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She was eulogized through family testimony, musical harmony and personal tribute during services that featured tight security following rumors that speculators were offering thousands of dollars for a photo of the family with their deceased mother. Osmond was the wife of George V. Clark said the inspiration for the foundation came from Olive Osmond's tireless work to find help for her two oldest sons, Virl and Tom, who were both born with hearing difficulties.

The services Saturday were full of gentle humor and sweet music as the grandchildren and great-grandchildren sang a medley of songs, as did Olive Osmond's children. Wayne Osmond said he always knew he was his mother's favorite child, but he supposed "these other people I call my siblings may feel like that too. Jimmy Osmond said his mother never told him what to do but instead, showed him by example how to live. Merrill Osmond said his mother told him one of her first tasks in Heaven would be to look up Presley and see how he is doing.

Olive Osmond and Elvis had shared many telephone conversations during Presley's career.

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