC when I went online to natures one it said on one can with DHA ARA on the front of the can , and on the other one it just said dairy but when I clicked on it it says contains fatty acids that convert to DHA and ARA, so is that still good?

And does it does not contain palm oil correct? It does not contain palm oil at least not as of the last time I looked into it—of course they can always change their ingredients.

And which is best and which brand do you recommend I seen a earths best brand also? Thank you for all your help. Non-GMO is a start, but they have a ways to go! I am looking for an organic formula to supplement my dairy sensitive 5 month old son with. Is this a valid concern? Maybe under 1 year old is too young to handle this formula?

My pediatrician, for one, definitely recommended an organic formula. Certainly you can ask a pediatrician you trust to look at the labels of any of the Good Stuff formulas and see what he or she thinks.

Would you happen to know a place that I could order from and have it shipped to Canada that is a reliable website for Holle baby formula? My son is on lebenwert stage 1 and we both love it! Tried many things including honest brand and they all gave him tummy issues inckuding bouts of constipation. I finally took the plunge and bout Holle bevsyde Lebenswert was out of stock at the time. I did come across some people making negative comments about them after I placed my order.

They had the lowest prices I could find which made me weary at first, Thinking why are they so much cheaper?? If you look on Amazon in the uk you will see what they pay for the same products. So I decided to take a chance and shop around. This was my first time ordering from someone directly in Germany. I ordered 15 boxes and they came packaged in their original boxes from Lebenswert holle! I was super impressed w that! I know theres a lot of uncertainty when ordering online especially when you hear or people selling fake formula so I wanted to share my experience w you all In hopes to ease your minds a little?

I am not associated w this company and have not been payed for my review. Just a thrifty yet health conscious mom from the U. Hello can you please share this site? I am new to the formula world and would love to order from Germany directly! I just placed an order with organic munchkin but still worried.. I, myself, have probably read thousands of blogs and articles and I can assure you that there is a reason why you have to be careful. This was very frustrating and I promised myself I would never give my baby something unhealthy.

Therefore, I researched this topic a lot and found https: It is a website created by a young couple who were in our shoes some years ago and have researched the topic extensively. They offer only a handful of brands which are directly imported from their countries of origin like Germany, Austria and France. You also receive the products in their original package.

My son is 7. Im researching to see which one would be best moving forward and trying to decide between these: Honest brand organic formula 3. Babys only toddler dha or no dha? Hi Sarah- Of the ones you listed, I would definitely avoid Similac. My best advice is to go to a pediatrician you trust and have him or her weigh in!

Hi My 3 month old has been on Holle formula. Any recommendations for non dairy formulas? Which one is cleaner? I,m little bit confuse.

Sorry for the confusion! The difference is that in the case of Honest formula, it uses less corn syrup. The main sweetener is lactose. Still, I think the European brands of formula—which contain no corn syrup—are better. My son is almost a year old, and I was interested in giving him a few formula bottles a day at first.

What formula would you recommend for that stage? Also, have you heard anything about Aptamil one year plus? Hi Rachel- If it were my baby, I would do Lebenswert Stage 1, but of course you should check with your pediatrician. I need to do a review of Aptamil—stay tuned! Thanks for this post. Any better for little ones than their regular version? And definitely check with your pediatrician! How about Bimbosan from Switzerland? How do they compare with Holle? I would love your feedback!

We have 5 boxes of Hipp 1 that we ordered for our baby. We are going to try Holle and Baby Only. As I reached out to my friends in Austria for their views on Holle and Lebenswert Bio, they alerted me to tests done by Testberichte.

The tolerable daily intake TDI , which served as an assessment standard was exceeded by 6. The fatty acid esters in animal experiments promoted the formation of benign tumors, as well as changes in the renal tubules. Were detected increased fat pollutant content daily tolerance amount by which exceeded 2.

In addition, one set of sulfite-reducing clostridia spores determined. This could indicate a lack of hygiene at the production site. Holle said that it continued working on the reduction of fat pollutants. What are your thoughts on 3-MCPD esters, fat pollutant, cholorate, and sulfite-reducing clostridia spores found in Lebenswert and Holle? Should I be concerned? Honestly, I am having a hard time making sense of the translated text.

Certainly we know that a variety of environmental toxins do accumulate in fat, in particular in dairy. You can read more about this here: My hunch is that nothing listed above that might be found in these European formulas is going to be any worse that the contaminants is American brands, and possibly even in breastmilk we know that phthalates and other toxins accumulate there, too!

I wish I could be of more help, but I think your best bet is to discuss your concerns with your pediatrician, and as I said the 3-MCPD would be the most concerning to me. I called and talked to Suzanne to get your thoughts on this company — she called me back, thank you. I also have not had great luck hearing back from them, which is why I am no longer advising my readers to buy from them! My concern Is is it safe for me to give my baby the Hipp that I ordered if I have him on a different formula brand Honest Co?

What would you do? Where does it fall on your recommended formula list? Is it suitable for infants? Yes, I like Kabrita and definitely consider it Good Stuff: Hi Maia, Thank you for this article. I have been a concern dad worrying if our baby is getting enough and worrying if my wife can make it through a year with his healthy appetite. As you can figure we definitely do not want to use it and we would like to stay clear of the soy as well.

Thank you so much for this article. The information in it has been extremely helpful to me making a decision for my baby and I have shared it with other moms I know. Because LWO has been sold out for a while and it is so hard to nab from them in the few minutes the site has the order form open , I really need some other options. Your thoughts would be welcomed on ordering from Germany.

Thank you for all you do! Hi Maia, I am currently importing Holle Stage 1 and 2 and selling it on my site http: I am open to any vetting process that you may have. Hi CJ- Great question: One big issue with Enfamil is there is no organic option. Soy lecithin is also bad, especially when not organic extracted with hexane.

If it were organic, I dare say it might be Good Stuff;. Oh, except for the fact that it was found to have high levels of perchlorate rocket fuel: I am currently using hipp first infant milk, I love it.

I have tried lebenswerts and hipp Germany but baby spit up horribly. Hi — Thank you for putting up such a useful source for concerned parents! I have a question regarding the amount of soy in these forumulas. Is there one that contains no soy? From reading it seems that Holle would be the best option. Yes, if you are looking for a formula that contains no soy, Holle or Lebenswert would be the way to go.

Maia- thanks so much for this article and for answering questions! I am hoping some readers will chime in here with some tips, but have you considered HiPP ready-made formula? When you add the predetermined amount of formula to the bottle, the machine will initially shoot a burst of boiling water to kill any bacteria that may be present in the formula. The next step would be to cover and shake the bottle until mixed.

The bottle is placed back to the machine and you hit the button again to complete the process resulting in the perfect temperature to feed the baby. It takes less than a minute and can make various sized bottles. When I go out I pre make a bottle and place it in an insulated bottle bag. She lives 45 min away so the pre-made bottle is usually consumed within one hour and thirty minutes or stored in the refrigerator for later use.

Below is a link to the machine I use. After reading the amazon. Thanks for the feedback, Sarah! We will definitely be including Kabrita when we research goat milk formulas: I wanted to make sure that everyone saw that we did review goat milk formula: The author is quite misinformed.

Pretty much the entirety of edible oil industry uses hexane as extraction solvent. Ranging from vegetable oil to fish oil, it is industry standard to process the oil using hexane. Hi Maia, We have been using Lebenswert 1 for our 7 week old pretty much from the start. We were concerned that she was spiting up a lot so the doctor recommended Enfamil AR.

Do you know if there is an equivalent organic version of this that you would recommend extra points for German brand? Thank you for all your research and support — you are truly my go to source on nutrition.

This may be a repeat of my prior reply but I do not see it listed so I will try again just to be sure. I apologize in advance if that is the case.

Given that this does not come in liquid form, will this product also be plagued by excessive aluminum like its sister product? Hi Maia, How do I know for sure if there is any irradiation done on the formula that has been shipped to me? I ordered off of a website that ships from Germany. Hi there- My research has led me to believe that no, there is not a risk from the radiation. Thus leading me down the path of researching formulas. My question is out of the 3 which would you say is the best???

So glad you had good experiences with those vendors. We are in the process of writing a blog about goat milk formula that will be published in the next few weeks! Is there a good DHA supplement to add to formula? We heard that the brand Nordic Naturals is good because its derived from fish oil rather than hexane.

I have a 10 month old that I have been able to provide breast milk so far but my supply is dwindling. It seems to be ok considering it has lactose in it as the first ingredient? Am I missing something else that deems it not so good? In your opinion is Earths Best good or not so good? I also noticed that you recommend filtering water to make formula safer for infants. I have a plain Brita filter and was wondering if that would be just fine?

Is that what can be used? Whats the difference between filtered water and nursery water? Is there a way of determining the amount of palm oil added to the various organic formula brands? Since my daughter will be on formula for a very short amount of time, I was wondering what are your thoughts on transitioning to milk whole milk vs coconut milk vs almond milk vs rice milk, etc.

Corn syrup was a concern and so was the process they use to create their DHA. Since breast milk is the best solution and nothing will reach that standard we settled for EB. Also EB was alot easier at the time to get as Target sold it locally. We initially did BM with both of them and then half and half as long as possible until finishing off with just formula.

Results for us was 2 healthy and intelligent kids. That was my experience, take it for what its worth. Our daughter is almost 5-months old and has an extreme intolerance to Dairy. I tried Nutramagin and she had a horrible reaction, so I was preparing to try Soy until finding this post.

If Soy is our only option, what is the best Soy option? Will do some more digging. Will you add this one to the chart above? Excited to know that you are reviewing Plum. Eagerly awaiting your updated post. With that said it looks like I will have to choose between honest co or earths best, which would you go with? My 2 month old has had terrible gas problems on enfamil newborn and I am just now starting to investigate the ingredients.

Also, would this formula be considered good stuff… http: Do you have any recommendations for hypoallergenic formulas? Or partial hydrolyzed formulas? When will your goat milk review come out? Would Sammys be an option for suspected milk protein intolerance? Thanks so much for the help! Also would you say Holle jarred food is good stuff? What about Kirklands infant formula? Is plum also good stuff? My wife is not producing much breast milk anymore, and I am furious over feeding him enfamil.

She works as well, so holle and hipp are out of the question due to heating water pre-feed. Plum Organics also came out with a new formula that looks promising. I found this article helpful in regards to heating water with hipp formula. Alan just wanted to let your know that all formula should be heated like holle and Hipp recommend.

Europe has much stricter health regulations than we do. I use distilled water now but you can premake batch for the day and refrigerate to make it easier. They contain similarities but different packages and sizes. Some with soy, some w starch. You have to research which works best for you. If you want a dairy free, try holles goat formula. Fyi Hipp holle and lebenswert all come in the same foil packages. I done believe one is safer than the other.

I personally prefer this to plastic containers. Unfortunately there is going to be some drawback to every formula. I just personally trust the European standards much more than the United States which is sad as a U. All great customer service. You have to decide if you want to over pay for fast delivery or not. I could tell the difference immediately just by how it smells and mixed so easily. I know this experience can be a trying one, I wish everyone good luck.

Unfortunately his pediatrician says enfamil is fine and shouldnt be changed. I will look into some customer reviews in regards to sammys, if there is any. Pediatricians are stuck in their ways and drones of the government. Also they give out these samples just like samples of medication from pharmaceutical reps and we all know how that works. Sometimes as parents we have to make the hard decisions on our own.

I just ordered from https: Also, do you know if what I ordered is the most recent version of the Holle formula Stage 1 Lebenswert formula? Or did I just order the old version? My wife did not breast feed either of our daughters. Browns bottles were also used. We had no problems ever and our daughters were almost never sick. I too called the manufacturer and then the labs where the ingredients were sourced. This was the best I could find and the results speak for themselves.

I ordered some Holle Goat Formula 2 from Organicmunchkin and had a few questions. I posted them on the website and the owner Peter got right back to me within minutes. Also, they offer free 2 days shipping? This kind of customer service seems almost too good to be true. Have you had recent experience with this company? My newborn baby had bad colick n gas screamed for hours. Also when do you think is the best healthiest time to start fully giving your baby organic whole milk?

Can you still give formula over a year? Anyways I recommend people to use hipps ready to go liquid formula in the first 3 months it seems more gentle and easier to digest.

I hope holle lebenswert comes out with a ready made liquid one! I am so so sad.

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