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There are many variations that use a combination of vegetables, but the key ingredient that gives paella its unique flavor is saffron. It makes me so happy to read about other women overcoming the terrors of PCOS! You may decrease your dosage or frequency of supplementation over time once your symptoms of PCOS have subsided. This is a great place to start and see how you react. I also like using a FitBit wrist tracker that helps you count your daily steps, miles, and calories burned.

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PCOS: How to Treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Naturally

For more information on this topic you can read my 6 reasons to add saturated fat to your PCOS diet here. I especially like to use a lot of coconut oil in my recipes as this healthy fat has been shown to help with fat loss — particularly from around the stomach and thighs Mumme and Stonehouse And I also include plenty of beef and butter since these fats are the richest source of conjugated linoleic acids CLA.

This is saying nothing for how much better everything tastes with a good serving of butter on top! Things like nuts, seeds, and avocado feature heavily in all my recipes with oily fish making a regular cameo also. So if you want to beat PCOS then eat more fat. And if you have some surplus body fat, then this is one of the easiest ways to lose it. Vegetable oils are straight out pro-inflammatory so eliminating these from your PCOS diet is a fairly easy win.

Despite the name, vegetable oils are not really from vegetables at all, but rather are processed seed oils coming from soybeans, sunflower, corn, canola, cottonseed, and safflower etc. The reason these oils are inflammatory is because they have high ratios of omega-6 fatty acids.

Industrial trans fats are really bad for us. Trans fats are another great reason to avoid high processed foods because the FDA only requires these to be included on the nutritional facts label if there is more than 0. This is a changing regulatory environment however, and it seems that trans fats are about to be phased out completely in the coming years. Understanding the influence of the gut microbiome on our health and wellbeing is by far one of the most exciting fields in medical research at the moment.

In just the last decade, studies have shown that the microbiome affects how much we eat Fetissov et al. Beyond just an associative relationship, a causal link has now been established between the bacteria in our guts and insulin resistance and obesity Saad et al.

This is why when applying the right diet for PCOS one of the key objectives is to cultivate our gut health. Probiotic foods contain live strains of healthy gut bacteria, while prebiotic foods contain a specific kind of soluble fiber that enables these microorganisms to thrive. I normally suggest starting with either coconut yogurt, pickles, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, or tempeh. These are all fantastic snacks that slide easily into a PCOS friendly diet.

Prebiotics on the other hand are something that come fairly automatically when following the best diet for PCOS. I say this because the best sources of these compounds are found in certain fruits and vegetables as I discuss in more detail below. Before I started the health transformation that eventually led to me falling pregnant naturally despite years of failed fertility treatments , vegetables were something I knew were good for me, but rarely featured as a high priority at meal times.

While carbs, protein, and fats are the major components of any PCOS friendly meal, eating a wide range of non-starchy vegetables is also essential for good health. Without wanting to bore you with an unnecessary rant about why vegetables are good for you, let me explain the three biggest reasons that motivated me to improve my delinquent vegetable habits. The first reason is phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are micronutrients that can only be found in plants and science is just beginning to understand some of their amazing health promoting properties.

Let me use turmeric as an example. This leads many people to take turmeric supplements. But as I explain in my Beat PCOS Supplements Guide , the low bioavailability of curcumin means that most but not all commercially available turmeric supplements pass straight through you.

Over 25, phytonutrients have been discovered so far, and if you wanted to get scientific about it you could find some of these in almost every vegetable you look at. Carrots, tomato, bell peppers, spinach, kale, and broccoli. The second big discovery which really changed my attitude towards vegetables was the knowledge that this is where many prebiotic foods come from see Step 9 above.

While this is far from an exhaustive list, some of the vegetables that are known to be high in prebiotics include Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, onion, leek, shallots, spring onion, asparagus, beetroot, fennel bulb, green peas, snow peas, sweet corn, and savoy cabbage Monash University The third good reason I decided to get my rabbit on, was the knowledge of how fiber affects our gut health.

One of the risks of eating a low carb diet that includes plenty of fish, meat, and eggs is that you can become constipated from inadequate fiber intake. When it comes to the question of how many vegetables is enough, all the recipes included in my free 3 Day PCOS Meal Plan and free 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge seek to include two cups of non-starchy vegetables with every meal, with a particular focus on leafy greens.

This can be a lot more than what people are used to, but trust me when I say your body will thank you for it. Found in just about anything made from wheat, gluten is a protein that for some reason is particularly problematic for women with PCOS.

Rather than messing around with costly and potentially inaccurate immunoglobulin blood tests, the best way to find out how gluten affects your health is to do your own experiment. The key to success is finding alternatives to bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, and other gluten containing food products, which is not as hard as it sounds with the right information and support. An important nuance to this PCOS diet principle is that butter and ghee are generally well tolerated.

This amount is hardly worth worrying about given how healthy milk fat is see Step 7 if this sounds like crazy-talk. Again, I recommend a little self-experimentation here to discover your personal sensitivity to dairy. Many women use my free 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge as a starting point for this process as all the recipes I provide are completely gluten and dairy free apart from butter of course.

Common culprits include eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. FODMAPS are small carbohydrates found in many common foods including some fruit and vegetables that are otherwise perfectly healthy. As a general rule food intolerance testing is of poor quality resulting in many inaccurate results as Chris Kresser explains beautifully in this podcast. The one lab that by far seems to have the best reputation amongst doctors I trust is Cyrex Laboratories.

Alcohol on the other hand has been shown to be a particularly problematic substance for women with PCOS. We have higher rates of liver disease because of this disorder Vassilatou 37 ; Kelley et al.

Moving away from coffee and alcohol also makes it easier to avoid sugar and empty carbohydrates, which are often found in these drinks. The goal of this free program is to make it both fun and easy for people like you to put these 13 food principles into practice.

This 15 page free ebook includes a collection of some of my most popular PCOS recipes with an accompanying shopping list and further information about how to use food to beat PCOS. Given my previously terrible relationship with food, I can assure you there was ample cognitive dissonance as I went about implementing a PCOS friendly diet. Be honest about your weaknesses, leaving your negative self-judgment at the door. Focus on your health goals, and set yourself up for success. Learn and experiment until you find what works for you, and when you slip-up, shake it off and keep on going.

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Programming of Host Metabolism by the Gut Microbiota. Energy-balance studies reveal associations between gut microbes, caloric load, and nutrient absorption in humans. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and polycystic ovary syndrome. This delicious Low Carb Copycat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana tastes just like the original but uses low carb, keto and paleo friendly ingredients. This soup doesn't require many spices, only uses a couple of … [Read more These soft and fluffy low carb buns are made with psyllium husk powder and taste just like multigrain bread.

Originally published in , I've updated this recipe with better instructions and pictures. These super pliable keto tortillas are gluten-free, grain-free and corn-free.

You'll be able to make your favourite Mexican recipes with this low carb tortillas recipe. It's incredibly easy to make these keto … [Read more These delicious low carb keto cinnamon rolls are made with psyllium husk powder and can easily be made dairy free. Thanks to the psyllium, the dough is easy to roll, doesn't break apart, and turns out extremely soft and fluffy, just like the real deal.

This delicious vanilla pastry cream is completely sugar free which makes it the perfect low carb pastry cream that can be used in any dessert. I give the option for a dairy free option as well made with coconut milk for those following a dairy free diet.

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