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Communication and educational objectives are stated in terms of the participants' desired behavioural outcomes, that is, in terms of the desired degree of change in what they know, feel, or can do. Indicators of the implementation of an education programme Under a programme to promote healthier life-styles and eating habits, a country has decided to implement activities to produce training material and to carry out educational campaigns. Antibacterial and phytochemical screening of pimpinella anisum through Evaluation information on the audience's level of KAP is needed to design an appropriate communication strategy, i. School programmes that are not behaviourally-based and theory-driven are also less likely to be successful. Armed Forces, conducting medical surveillance to protect those who serve our nation in uniform and allies who are critical to our national security interests. However, later reports have suggested that this decline has slowed or reversed in the United States and elsewhere 26,

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Available candidate vaccine viruses and potency testing reagents

View Topics by Subject or by Individual Year. Agricultural Burning in Kansas, Large Scale. Chronic Joint Symptoms and Possible Arthritis. Adult for Link to Asthma, Adult. Blood Pressure Monitoring, Self-Monitoring. Other Cancer, Doctor Diagnosis. Cancer, Other than Skin Cancer. Skin Cancer, Doctor Diagnosis. Heart Attack, Doctor Diagnosis. Parental Attitudes About Vaccines.

Disability Barrier to Attend Work or School. Electronic Cigarettes E-Cig or Vaping. Emotional Support and Life Satisfaction. End of Life Issues. Epilepsy and Seizure Disorder. Food Security and Insecurity. Fruits and Vegetables Tax. Reason for Lack of Coverage.

Healthy Days - Health-related Quality of Life. Heart Attack and Stroke. Hepatitis C Virus Testing. High Blood Pressure, Actions to Control. Role of fast management in organisation - A Review. Design and implementation of a microcontroller based flammable gas Status of training facilities in vocational education training programmes The role of social networks on academic procrastination and exam anxiety. Food safety policies adopted by food business operators —A review. Assessment of heavy metals pollution in water and lettuce samples at A study on comparision of trimacinolone acetonide 0.

Empirical adoption patterns of e-commerce in developing countries: A simple and expeditious nickel ii ferrite catalyzed green synthesis of Strategic analyses of inter linking of rivers in drought- prone Tahsils of Designing an agricultural education program model in Agricultural ministry For our very survival pollution free water is the dire need of the day.

The advent of the portuguese and socio- economic transition in Kerala. A new greener alternative scoring matrix based on twelve principles of A study on the foraging Behaviour of hymenopterans on vegetable crops in Environmental biochemistry of arsenic species in contaminated areas.

Karyotypic studies in red black seed variety of Abrus precatorius L. Impact of tree species in different sub-habitats on soil Physico-chemical Growth and characterization - organic metal crystal of tetramethyl Opac in an academic library- A study.

Bio fertilisation du riz: Innovative higher education for climate: Semigroups with cyclic properties. Effect of head covering on phototherapy induced hypocalcemia in jaundiced Impact of demonetization on unorganized business sector of Goa. Managing of bacterial contamination in alcoholic fermentation of sugar An attempt to transform Synthesis and applications of complexes of chromium III metal with Delivery of veterinary drugs: An exclusive monopoly in Senegal.

Effect of nonylphenol lc on hematological profile of Ophiocephalus Free radical scavenging capacity, antioxidant activity and Phenolic Nutritional analysis and preservation of tender green coconut water.

Effect of socio demographic factors on public speaking fear of the Human resource strategies with combined BSC approach and fuzzy logic in Role of remote sensing and geophysics to determine potential sites for Ternary Hemirings and ternary Semirings: Immunohistochemical evaluation of ki in papillary thyroid carcinoma Retrospective study on childhood obesity prevalence and its prevention.

Investigation and typology of vegetation in the west coast lands of Physicochemical and organoleptic properties of cookies made using tender Assessment of greenhouse gases from organic fraction of municipal solid Physico-chemical and adulteration analysis of buffalo milk at various Biotyping and prevalence of respiratory affections in goats.

Types of cocktail and Mocktails, sensory evaluation, and its packaging. Definition of cultural heritage properties and their valuesby the past. A north-south technology transfer methodology. Kartagener syndrome, granulomatous cheilitisand extra oral manifestation Nasal granuloma in bovine. Theory of 3-folds 5-dimensional universe. Effect of hip muscles stretching in low back pain patients with lumbar Social representations of motherhood constructed by lesbian mothers.

Comparative analysis of exon 11 mutations of brca1 gene in regard to Determination of heavy metals concentration in irrigated soils in Gombe Food security in kerala- need for a new direction and policy. Behavioural problems among children with learning disabilities. Identification of pro-vitamin a maize genotypes for Nepal. Corporate social responsibility and financial performance of quoted Challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in managing their work life Determination of the antifungal capacity of total extracts of sinapis alba Drying intensification of wet elements.

Dental students' attitude towards the use of digital textbooks; A Exposure of senior undergraduate dental students to various clinical Survival of direct posterior composite with and without a bulk fill base. A study on population dynamics of pallisentis ophiocephali, infecting Gender difference in glycemic control among patients with type 2 diabetes A review of its toxicology and dermatological manifestations.

Alopecia areata in down syndrome: Effect of certain herbs on fecal excretion of anaerobic bacteria in layer Nutritional value of vegetable sauces and its utilization in receipe. Rethinking the issues of digital divide among disabled people. Impact of the institution of a protocolof hygiene bucal under pneumonia The numerical solution of the boundary layer flow over a nonlinearly Effect of polymethyl methacrylate pmma encapsulated nano sized calcium Effect of couple stress in peristaltic transport of blood flow by Prevalence and awareness of cumulative trauma disorders in architecture Isolation and identification of secondary metabolites producing bacteria Synthesis, characterisation and antimicrobial activities of copper ii Experimental analysis and then optimization of machining inconel The prevalence and determinant factors of diarrheal morbidity among under Rethinking of the law of gravity.

Study of job satisfaction among college teachers in relation to their Concentrations of selected metals in coffee coffea arabica beans, leaves Preliminary phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of Exploration and feasibility of non-wood herbaceous weed as a raw material Evaluation of an attractive integer triple. Exploration of some anti diabetic plants pramehaghna ausadhi alongwith Quantitative analysis of carbon storage capacity in the standing biomass An empirical investigation of its effect on Prevalance of temporomandibular joint disorders in professional students.

A study to assess the effectiveness of skill training programme on first Betel leaf product preparation and its nutritional analysis. Invasive alien species of billawar, mahanpur and bani tehsils of district Chracterization, digestive enzyme productivity and anti bacterial activity Enumerations on phytochemical and pharmacological properties of tribulus We like some people, we hate others.

Comparative study on hardened properties of self compacting cement Successful clinical management of total uterine prolapse in a non Thermal diffusivity of al0. On the clifford fourier transforms in lebesgue space sheaf. Ebola crisis in Liberia: Challenges and lessons learned- a flash back. Growth and yield of vegetable amaranth amaranthuscruentus.

The photosynthetic system of the seaweeds: Shape factor correction in optimum design of elastomeric laminated seismic Strength of reinforced concrete beam using dual grade concrete. Behavior of rc slabs under static loadusing high performance fiber How grasping gender-related aspects of speech is increased by multi-modal Defensive role of Indian spice curcumin against nicotine induced damage A study on computer literacy in smart school education of Telangana state.

Design, fabrication and performance evaluation of solar parabolic trough Determinants of the stock returns for selected industrial companies listed Lowering the latex ph of hevea brasiliensis with acid to reduce its Impact and influence of transformational leadership on construction Diversity of protease producing bacillus sp. Effect of environmental factors on growth and development of medicinal Personality traits as predictor of work engagement among nurses. Successful erp sme implementation: Germination behavior and morpho-physiological activities of white sandal Study about the nutritional and medicinal properties of apple cider vinegar.

Effect of slow continuous run speed continuous run and extensive interval Contractual suggestions of green building insurance.

Traditional herbal treatment of veterinary ailments in raebareli District Study of cns depressant activity of methanol extract of laurencia Comparison of ground level ozone concentration during summer and winter Ability of human resources and knowledge in improving the performance of Medical identity theft; a systematic review of some selected literatures.

Effect of gamma rays on seed germination, plant survival and quantitative Phytochemical screening for secondary metabolites in two medicinally Studies on the spent waste of i coffee and ii tea for extraction of Exigency analysis of state road transport system in India.

Assay of exfoliated and associated nuclear anomalies as biomarker in Moisture sorption characteristics and storage regime of defatted grape Toxicity of cadmium on the oxygen consumption and gill histology estuarine Clinical evaluation of terminalia arjuna on wound healing in caprine.

Recruitment policy and civil servant evaluation in autonomy era. Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasitism in osmanabadi goats. Investigating a fitting function for the distribution of aerosols by Effectiveness of educational intervention programme regarding practices on Preparation and evaluation of anti-dandruff hair gels. Case report and review of the literature. The strengthening model of institutional capacity of milk producer Sizing of an electric energy production hybrid system.

Heavy metal concentrations in some benthic organisms Callinectes amnicola Experimental investigations on gravity assisted heat pipe heat exchanger Impact of malaria on the concentration of zinc in pregnant women in Nnewi Preliminary results of atmospheric aerosols measurements over chad The framing and gender differences in the relevant competitive emotions of A retrospective study evaluating focal nodular hyperplasia and Investigations on the properties of triglycine sulphate single crystal Stress management- the key for employee well-being.

Electrotherapy versus exercises in lowback pain rehabilitation — An Hydrobiology aspects related on phytoplankton diversity of uppanar River, A common fixed point theorem for compatible mappings in s metric space. Novel 2-oxo-thiadiazole-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydropyrimidine derivatives Wood anatomy of the fabaceaetree species in tropical rainforest, West In vitro antioxidant activity of microencapsulated and non-encapsulated Phytoremediation potential of common tropical hyperaccumulator plants on Comparative in vitro evaluation of aceclofenac and paracetamol combination Determination of water quality index of well water resources in Dudhani Effect of lycra on performance of woven and knitted fabrics.

Towards the establishment of national diagnostic reference levels drls Therapeutic management of fetal mummification in a crossbred jersery cows. A study on the role of self help group in women empowerment. Successful management of dystocia due to emphysematous fetus in a jersey Impact of paper mill effluent on the quality of receiving soil. Strategic lighting and rest for ethical poultry production in bangladesh Disaster risk management in kingdom of Saudi Arabia — current practices Technologies, memories and affections: Improving our ethical approach to Study on semiconformal kaehlerian recurrent and symmetric spaces of Companies act an indepth analysis.

Performance analysis of ic engine using hydrogen fuel. The refinement of nature at jean-jacques rousseau and bernardin de saint Effect of nutrition and health education on the knowledge and symptoms of Does gratitude journaling improves subjective wellbeing of patients with On the characterization of lie algebras.

Entomophagy among the bodos of udalguri district, btad, assam, india. Anti-microbial activity and phytochemical assay of busikad Researches and issues in teacher education. Performance evaluation of different growth regulators on propagation of Ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacological evaluation of vernonia A comparative clinical study of palasha ksharasutra and apamarga Evaluation of popular functional christologies among the ndia christians A survey of some ethno-medicinal plants used by the tribes of melghat in Groundwater governance in andhra pradesh- possibility to move towards A review of intestinal helminthiasis in ethiopian school children and the Physiological quality of landrace seeds from rural community settlements The effect of cement stabilization on the physical and mechanical Pathophysiology of metastatic tumors of oral cavity: Study on removal of phenol using adsorption process.

Seasonal toxicological profile of three puffer fishes collected along Internal controls impact on the effective management of devolved revenue Evaluation of colour fastness to washing studied on Himalayan nettle, Mycoflora associated with farmer stored seeds of chickpea and pigeon pea Quantification of lycopene extracted from watermelon and tomato varieties Matrix representation of double layered complete fuzzy graph.

Districtwise distribution of households by source of drinking water in Overcoming material overflow using flexible lot size for kanban system. Pilates and physiotherapy in acute Lowback ache and sciatica — An evidence ICT in the service of enginering, weather and climate: Exploration of sediment derived streptomyces sp.

Combined probationary training programme for the new entrants in state Non-human primates as research models in the field of periodontics: Evaluation and analysis of yield, performance and adoption of blackgram The myth of tribal backwardness: Land rights in tribals.

Assay on osmotic fragility and antioxidant potential of the methanolic Brain tumor features generation from mri t2-weighted grayscale images Study of physico-chemical parameters of anjaneri pond near Nashik M. Study of the elementary surgical procedures and instruments with Kantha embroidery-a woman-centric path towards empowerment for artisans Effect of planting time on yield and quality of strawberry cv chandler in Composite boards from agro waste residue of grass and Bamboo.

Perception of future employees towards a world class organization. Role of host plants for white sandal santalum album L. Aphrodisiac activity of aqueous and hydroethanolic extracts of the stem A cross country analysis of inflation rate among brics nations: Pro-poor tourism and its seeming upshots on a locality — An exploratory On weakly regular ternary.

Dynamic fuzzy expert system for multi objective criteria for selection of Characterization of active compound and extracts of aerva lanata using Study on the impact of innovations in banking sector. TowardsTowards feminism through human rights education feminism through A study on temperature and agricultural production in cauvery delta An efficient domino one-pot, four-component green chemical approach for Structural and dielectric properties of lithium nanoferrites synthesised Experimental study of different biodiesels come, mome, pome and their Problem and prospect of sustainable growth analysis of tourism in India.

A study of physico chemical and biological characteristics of sabarmati Comparative study of lactobacillus species in dental caries active subjects. A study to assess the level of stress regarding demonetization of rs. Study of antibacterial activity of medicinal plants on oral microflora and Lead poisoning from cars exhausts among primary school children in Sudan. Benefits, challenges and selection of cloud erp systems used in smes.

Exploring anticancer activity of topically applied quinine sulfate on Impact of selected yogic practices on antioxidant activity in middle aged Fed-batch and cstr studies for l-methionine production by c. Declining level and quality assessment of ground water with a special Concept of shayyamutra in present scenario. Determination of the hygienic and physico-chemical quality of Raw milk Reduction of nox emissions in a diesel engine using selective catalytic Geometric Note To Diophantine Equations.

Dissolution enhancement of itraconazole by liquisolidcompactstechniques Effect of papaya ring spot virus infection on the fruit quality of A Joint intervention of rtms and hypnotic psychotherapy in women with A Business to rehabilitation of persons with disabilities: An overview on the sino - India relation after cold war to Empowerment of persons with disabilities through institutional based A study on customer satisfaction towards Suzuki gixxer two wheeler.

Effectiveness of health education programme on knowledge regarding febrile Awareness of basic life support BLS among doctors, nurses, interns and Global weight dominating vertex set on s - Valued graphs. Relevance of his spiritual philosophy in the 21st century.

University of Mumbai — Towards the centre of excellence! Globalization of real zeros of a random trigonometric polynomial. Numerically evaluated number of level crossings of a random algebraic Proposed framework for e-governance applications. Cardiac abnormalities classification using principal component analysis. Cement slurry design for geothermal exploratory well in dholera field Assessment of ground water quality in anantnag District of Kashmir Valley Determination of trapping parameters of calcined alumina by various Toxicity evaluation of the organophosphate compound chlorpyrifos on target Numerical investigation into a new shape of metamaterials at optical Study of microstructure and phase of plasma sprayed high molybdenum On the morphology and taxonomy of two multipurpose congeneric taxa The pangal in pre colonial Manipur.

Nanotechnology in clinical microbiology: Standardized advertisement strategy for consumer products in emerging Optimization of the performance of potassium chloride, choline chloride Awareness and attitude of college students towards the addiction of smart The application of image processing for horti-agricultural experiments.

Thiolated truxene derivatives as hole-transporting materials for Screening of serum amylase and lipase status in pregnant women. Assessment of effect of moisture and light on mold growth.

Panchayatraj system in Tamilnadu during british period ad — ad Urokinase enzyme; recent advances in understanding of its receptor, Fpga based ecg signal noise reduction. Physicochemical studies of nicotinic acid in aqueous medium in presence of Biomass and carbon allometry for kandelia obovata, sheue, liu and yong Nutritive alteration of cauliflower head infected with alternaria Preparation of sesbania grandiflora cookie.

Deep learning-an upcoming technology. Antibacterial activity of phyllanthus amarus plant extract against Perspectives of online education E-learning.

Spectrophotometric determination of the deltamethrin. Numerical solution of hydromagnetic incompressible laminar flow over Optimization and enzymatic degradation of coir pith and sugarcane leaves Troubles faced by the policyholder in claim settlement in LIC. Synthesis and characterization of some trasition metal complexes using Mechanical properties of coconut shell as coarse aggregate in Site selection of solar farms for district malakand using analytical Knowledge and attitude to climate change among undergraduate students in Evaluation of teacher performance: Phylogeny and characteristics of unculturable bacteria with metagenomics Assessment of egfr expression in different grades of leukoplakia — A Graphic and plastic art of the Kharam tribe of Manipur.

Women position in the traditional kharam society: Traditional techniques of food preservation of the communities of north The bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology- experience at b Bioefficacy of certain botanical crude extracts against spodoptera litura Isolation of vitexin from methanolic extract of beet root beta vulgaris Aquatic insects as bio-indicator of water pollution — a study on lower A remote sensing approach to define landscape dynamics in raniganj Aquatic coleoptera of ghaga beel, a closed type freshwatr wetland of Diversity of spiders from satpuda mountain, India.

Sex ratio and reproductive performance of the female mud crab scylla Evaluation of the effect of yoga therapy on some haematological parameters Study of hydrophobicity, surface accessibility, and antigenicity of Assessment of comparative operating cost of new dragline Vs. A critical appraisal of forest acts and policies in colonial and post Studies on distribution, nitrogenase activity, sem imaging and molecular Graha roga in pediatric advancement w. A review on embedded system for traffic density monitoring and update Ethno-medicinal study on the traditional herbal knowledge of the tiwa A secure iot based modern healthcare system by using body sensor network Do watershed programs ensure drought proofing?

A histopathological overview of lesions of anal canal. Synthesis of 2-trifluloromethyl benzo[g]quinazolinone nucleosides. Polyphenol oxidase, acid phosphatase and photosynthetic enzymes activity Adaptable benefits of selected rhizospheric isolates from rice and legumes. A universal bldc motor drive with optimized performance. Health of malnourished children.

Studies on present status of aquatic birds in and around tighra reservoir Hydrolysis of phosphate mono ester of 2-methoxynitro aniline proceeds Ultrasonography evaluation of renal cyst disease in Nnewi Urban, South Prevalence of caesarean section in western provincial general hospital. Types of attacks in wireless sensor networks: Synthesis of pyrido [2,3-d]pyrimidin-2,4 3h -dione nucleoside.

Differential toxicity of cadmium on nitrogen metabolism and enzymatic Assessment and comparison of different materials for alloy wheels using Field performance evaluation of tractor drawn tillage implement used in Research on new ways of decreasing distortion of steel parts during Performance evaluation of some manually operated weeders used in jhum Bioremediation of wastewater from drain in Burla Town, Odisha, by Comparative advantage between transport modes by distance in Vietnam.

Arsenic in groundwater and its health impacts: A case of Ballia District, Land use changes and their impact in flood zone of Ghaggar River in Ambala The full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance and the formation of three Distillery spent wash and utility of fly ash. Intra-operatives incidents and patient safety. Comparative vibration analysis of segmental baffles with no tubes in Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of bodhi vriksha kashaya paan in Histopathological effects of dibutyl phthalate on Oreochromis mossambicus An adjunct to environmental Science and Socio-cultural significance of Gaan-ngai festival.

Traditional oath and ordeal systems of the zeliangrong of North East. Icthyofaunal diversity of tenughat reservior at bokaro District Jharkhand Meditation in Indian philosophy. The efficacy of a phyto-synthetic drug of coccidia as evidenced from Applying the life cycle analysis in the construction of social housing in Major drivers and consequences of deforestation in Ethiopia: Repair of wounds in rats: Characterization and performance of hamdan wastewater treatment plant in A challenge ahead to inclusive growth of India.

Determination of capacity of otoy Xanthosoma sagitifolium consumption in Physico-chemical and nutritional evaluation of wheat germ dosa: Beyond their domestic chores: Adventures of women in the polity of Kashmir. Wavelet analysis of air pollution due to ground level nitrogen dioxide. Water quality assessment of groundwater samples in Bobbili Region, Free fatty levels and distribution in sediments of Nigeria Rivers. The teaching of electricity in the k program in Batangas National High Properties of defect modes composed of metamaterials.

Economic burden of water borne diseases in North Kashmir-A Tehsil level Screening of molluscicidal potential of indigenous medicinal plants RFID based electrical supervisor. Philosophy of technology and its foundational principles. Evaluation of biowaste, chemical fertilizers and natural fertilizers and Cluster-based energy efficient protocol for wireless sensor networks.

The role of indian major carps in human diet with special reference to Topographical distribution of laryngeal cancer. Water quality of high population densityareas at the national university Fermentation of tigernut by lactic acid bacteria and tigernut-milk drink Antimicrobial activity of selected ethnomedicinal plants used in skin New topologies of kalman filters for dynamic power system estimation. Application of nanotechnology in agriculture part 1: The pharmacology of western drugs.

Lipid profile changes in Egyptian patients with liver cirrhosis. Assessment of some heavy metals from the groundwaters of lahj Governorate Ethnobotanial study of some important medicinal plants of shopian Study of seasonal concentration of spm, rspm, so2 and nox in the ambient An epidemic in Assam.

On the clifford hamilton formulation of symplectic mechanics using frame Quantum plasma condensate as new source of energy: Role of functioning food security channel in achieving household food Foreign direct investment in Indonesia and its role to economic growth Clinical breast examination among women in coastal regions of Nellore, Synthesis and characterization of epoxy resin modified with vegetable oil Assessment of water quality of a pond ecosystem using biological water Cryptococcal meningitis in an immunocompetent young male.

Synthesis of the 2- trichloromethyl -4 1h -quinazolinone nucleosides. Penetration resistance of sandy loam soils in arid regions as affected by A systematic review on the prevalance and management of jaundice through Vibrio alginolyticus emerging food born pathogen.

Effect of carbon nanotube and nanofiber on microcement mortar properties. Channel planform migration architecture of meandering rivers. Examining drug trafficking as supplemental income among hispanic To calculate the dis-assembly rate by using the production rate philosophy The importance of scientific education and technology.

Training effects of morocco's economy: A study on factors affecting purchase decision based on awareness, Comparing dissolution kinetics with traditional in vitro study approach A study of diurnal and seasonal variation of particulate pollutants pm Republic of macedonia, most favorable country for the production of Economics of carbon sequestration in south kheri forest division of Uttar Assessment of ozone variations and meteorological effects in an urban area Square clinical epidemic of the distemper canine and their incidence in Chemical constituents and antibacterial activities of the leaves of Mycological assessments of postharvest rot of irish potato tubers from Estimation of radiation dose for pediatric patients undergoing x-ray Accurate solutions of first order nonlinear initial value problems for Modified forms of natural zeolites— clinoptilolite and heulandite as an Electric vehicle impact on greenhouse gas emissions in united arab emirate.

Overall impacts of mining on the state economy of goa: Influences of fasciola infection on hemato-biochemical parameters in Effect of dimethoate on the lipid content in the fingerlings of cat fish Age estimation using orthogonal locality preservation projection.

Therapeutic and medicinal uses of Vibhitaka: Implant backtracking- a valuable tool in forensic identification — An Mucoadhesive flims - An over review. Response to treatment with 5-azacitidine in myelodysplastic syndrome in a Clinical and demographic correlates of sexual dysfunction among male out Effects of sand on cbr for swelling clays of the far-north region Cameroon.

Impact of the motorized ploughing on the structure of tropical ferruginous A study on working capital management in the selected company in India. An in vitro antioxidant and antibacterial potentials of ethyl acetate Adsorptive removal of zinc from aqueous solution by biomass carbon Effect of different cocentration of acid chloride and neutral chloride Determinants of health status of women employed in agriculture sector.

Traumatic bone cyst of ramus of mandible: To assess the sensory properties of food product developed from the Antagonistic activity between bacillus subtilis, pseudomonas sp. Comparative study of biodegradation of azo dyes from nanoparticles Time series models for area, production and productivity forecasting in Design study and characterization of highly efficient organic solar cells Prosthodontic avenue for rehabilitation of an auricular defect- A case Novel design of trend in cyber security as an integrated approach.

Effect of different pre-treatments on seed germination and watering regime Examining the state of public schools in the gas flaring areas of Nigeria. Identification of peach fruit fly, Bactrocera zonata saunders in Iraq. Vietnam - India defense cooperation since Behavior of 3d RC frames with varying proportion of opening in masonry Effect of insecticides on the growth and distribution of soil mycoflora in Knowledge and perception of diabetes mellitus management among patients in Investigation and analysis of acceleration and frequency of various Pre-clinical evaluation of DCL ointment on superficial burn wound A fifteen year review summarizing effects of conventional and organic Stability of resistance rice varieties on different level of brown Cross layer umpiring system design in wireless mobile ad hoc networks.

Pyrexia of unknown origin responding to antidepressant therapy: Perception on the benefits and burdens of community living around the Cognitive functioning in older adults with generalized anxiety disorder. Impact of macroeconomic uncertainities and political risks on the pattern Performance analysis of reconfigurable communication system based on Evaluation of ghrit kumari swarasa in the management of Kashtartava.

The influence of the additional usage of L-arginine on the factors of Solid waste quantification and characterisation of selected landfills in Computational analysis of catalyst light-off temperature in exhaust system Total reduction of leakage power through combined effect of sleep stack Impact of dissolved oxygen and temperature on copepods in Chakki talab, Hydrocarbon reservoir characterization using well log in halewah oilfield Effect of light color and socking density on intestinal morphology of Genetic variability and selection parameters for yield and quality traits Effect of turmeric and ginger as natural additives in ready-to- serve Design of device for spectral induced polarization laboratory measurements Natural inspired computing in the network security.

Determinants influencing retailers perception towards new growth engine Hospital radioactive waste treatment by phytoremediation. Baby foods can also have toxic side effects: Functionalized graphene-MnO2 nanocomposite in fuel cell applications. Participatory adaptable varietal selection of faba bean Vicia Faba L.

Effects of variability in the pozolannic properties of rice husk ash RHA Preparation of copper nanoparticles as starting materials for copper clay Farming system modulesa better way for livelihood security.

Role of cytomorphological study of cervical lymphadenopathy in paediatric Regional dimension of financial sector policies and its impact on regional Integrated micro-fluidic pump for medical and environmental applications. Role of agnikarma in pain management. Microanatomy of pars tuberalis and intermedia of pituitary gland in madras A science of medicine the art of care. Incidence of fragility in elderly people in the city of san francisco de Processing of raw milk into traditional cheese in djermaya in the Hadjer Volume equalization method for land grading design: Effect of fine soil particles, tillage systems and polyacrylamide on wheat Chemical contaminants in drinking water in alshohada area omdurman — Sudan.

Sero prevalence of hepatitis c virus in type ii diabetic patients in Influence of phosphate sources to promote mercury accumulation and its The membrane - redox potentials three - state line system dependent - full Bio-wastes fish scale and pine cone based hybrid polymer composites for Momentum transfer with coaxially placed perforated disc turbulence Use of plant beneficial microorganisms to improve plant nutrition and Review article on knowledge and attitude on ill-effects of smoking.

Estimation of efficiency and risk behaviors productivity for rice farmers Evaluation of genetic diversity of eight cotton varieties Gossypium Genetic dissection on heterosis for yield and grain quality traits in rice Safety of dietary supplements- A review article. Reproduction of big eye scad selar crumenophthalmus teleostei: Land cover and soil erosion estimation of production forest during logging

Active ingredient