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Wolves eat the brown bears they kill, while brown bears seem to only eat young wolves. Must complete all support courses prerequisite courses by the end of the summer semester prior to entering the program in the Fall Semester. In North America, incidents of gray wolves killing coyotes are common, particularly in winter, when coyotes feed on wolf kills. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Some of his other fables concentrate on maintaining the trust between shepherds and guard dogs in their vigilance against wolves, as well as anxieties over the close relationship between wolves and dogs. The Scandinavian wolf populations owe their continued existence to neighbouring Finland's contiguity with the Republic of Karelia , which houses a large population of wolves.

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New audiobooks and a sale by Felice Stevens. I am so excited for every one to listen to the Man Up audiobooks that have just been released. Everything remains the same if you want to purchase on Audible, however, the audiobooks are now also available on over twenty other platforms, including Kobo, Nook, Playster, Scribd, Hoopla, etc. I'm excited to see how this works and I hope to see other authors use it as well to break t.

Are Readers Tired of Free Books? Authors talk a lot about burnout, and it's a real thing. Trying to come up with interesting, unique story ideas takes it's toll. Actually, the ideas are the easy part. The writing side is hard. Authors are having to pump out books at a break neck speed.

I see some authors putting out two to three books a month. I'm not sure if they're magical, or using ghost writers, but that's a schedule few authors can keep up. Being creative takes energy both physicall. This is the New Stuff. We've been busy revamping studios and equipment, and even bringing new narrators to the team for more audiobook options.

This week, here are some of the new books we've been working on lately. River McKay moved to Denver with his husband, hoping to give their failing marriage a new start. Sometimes the Struggle is real By S. I think sometimes people have fantasies about certain jobs. I owned a coffee house for ten years, and people would come in all the time and talk about how relaxing it would be to own a coffee house.

The good part about that was obviously we were providing a very relaxing, serene atmosphere for our customers. So much so that they apparently thought running the business was easy.

Any business is hard. I don't care if you sell hair ties, I'm sure there ar. It's that time again - new release day when we share our latest releases with you. It was still embarrassing as hell, so when Tank returns to the Jakoby Rodeo Company after a big-time bull riding tour, Dalton decides polite but distant is the best course of action. Tank is hurting from some tough injuries and ready for a lighter workload. I hope this weekend finds you well. I have a new release coming soon. It's a story with a marriage of convenience and a little mystery suspense thrown in.

It's called Married To Murder. I'll give you the blurb and a short excerpt and then the pre-order link in case you're interested. The price will go up the day after the book goes live, so if you want to save money you should get it on pre-order. Inspirations by Felice Stevens. I rarely have inspirations from real life when I write a book.

I get ideas that pop into my head and while I might take my feelings about a certain, real life person and portray them in a character, I've never had one person inspire a character for a book. But then came Harlan in Cort—Unbreakable. You see, Harlan is based on a real-life character. I'll tell you a little about him. As an attorney in my agency, I had different job functions in my over 30 year career.

Computer Woes By S. Sorry for the late day post. I've been having computer issues lately. My computer is five years old and suddenly it's become a massive diva. I've tried putting up with it as long as I could, but lately it wants to give me the blue screen of death every half hour.

It's hard to be creative when I'm nervous about hitting save every few lines. I ordered a computer online from Bestbuys and paid for one day shipping, but alas, at midnight last night they informe. Sometimes you just need to chill by Felice Stevens.

How did it get to be Friday again? I am so not ready for the fall. Fall means the start of school again and my son is now a college senior. It also means the Jewish holidays which are either always early or late. No one time is ever right. But this weekend, I'm meeting with my Boozy Brunch crew for our Rocco's get together where we talk about books, and drink margaritas and try to figure out publishing and what the hell is Amazon doing NOW. Horses, Bulls and Cowboys I'm so thrilled to be able to go back out west.

It always lifts my spirits and makes me happy. And I have to give special props to my friend BA Tortuga. Symptoms may include stiffness, swelling and tenderness in the large muscles of the legs and back, dark urine, rapid heart rate, fever, nausea and vomiting. Liver impairment or failure can also result from long-term use or high doses of other medications, including over the counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen.

Toxic effects of these medications can cause jaundice, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Video of the Day. What Does High Enzymes Mean? Elevated Liver Enzymes in Babies. Symptoms of Slightly Elevated Liver Enzymes. Elevated Glucose and Liver Enzymes. How to Get Liver Enzymes Down. Normal Levels for Liver Enzymes. Exercises for Elevated Liver Enzymes. How to Treat Elevated Blood Enzymes. Nevertheless, although FODMAP can cause certain digestive discomfort in some people, not only do they not cause intestinal inflammation, but they avoid it, because they produce beneficial alterations in the intestinal flora that contribute to maintain the good health of the colon.

FODMAPs are not the cause of irritable bowel syndrome nor other functional gastrointestinal disorders , but rather a person develops symptoms when the underlying bowel response is exaggerated or abnormal. Fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance may produce IBS symptoms through the same mechanism but, unlike with other FODMAPs, poor absorption is found only in a minority of people.

It is possible to identify these two conditions with hydrogen and methane breath testing and thus eliminate the necessity for dietary compliance if possible.

The significance of sources of FODMAPs varies through differences in dietary groups such as geography, ethnicity and other factors.

Sources of fructans include wheat , rye , barley , onion , garlic , Jerusalem and globe artichoke , beetroot , dandelion leaves , the white part of leeks , the white part of spring onion , brussels sprouts , savoy cabbage and prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides FOS , oligofructose and inulin. Pulses and beans are the main dietary sources though green beans , canned lentils , sprouted mung beans , tofu not silken and tempeh contain comparatively low amounts. Polyols are found naturally in some fruit particularly stone fruits , including apples , apricots , avocados , blackberries , cherries , lychees , nectarines , peaches , pears , plums , prunes , watermelon and some vegetables, including cauliflower , mushrooms and mange-tout peas.

They are also used as bulk sweeteners and include isomalt , maltitol , mannitol , sorbitol and xylitol. People following a low-FODMAP diet may be able to tolerate moderate amounts of fructose and lactose, particularly if they have lactase persistence.

Other sources confirm the suitability of these and suggest some additional foods. A low-FODMAP diet might help to improve short-term digestive symptoms in adults with irritable bowel syndrome , [7] [8] [9] [10] but its long-term follow-up can have negative effects because it causes a detrimental impact on the gut microbiota and metabolome.

In addition, the use of a low-FODMAP diet without medical advice can lead to serious health risks, including nutritional deficiencies, cancer risk or even mortality. A low-FODMAP diet can ameliorate and mask the digestive symptoms of serious diseases that usually present digestive symptoms similar to those of irritable bowel syndrome, such as celiac disease , inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer.

It is crucial to conduct a complete medical evaluation before starting a low-FODMAP diet to ensure a correct diagnosis and that the appropriate therapy can be undertaken. Since the consumption of gluten is suppressed or reduced with a low-FODMAP diet, the improvement of the digestive symptoms with this diet may not be related to the withdrawal of the FODMAPs, but of gluten, indicating the presence of an unrecognized celiac disease, avoiding its diagnosis and correct treatment, with the consequent risk of several serious health complications, including various types of cancer.

A low-FODMAP diet is highly restrictive in various groups of nutrients, can be impractical to follow in the long-term and may add an unnecessary financial burden. The basis of many functional gastrointestinal disorders FGIDs is distension of the intestinal lumen. Such luminal distension may induce pain, a sensation of bloating , abdominal distension and motility disorders. Therapeutic approaches seek to reduce factors that lead to distension, particularly of the distal small and proximal large intestine.

Food substances that can induce distension are those that are poorly absorbed in the proximal small intestine, osmotically active, and fermented by intestinal bacteria with hydrogen as opposed to methane production. Over many years, there have been multiple observations that ingestion of certain short-chain carbohydrates, including lactose, fructose and sorbitol, fructans and galactooligosaccharides , can induce gastrointestinal discomfort similar to that of people with irritable bowel syndrome.

These studies also showed that dietary restriction of short-chain carbohydrates was associated with symptoms improvement. These short-chain carbohydrates lactose, fructose and sorbitol, fructans and GOS behave similarly in the intestine.

Firstly, being small molecules and either poorly absorbed or not absorbed at all, they drag water into the intestine via osmosis. It is this 'stretching' that triggers the sensations of pain and discomfort that are commonly experienced by IBS sufferers.

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