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PersonalFit Large Breastshields 27mm , for larger nipples. Nipple Shield Small 20 mm Size Small 20 mm size. Choosing a pump that suits your needs and lifestyle Which is the right breast pump for you depends on how often you expect to be pumping, and where you are in your lactation journey. Ultrasound imaging of infant sucking dynamics during the establishment of lactation. Tracy Gifts Got coucher? For use with PersonalFit Connectors.

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Goodbye Lact-Aid Nursing System, My Frenemy

Pull the cord with its soft ending without the clip through the hole in the bottom of the bottle. Pull the ending with the metallic clip through the cord loop you created in the previous step. Fill the bottle with the supplemental nutrition which you prepared and heated in a separate container.

Screw the attachment ring with the valve and tubing onto the bottle. Squeeze the bottle gently, so that the milk flows through the tubing. Lock both parts of the tubing in the slits of the attachment ring. Place the SNS system around your neck with the tubing hanging down. Check that the bottle shoulder is at nipple level. To raise the bottle, unlock the lock of the cord and move the entire lock downwards.

To lower the bottle, move the unlocked lock upwards. When the bottle is in the right position, fix the lock. Cut off a piece of tape of approx. Place the tube onto the breast such that it protrudes from the nipple by 1 cm. Repeat this step for the other tube and the other breast. Feeding Hold your baby close to your breast.

To encourage your baby to open its mouth, tickle its lower lip with your nipple. Wait until your baby opens its mouth wide, then put your baby onto your breast. Once you and your baby have found the right position, let your baby breastfeed. When your baby starts suckling, release the tube from the slit in the attachment ring. The milk in the SNS bottle can now flow through the tube.

If the milk does not flow well, also release the second tube. Attach the tube with the opening upwards to your body, on a level with the bottle bottom. Ingredients The Supplemental Nursing System contains: Clean all parts immediately after use to avoid drying up of milk residues and to prevent growth of bacteria.

Only use drinking-quality water for cleaning. You will receive a reminder message as soon as the items are restocked. Do not miss it again!

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