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7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally, According to an Immunologist
Discovering the link between nutrition and skin aging. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases , 73 11 , — Sleep Disorders Feature Stories. Ganoderma lucidum is a medicinal fungus with a variety of biological activities. Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news experiences. Stress of any kind -- emotional, physical, psychological -- quickly damages the immune system.

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Inflammation is key to healing and the immune system- it is the way the body puts up barriers to shield off the area needing repair. By allowing the inflammation, heat fever , pain and swelling to be like a no go area like when resurfacing a road you are allowing that area to get what it needs. By ignoring these symptoms and surpressing them with anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, steroids, antibiotics and so many other methods you are prolonging the area the time and resources it needs to heal and return to optimum health.

Look to nutrients which support the immune system and all the jobs it needs to do- central to this, of course, are bacteria.

Fermented foods are the easiest way to get the body balanced. Depending upon the condition of the host, these microzymas could assume various forms. Bad bacteria and viruses were simply the forms assumed by the microzymas when there was a condition of disease. In a diseased body, the microzymas became pathological bacteria and viruses all in the name of survival.

In a healthy body, microzymas formed healthy cells. There is also this one on multicellularity ;. This is not true- the body has to sometimes go through upheaval to achieve balance. We are times more bacterial cells than human cells. Papaya, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, pineapple, brussels sprouts, kiwi, oranges, cantaloupe and kale are all rich in vitamin C.

A zinc deficiency affects the ability of T cells and other immune cells to function as they should. Nuts and seeds are a good vegetarian source of zinc. An alkaline body can prevent disease and is much healthier, as illnesses and infections mainly occur in an acidic body.

There is a lot of information on this subject. Learn more about naturally improving your pH balance here. Coconut water contains high amounts lauric acid, which is one of the compounds in breast milk that aids the body in fighting infection. This medium-chain fatty acid MCFA actually disrupts the lipid membranes of offending organisms. When selecting coconuts and coconut oil, make sure you choose organic ones that are unrefined, unbleached, made without heat processing or chemicals, and are non-GMO.

Restricting calories may reduce levels of compounds in the body that depress your immune response. Those who cut calories by ten percent had smaller improvements.

The finding is intriguing because if restricting calories boosts immunity, it may be an indication that the aging process is slowed down in people who carefully control their diets.

A weakened immune response is a well-known sign of aging with T-cells becoming less effective as we grow older. If you are serious about boosting your immunity, then adding traditionally fermented foods is essential. One of the most healthful fermented foods is kefir. Besides kefir, other good fermented foods include natto, kimchee, miso, tempeh, pickles, sauerkraut, Greek yogurt or labneh, and olives. Propolis is also the richest source of caffeic acid and apigenin, two very important phenolic compounds that aid in immune response.

Please note if you have an allergic or hypersensitivity reaction to bee stings or bee products including honey , you could react to propolis in the same way. These combinations of healing essential oils covers a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and contain properties that strengthen the immune system. Turmeric is 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamins C and E, and even strong enough to scavenge the hydroxyl radical, which is considered by some to be the most reactive of all oxidants.

Our family cooks with turmeric on a regular basis. There are different variations of this recipe. Studies suggest that people produce three times more interferons, powerful proteins that attack and destroy viral invaders on contact, if they sip 20 ounces of black tea daily.

Credit goes to unique tea antioxidants called alkylamine antigens. These compounds have been shown to rev up interferon production in as little as two weeks. Matcha is the most nutrient-rich green tea and comes in the form of a stone-ground powder, completely unfermented. It has up to seventeen times the antioxidants of wild blueberries, and seven times more than dark chocolate. According to UCLA researchers, jiggled tea bags release up to twice as many antioxidants as bags that are left to steep untouched.

While washing your hands may not affect your immune system directly, it helps prevent infection and illnesses by reducing the amount of germs and bacteria your immune system has to fight. Keep nails short and wash your hands properly with good, old-fashioned hot water and chemical-free soap — especially after using the bathroom, changing diapers and before handling food.

The choices you make in your daily routine will determine your health. These factors are crucial for boosting immune system. Sleep - the time when the body does the most repairing, the amount of sleep is directly related to the amount of energy we have the next day, for best immunity average eight hours per night.

Because it is completely invisible, we don't know how much we are being exposed to until we check our envirnment. Learn more about this fast growing problem and the diseases associated with it here at www.

See more info and 'Benefits of Fasting' here. Relaxation technique - increases antibody levels by reducing effects of stress which is vital for boosting immune system stress is the most dominant factor over everything that affects your immune system whether good or bad My favorite solutions for stress and relaxation are biofeedback you can do when you need it. Click on banner for emWave info: Here is more info on Saunas. Journaling - writing out troubling feelings on a regular basis increase T-cell response and reduces effects of stress.

Attitude - the cells of the body derive hope and motivation from the mind Detox - initial and regular internal cleansing is imperative for a strong immune system and will eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus, bad cells, parasites, heavy metals and other invaders that weaken the immune system, include colon cleaning important to cleanse first so everything else can exit quickly , liver detox, kidneys, blood, gall bladder, etc.