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Single Colour comes with less acessories. Omega products, inc vert juicer instruction manual 15 pages. Meanwhile, on the subject of juicing… everyone must drink at least 8 oz. We highly recommend watching the demonstration videos we have available so that you can become more educated about the machines, and see how they are used. We found that this type of machine was more effective juicing than the single auger style juicer. This machine is costly then its j variant.

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Page 9 Leftover vegetable juice or pulp may be mixed into dough for extra flavor. Page 12 Omega Products, Inc. This manual also for: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Enter text from picture: By pressing 'print' button you will print only current page. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Don't show me this message again.

Got it, continue to print. Don't have an account? The second generation of this machine eliminated the pulp ejection hole in the bottom of the screen which minimizes clogging and the need to pre-cut produce into smaller pieces so it does not clog this hole. They also run at a lower RPM than the standard vertical single augers. The Slowstar 10 year warranty is the most versatile, most powerful and the lowest cost.

The Omega VSJ 15 year warranty comes in a square and round design as well as different colors. It is a bit easier to clean than the Slowstar juicer, but does not include an attachment to make fruit sorbets and nut butters. Although it is a little easier to clean and produces less pulp in the juice.

We prefer the Slowstar overall due to its lower cost and versatility. The difference with this model vs all previous vertical slow juice extractors is the addition of a 3" wide feed chute. This 3" wide feed chute makes it easier to use the juicer with less cutting of produce to fit into the feed chute. This style machine has all the pros and cons of the Single Vertical Auger style juicers. We find the c model works better, jams less, and extracts a higher yield than the b model.

Kuvings owns the patent on wide feed chute slow juicers and other machines may be poor-performing knock-offs. The screws turn at a low rpm. It is very similar to two gears in a automobile transmission that mesh together. Basically, the produce is pushed with some force into the two gears, which first shreds, and then squeezes the produce. These machines are best for juicing vegetables since these machines rely on the fibrous cell wall to push the pulp through the machine.

The quality of the juice produced with these machines can be compared to the quality of the hydraulic press above. These machines are not for the"faint" or "frail" hearted as some pressure is needed to feed the produce into the machine.

These juicers truly give "the best of both worlds" but there is one drawback: They can be as much as two to three times the price of the Centrifugal or Mastication Juicers. While these juicers are best for juicing vegetables, the Green Power and Green Star machines have a fruit attachment available to help it better juice fruits.

We have successfully juiced hard apples, hard pears, watermelon with rind, and citrus successfully with these twin gear machines. We do not recommend these juicers if you want to juice a significant amount of fruit.

We recommend the Green Star Elite , which is the latest design that uses 3 unique pressing stages. How loud are the juicers? The noise level of the juicers are all different. A good rule of thumb: I have personally juiced with the Green Power while my roommate was sleeping, and it didn't bother them. I would never try that with any of the other juicers, as they are much louder! Read our article, "How loud is that Juicer in the Window" for the results of our juicer decibel testing.

I find that my personal favorite, for fast, easy and quick fruit and vegetable with minimal leafy green vegetables juice making is the centrifugal ejection juicers.

It's easy to clean and gets a good extraction from the produce. They will juice most fruits including the skin and vegetables. People who are primarily interested in leafy green and vegetable juices as well as wheatgrass, should seriously consider a horizontal single auger such as the Omega NC or Solostar 4.

They were specifically designed to produce its highest quality juice from leafy greens and hard vegetables. The juice it produces from vegetables is darker, more concentrated, and contains less entrapped air than juice made with a centrifugal juicer. For this reason the juice has slightly longer shelf life. For people that want to juice leafy greens, hard vegetables as well as fruit, you can't beat a vertical single auger juicer for its versatility.

For people that want the highest quality juice, the twin gear press. They are more efficient especially juicing hard vegetables with leafy greens than the other juicers mentioned.

Since they operate at a low RPM, it is the quietest of all the juicers, and due to the low rpm, the oxidation that occurs while juicing is minimized this maximizes the nutritional value in the juice. If you have the money, and you will be juicing mostly vegetables and some fruit. If juicing a combo drink, juice the softest item first, followed by the harder item and alternate them. We personally like the Slowstar since it juices leafy greens and wheatgrass really well, and run at a lower RPM, as well as being more affordable than the Twin Gear juicers.

Be sure to take a look at all the other articles we offer about juicers before making your purchase. We highly recommend watching the demonstration videos we have available so that you can become more educated about the machines, and see how they are used.

Our videos contain the latest updates, information and testing of the juicers. Dish washer safe except motor housing. Temperature breaker to prevent motor burn out. Big clear glass ml container. Furthermore it allows you to defrost and reheat functions as well.

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