5 Best Carbs for Athletes

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A Smarter Way to Carbo-Load. Why Are Carbs Important? Proper digestion, nutrient absorption, healthy skin, optimal brain power—you name it. Avoid eating these 10 foods after a workout to get the most bang for your buck. As a result, he has identified five core habits that are essential to maximizing workout benefits. So we consulted six of triathlon's top nutritionists for their key tenets of everyday nutrition. As a consultant dietitian she has been able to give some fascinating insights into the extensive work she has done in the fields of diabetes and bariatrics.

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No need to re-invent the wheel! She has outstanding Power Point presentations that make giving talks fun for yourself and the audience. She offers four complete presentations: If you have considered writing a sports nutrition column for a newsletter or your own clients but never seem to find the time to do so, Nancy has a solution for you.

Every month, you can receive a fresh, new article — all the research, and writing is done for you. If your clients are asking you for information on exercise-related nutrition topics, Nancy's handouts are ready and waiting. She has 16 copier-ready handouts, each on a different sports nutrition topic, available individually or as set. If you are a registered dietitian, coach, personal trainer or athletic trainer, check out Nancy's online workshop on nutrition for exercise; you can earn 10 hours of CEUs.

If you'd prefer to hear Nancy speak in person, consider inviting her to be a keynote speaker at your meeting or conference. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with other health professionals. Nancy Clark is an internationally known sports nutritionist and author. She has written four sports nutrition books covering several valuable nutrition topics for athletes, including proper nutrition for endurance sports, sports conditioning and diet, triathlon training, sports training and diet, and pre-competition training diet for runners.

She also has developed a dietetics and nursing continuing education course on sports nutrition. For health professionals there are sports nutrition presentations ready to go, handouts and a monthly camera ready column. Join Our Mailing List. For Casual and Competitive Athletes. We're rounding up the best fresh, whole foods to help your kid's team refuel and hydrate when it's your week to bring snacks after the game.

Feeling overwhelmed or un-creative when it comes to packing healthy lunches that your kid will actually eat? These six recipes should help. One of the best parts of summer is the variety of fresh produce, so make sure you don't miss any of these seasonal specialities.

These homemade treats are satisfying, but easy on the sweet stuff. Introduce your child to this cultural holiday by making these fun recipes together! Avoid eating these 10 foods after a workout to get the most bang for your buck. Oatmeal is nutritious, quick to prep and has endless variations. Try these new recipes to switch things up. Don't get caught up in training runs and forget about what you're putting in your body. Here's what to eat before a 10K for your best performance.

No meal is more important than the one before a race. Eating the right meal at the right time ensures that all your hard training doesn't go to waste.

Worried that pint will lead to nothing but a beer belly? Drinking beer can actually improve your health. It's a misconception that marathoners can eat copious amounts without gaining weight.

Losing weight while training for Add these herbs to your diet to help improve your metabolism, clean up your digestion, and shed some pounds. These 10 vegetables will keep you feeling full for longer and introduce the vitamins and minerals your body needs to lose weight. These fast and easy twists on tacos, eggs and more are perfect for breakfast on-the-go. Protein energy balls are perfect for active kids and can make an ideal breakfast, snack before practice or an after-dinner treat!

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Back to the basics advice from the top sports nutritionists on the block.