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Once fearful, all thinking shuts down and focus is through the limbic brain — with no access to the reasoning mind. Neck mass Cervical lymphadenopathy. This page was last edited on 14 September , at Have you seen a kitten — only weeks old — respond to the world? I am tough and sweet. This exercise activates that sling with the lat in a compromised position.

Conditions Related to Dysautonomia

How Limbic System Therapy Can Help Resolve Trauma

The Dutch did help us with a generous loan when Washington started to become successful only because the French joined the cause but before that they turned down John Adams when he begged them for a loan at the beginning of the revolution.

I wish everyone blessings and a non-traumatized life. I think of this with phobic patients who, when able over time to better tolerate the exposure to their fear through exposure, have a new sense of freedom. Experiential therapy has always been my go-to therapy. Having clients do something they are slightly afraid of, very slightly at first, like running fast down a long set of stairs, builds resilience and a new experience in the body. So far I am not hearing reference to the claim of a cutting edge psycho-spiritual neurological discovery, that it is the heart that knows, full five seconds before the brain.

My understanding is that the brain is the projector, the heart the film, so to speak!!?? Like to hear your comments. I thought Bessel might mention how effective for trauma it was when returning warriors were greeted with drum playing and dancing.

Thank you very much. I have a client survivor of severe trauma who needs to do things beyond her endurance so she knows in her gut that she can still survive. She does endurance swimming and also does this at work.

The swimming is therapeutic to her, while obstructionist at work is more of a reenactment of the trauma. The information in this film is very affirming of the work we are doing, while putting a clear framework around it for me! Thanks Bessel and Ruth! For me, it depends on the client and the complexity of their trauma.

In some cases, I rely on the arts—music, drama, painting. For others, a more physically demanding approach like martial arts, runnjing, gymnastics, skating works best. Still others prefer things like yoga and meditation and tai lkchi. Thank you Ruth and Bessel for your fascinating and nice short insights. They have helped me to more or less complete a nagging jig-saw!

I should explain that many years ago I discovered, as it were by chance, how to relax and ultimately cure my years of persistent lower back pain apparently untreatable without risky surgery.

And worse, for those professionals, when I casually demonstrated my simple relaxation protocol to anyone who would listen, it often led on to immediate relief and apparent cure for a wide variety of so-called incurable musculoskeletal cases, as well as phobias and infertility. I should add that I am in fact an engineer-physicist and I have gradually put together a theory comprising loss of a loved one, or a loved situation, into a mind-body-brain jig-saw — thanks to many free NICABM reports and parallels with my own observations.

So, as ever, thank you dear Ruth and Bessel again. Tom Lucas, London, England. I have a chronic pain condition due to neck vertebrae damage, and have also had lymphoma affecting my neck, thyroid and optic nerve.

I have always been interested in the fact that a lot of my pain is in my neck region and wondered what the psychological root of that might be. Of course I have also experienced my own fair share of grief and loss in life.

I think you are right to see a metaphoric connection, Julia. While my healing team and I have made enormous progress, the area of pain that is still holding out is one of the spots where I was traumatized and hit most frequently as a child. The other area is also where I was repeatedly hit for speaking up against the injustice of my existence.

Thus, I am approaching it from this standpoint and working for release on multiple levels. I hope you will find relief as well! Hi Anya, My sister sounds like she has a similar story to yours.

I am looking for help everywhere for her and I wondered if you might share some information about who your team has been and what has helped you. Hello, Karen, Sure, I would be willing to share what has helped me. I am not a professional Lyme expert, so it is intended only as information, not diagnosis or anything official.

Healing from Lyme is not an off-the-rack kind of thing, so it requires taking what resonates and working with that, then tweaking as you make progress. I say that because I know hearing those words spoken casually during one of the talks given by a Lyme expert gave me hope in a powerful way. I am thinking that in this forum is probably not the best place, but I would be happy to email you if you wish to share an address. I also believe it can be healed. My email is jan jankingston.

Not sure if they blank out emails like Google can sometimes do. Is your simple relaxation protocol proprietary? Or is it something available for everyone to look into? As some of the comments here have noted, using military tactics to heal trauma really does work.

Granted, not for everyone, but there have been many cases where abuse victims have pushed themselves to the limits, and have seen excellent results. These are essentially approaches without actual communication. In my practice, i utilize yoga with clients as a way to establishing healthy connections between the brain and the body through the breath. Yoga also assist clients who tend to dissociate, integrate or come back into the body.

It has proven extremely helpful for those women who adopt yoga as a daily practice. A great yoga teacher may not be pushy. But I know Feldenkrais specifically has an exploratory and self-accepting view. I went from having fibromyalgia much later diagnosed as Lyme with a lot of pain and unable to use my body, to becoming a runner, on no medications for pain only thyroid and hormones and running half-marathons and a marathon.

I know not everyone wants to run, and that is not necessary. The idea is to incrementally expand your capacity at a pace that your brain wants to allow.

Where people go with that is different. Nervous system benefits and flexibility of what you do with it. And a Feldenkrais teacher could help you find ways to get to the floor without hurting your knees. Lessons can also be done in sitting.

This is so true! Many of my sexual abuse survivor clients have gone on to enter Spartan races where they are pushed to their maximum and have maintained miraculous recovery. It makes me wonder how many of the sexually acting out clients or workaholic clients are striving to master what a grueling physical competition might change….. This is how the military trains people for combat. The problem I saw in my work with the USMC is that it is the only means of training for trauma they glorify physical.

When this meets real trauma, combat is out of control, the shame of responding to something previously believed to be mastered is devastating in its shame. The work on men and shame is vital to helping our military heal. This is particularly true when they leave the military, the glue that held the belief system together. We must find ways to reprogram these people is a way that speaks to their skills! Thank you for your work, making a huge difference.

Very succinct and informative observation Gail, thank you! I wrote a comment a little before yours and I question whether idealizing Roman soldiers can in anyway be a useful example of how to heal the limbic system. I would agree as a first step, especially for those inclined to like physical contact, physical conditioning is one source or relieving the stress of frozen trauma.

On the other hand, it is a temporary release and not corrective solution. This is why I disagree with Dr. You better watch some docus on how soldiers are trained in the USA for combat. Bootcamps for young people training them in similar ways have already been met with courtcases with accusations of serious abuse.

I have used these ideas for many years now. I choreograph dance through active imagination in movement. A dance that is empowering is Flamenco.

It empowered Roma to express their power against oppression. I wrote about these ideas in my book, Dance of Psyche, copyright I really like the way Bessel talks about resetting the body after trauma. Oh, what a mess, I commiserate with you! We run up against the brutality of the system in CPS every day! They have now hired us. We work to alleviate increased trauma to bio parents and their children in foster care by creating nurturing and supportive environments for visitations.

We also designed and teach a curriculum for parent education that is based on the knowledge that most of the parents have trauma themselves, and therefore it begins with building trust through safety and relationship with them. Slowly we are learning and educating others in the system about how to treat people with trauma. It is certainly an uphill battle, but it is working!

We are seeing families reunited with healthy behaviors AND those unable to parent recognize it and are more willing to TPR, instead of fighting through the courts and their kids languishing in the system. We have learned that change takes time, is not linear and applies to people, families, and systems, too! Thank you ,as always for your succinct ,helpful tools and understanding on the brain and body knowledge and connections..

I am new to this work. I am not a therapist. I am a court specialist working to bring understanding of trauma into the operations of drug courts and mental health courts and veterans courts. I advocate and provide consultation and training to help judges and other members of the court team understand the often profound histories of trauma of the participants in these problem-solving courts. While we try to obtain actual trauma specific treatments for our participants as part of the overall treatment plan they are engaged in, I am working to change some of the direct practices and approaches employed in the court interactions with participants.

I am wondering if changes in the experiences that our participants have with the justice system and with particular members of that system, who are persons of authority and power, can be a part of the new experiences that can rewire the brain, impact the predispositions from the limbic system. My efforts are specifically directed at improving the retention rate of participants to the point of completion of the drug or other problem-solving court program, which in turn has a positive impact on their future offending behavior.

Additionally, toxins of all kinds, pesticides, heavy metals, lyme, bacteria, yeast, sugar, junk food, food additives, air pollution, etc , inhibit the frontal lobes of the brain and prevent adequate neurotransmitter production and function. Since these toxins can cross the blood brain barrier they can land on neurotransmitter and hormone receptors and prevent them from functioning properly. In some cases, they block function, and in other cases, they mimic the natural hormone or neurotransmitter and some do both.

Furthermore, neurotransmitters cannot be produced or function adequately if one does not eat a proper diet. Neurotransmitters cannot be formed if there is not sufficient meat protein in the diet to provide the essential amino acids and fatty acids needed for formation. Neurotransmitters also cannot be formed or function adequately if the body is lacking in crucial minerals like iron and magnesium and vitamins like B6 and pantethine.

Certain foods like sugar, caffeine, wheat and other grains, food additives and preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavorings all trigger the sympathetic nervous system and deplete neurotransmitters. Sugar, caffeine, nicotine, certain types of carbohydrates and any type of psychotropic drug like marijuana, alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin, cocaine, etc.

This tricks the brain into thinking it has too many and then it reduces receptors, thus resulting in depletion. Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change itself which is the principle that all brain rewiring is based upon, can be impaired by toxins and poor diet. Autism and Alzheimer's are two conditions that illustrate very clearly how neuroplasticity can be impaired. There are many studies around on Autism and Alzheimer's that illustrate that neuroplasticity is lost due to environmental toxins, gut toxins and diet.

Not only that, there are many different types of stress besides toxic stress. Charles Gant tells us that there are at least 12 different kinds of stress which include the following:. Each one of these types of stress is perceived by the body in the same way, as a threat to survival. This sets off the stress response system. When we are under stress, we need an abundance of neurotransmitters to manage the stress, neurotransmitters are drained out dealing with all the stress.

The total sum of all stressors that you are dealing with is referred to by Dr. Gant as the Total Stress Load. The more stressors you have on your plate, the more often you are going to be dealing with fight or flight stress and the more your neurotransmitters are going to be drained. So if you have lyme, candida, parasites, nutritional deficiencies, eat a poor diet, high levels of oxidative stress, take psychotropics, etc.

Stress depletes your neurotransmitters. You cannot form new neuronal pathways if you do not have adequate neurotransmitters to work with. Each of the limbic system retraining programs, both Dynamic Neural Retraining System TM and Amygdala Retraining TM use neurotransmitters to form new pathways in your brain and restore balance to your autonomic nervous system.

It is neurotransmitters that are needed to make these programs work. Each of these programs stress the importance of minimizing stress in your life and state that a lot of stress will impact the rate of your recovery. The effectiveness of the limbic system retraining program can be impacted by all these other stressors we've listed above. Limbic system rewiring needs neurotransmitters in order to work. The way that you form new pathways is with your neurotransmitters.

If your neurotransmitters are depleted or disrupted because your autonomic nervous system is consistently challenged with environmental toxins, or a brain that is nutrient depleted or overwhelmed with candida overgrowth, lyme, parasites, heavy metal toxicity, genetic polymorphisms and all the other things that deplete and disrupt neurotransmitter function, then you won't have enough neurotransmitters to work with to form new pathways.

In order to rewire the brain and turn off the overactive sympathetic nervous system, you must first be able to produce neurotransmitters and have them function adequately. As I see it, this explains why some people respond immediately to the limbic system retraining programs and seem to have miraculous recoveries overnight and for others it takes a long time.

For those who have a very small Total Stress Load that is impacting their neurotransmitter production and function and autonomic nervous system, rewiring the brain can be a quick and easy process. For those who have a large Total Stress Load interfering with their neurotransmitters and autonomic nervous system it will take longer.

So they are primed and ready for rewiring. It is my opinion that the likely reason that people do not respond is that their Total Stress Load is too high. However, I urge you to be aware that I don't see how either one of them could know how many people who buy the DVDs are responding positively. So their success statistics may be skewed. So this is why I feel that limbic system retraining must be one component of a comprehensive program.

These other issues cannot be overlooked. Limbic system retraining should look like something like this. In my view, rewiring the brain should come last in the process or it could be done simultaneously as you address each of the other steps. On the other hand, when the frontal lobes of the brain are exercised more frequently through mindfulness, visualizations, meditation, deep breathing, neuro-linguisitic programming, yoga, etc.

So healing can go both ways. Rewiring the brain can help you overcome the conditions in the 12 types of stress. As I see it, eating healthy, living green, replenishing nutrients, addressing the 12 types of stress and limbic system retraining all support one another and each is an important cog in the process. I'm not saying that you can't rewire the brain if you have some of these thing going on in the list of 12 stressors.

I'm saying the more things you have going on, the more difficult it is going to be to rewire the brain. You're fighting an uphill battle. The higher your total stress load, the harder it will be to rewire. The lower your total stress load, the easier it will be. You want to support your brain rewiring by eating healthy, green living and correcting nutritional deficiencies. Give your brain what it needs to rewire and make the process as easy as possible. Both limbic system retraining programs work by using your neurotransmitters to form new pathways.

You cannot have adequate neurotransmitters to work with for rewiring if you eat a poor diet, don't engage in environmental clean-up and address all the other factors in your Total Stress Load. In my own life, I recovered from anxiety attacks, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, nicotine addiction, caffeine addiction, sugar and carb addiction by making changes in my diet, living a green lifestyle and correcting nutritional deficiencies.

I have 25 years of craving-free sobriety, which is quite simply a miracle, considering I was a chronic addict who lived in the bar. I also overcame Fibromyalgia pain and improved my child's ADHD by 90 percent with these same principles.

So, I can say without a doubt that I know these things are important for achieving and maintaining optimal health and should not be ignored.

Limbic system retraining does not oppose or cancel out other methods that promote health and vice versa. They are each interconnected and compliment and support one another when used in conjunction. All are needed to reach the goal. So, although I believe both Annie and Ashok have a program that will heal an impaired limbic system, I think it's possible that the primary problem may lie in the frontal lobes of the brain, rather than the limbic system itself, since one of the primary roles of the frontal lobes is to inhibit our old brain structures.

It may be that the reason these programs work is because they restore normalcy to the frontal lobes, which consequently restores normalcy to the limbic system. The more the frontal lobes are activated, then the more the amygdala and other structures in the fight or flight system diminish in their capacity.

I've been seeing a disturbing trend among some people who have recovered from chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Some of them have returned to dousing themselves or their homes with environmental toxins, drinking alcohol, eating sugar and other junk food and encouraging other MCS people to do the same.

It was through too much or an intense exposure to environmental toxins, a poor diet, and excessive stress. Environmental toxins and poor diet thrust us into a state of fight flight, deplete neurotransmitters, disrupt brain function and impair the limbic system. Therefore, if we want to maintain our health in the future, even if we recover completely, we would not want to return to the lifestyle that made us sick in the first place.

To return to that way of living would be absurd. Frequent exposure to environmental toxins can lead to many other chronic health conditions that are much more life threatening or devastating than hypersensitivity to chemicals and electromagnetic fields or chronic fatigue, like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, heart disease, dementia and Cancer. It would be foolish to overcome MCS only to develop a more serious condition several years down the road that wipes out your brain or your nervous system completely, or kills you.

A diet that includes sugar, white flour and other processed ingredients, and even too many complex carbohydrates not only contributes to sensitivity to chemicals and fatigue, but it also leads to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, depression, anxiety, addiction and much more. There are many reasons one should continue to eat a healthy diet. I wouldn't eat a bagel and pie from the regular bakery even if I could.

I don't think that eating foods from the bakery, drinking alcohol and using Lysol to clean our house should be goals that we are striving for. Yes, we should strive to live a normal life, to be able to come and go freely in the world and not be reactive to low levels of chemicals. However, to maintain long-term good health, living environmentally friendly and eating an organic and healthy diet are essential. One of the factors that I was uncomfortable with when first hearing about limbic system retraining, and I continue to be concerned about, is the message that we may give society about chemicals and diet.

We have been fighting for years to gain credibility for health conditions that are triggered or perpetuated by poor diet and environmental toxins and promote awareness that environmental toxins are harmful to our heath.

It is very dangerous to dismiss this fact and talk as if they are not. If we convey a message that says these conditions can be easily overcome with brain retraining, nobody will be motivated to eat a healthy diet and take care of themselves. If we are not careful what we say, we risk sabotaging all the progress we have made in legitimizing MCS and other conditions caused by environmental toxins and we also put future generations at risk of being exposed to more and more toxins.

The message that environmental toxins impair the brain and result in many debilitating health conditions must still be conveyed loud and clear. It must be stressed that damage to the limbic system happened because of toxins or stressors. It must also be conveyed, that although brain retraining is working for many, there is nothing easy about it. Rewiring the brain is extremely difficult work, takes an extensive amount of time, does not always produce results and prevention should be the first course of action.

We have treatments for Cancer, but we don't encourage anyone to ignore the Cancer risks. As a matter of fact, we promote a great deal of awareness to avoid those risks, because treatment is not easy or guaranteed.

The same should apply here. We should still tell people to avoid the risks that can lead to limbic system impairment. Anything that can be cured by changing your thoughts, behaviors and language alone will be viewed by the public as a condition that is created because we think we are sick. People like Barbara Walters and John Stossle will have a field day with this, like they have in the past in regard to our conditions.

Monsanto and all the other chemical manufacturers can say, "ah look at this, it is all in their head. If they just think the right thoughts and say the right words, they won't be sick. If they are sick it is their fault. If they just retrain their brain they will be okay. If they are sick it is because they need to retrain their brain. We'll just go ahead and keep poisoning the planet and destroying people's health.

Utility companies can continue to feel justified in assaulting people with Smart Meters. Neighbors will feel justified in not accommodating requests to notify when they spray.

Now all the doubting employers, spouses, family, friends, significant others have ammunition to use against us and justification to not accommodate us, because all we need to do is change the way we think, talk and behave and we'll be better.

We know for a fact that toxins are harmful to the endocrine system, brain, nervous system, mitochondria, immune system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, etc. There is a sea of research to support this. To ignore this is irresponsible and dangerous on many levels.

Additionally, we must also be careful to not promote feelings of blame, guilt, shame and inadequacy on individuals who are not able to heal. If we convey the message that all conditions can be overcome easily by rewiring the brain, then this is a ripe environment for those kind of feelings in those who can't achieve the goal.

So we must acknowledge the fact and make it known that the reason we need to use limbic system retraining is because it was damaged by the toxins or stressor to begin with and recovery is a very long and difficult road. We should take all the steps necessary to prevent limbic system conditions from developing in the first place and continue to do so, even if we recover, to protect ourselves in the future.

Rewiring the brain or limbic system retraining requires that the individual has a certain level of healthy brain function already in place in order to grasp the concepts and put the practice to use. It requires a great deal of motivation, commitment, investment and perseverance.

Many people I work with have limbic systems that are damaged so badly from poor diet or environmental toxins that they are beyond this. Even many average bears are not willing to put in the amount of work that is required for this kind of approach.

Some days I get exhausted from rewiring. Please note that the Gupta program is somewhat less exhausting than the DNR program. For those who move forward at a snail's pace, like myself, the return on investment ROI can be very low and this can be discouraging sometimes. You must keep the bigger picture in mind and constantly remind yourself of your successes. Many people cannot stay committed or motivated when there is a low ROI from their treatment method.

The rewiring process requires that one thinks positively at all times. If one has severely depleted neurotransmitters, which are highly involved in regulating our thought processes, then conjuring up some positive thinking can be a difficult task to achieve.

Thus, emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet, green living, reducing the total stress load and nutritional supplementation in order to increase neurotransmitter levels.

On the other hand, the longer you engage in the rewiring process, the more it will assist in neurotransmitter balance. It's just a matter of getting the ball rolling.

Rewiring the brain is a full time job, especially for the Universal reactor. It requires that you have the freedom and the time to use the techniques all day long.

I am self-employed and work from home, so I have the luxury of being able to rearrange my day as I see fit and I still have a hard time fitting it all in, but many people will not even have this luxury. There are a variety of aspects that can contribute to limbic system impairment that are not addressed in either of the limbic system retraining programs such as the impact of pesticides on acetylcholine, the autonomic nervous system and serotonin, genetic polymorphisms, nutritional deficiencies and methylation.

Pesticides inhibit the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme controls the metabolism of our neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This results in too much acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is also the neurotransmitter that the autonomic nervous system uses for all its functions. Too much acetylcholine results in depressed emotion, cognition and respiration, and overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system; which thrusts the body into fight-or-flight mode.

Pesticides also inhibit the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin, resulting in low levels of serotonin. Serotonin is needed to rewire. There are several genetic polymorphisms that affect one's ability to convert their amino acids into dopamine and serotonin, thus result in inadequate levels of these neurotransmitters. This would impair one's ability to build new neural pathways. There are also genetic polymorphisms that impair one's ability to methylate, which makes it impossible for you metabolize norepinephrine and results in an excess amount of norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine is the neurotransmitter that sets off the stress response system. If it is in excess on a frequent basis, then it keeps one in a chronic state of fight or flight.

Nutritional deficiencies, which are very common in the general population, in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, fatty acids and amino acids will impair your ability to make neurotransmitters needed for rewiring the brain. Certain deficiencies like folic acid, B12, B6, and magnesium can also impair methylation. Additionally, people who have low levels of neurotransmitters due to nutritional deficiencies or a high total stress load can have a difficult time conjuring up any positive thoughts to focus on.

However, if you are one of those people, then I still encourage you to give it a try. In time, as you rewire, it will get easier. If you have chronic fatigue, then most likely you have adrenal fatigue. If you are in an advanced stage of adrenal fatigue, then you are not producing enough cortisol to meet the demands of stress in your life.

Pushing yourself too quickly will be counterproductive. It is very important that you move slowly with your rewiring so that you don't deplete cortisol any further. Limbic system retraining works on chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue because it increases your neurotransmitters that counteract stress, thus turning off your stress response system. This means your cortisol levels will not be drained as quickly and thus the adrenal glands replenish the cortisol reserves.

But if you move too quickly by pushing yourself to engage in too much activity too quickly, then cortisol reserves will not be able replenish. It is very important to pace yourself. I struggle a lot in finding the right balance in my brain retraining and often push myself too hard and fall on my face.

Yet, on the other hand, if I don't push some then I don't move forward. Balance is a very fine line and it is equally important to rest. Childhood abuse wounds the limbic system quite seriously and completely alters brain chemistry. I have written about this extensively, you should take a look at it, if it applies to you, as it can impact your ability to retrain the brain.

On the other hand, limbic system retraining could potentially help unravel some of the damage done by childhood abuse. However, severe stress or trauma that occurs early in life like childhood abuse, neglect or loss of the primary caregiver, as well as acute life-threatening events in adulthood like a car accident, living in a war zone, rape or other violent acts, or a natural disaster can cause permanent and irreversible damage to the stress response system, which leaves the individual with stress circuits that remain in a hypersensitive state and perpetuate sympathetic nervous system dominance throughout the course of their life.

This, of course, leaves the individual highly prone to developing any of the conditions related with limbic system damage and they may not be able to turn it around completely. So, if you have engaged in one of the limbic system retraining programs with little success, it may be the result of one of these issues mentioned above.

Last, but not least, retraining the brain is extremely hard work. It is like swimming up stream with a boulder on your back. There are days when I throw myself on the bed in tears and cry out, "I can't do it anymore, it's just too hard. However, many people will not have the wherewithal that is required to achieve the goal.

The predominant theory for decades as to what causes multiple chemical sensitivity has been that it is a faulty detoxification system.

The focus of recovery has always been on trying to improve detoxification. Although some people have recovered by enhancing their detoxification, most of us have not, in spite of trying every detoxification method under the sun. Of course detoxification is important, but we have obviously been missing something here. Both Annie Hopper and Ashok Gupta feel that impairment in the detoxification system is secondary to the limbic system impairment. In their view, it is the limbic system impairment that is causing the inability to detoxify and when you rewire the brain then the faulty detoxification will be resolved.

It is possible that this is true and let me explain why. A faulty detoxification system is a type of stress on the body, so it will contribute to the Total Stress Load. However, on the other hand, when the body is remaining in fight or flight for other reasons, then the detoxification system is impaired.

Therefore, improving the detoxification system through traditional detox methods like saunas, Epsom salt or clay baths, nutritional supplements, etc. While on the other hand, when the body is in a chronic state of fight or flight, as it is when the limbic system is impaired, the detoxification system is impaired. Anything that helps increase frontal lobe activity in the brain, such as limbic system retraining, meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, etc, will enhance neurotransmitter production and function and also take us into the desired parasympathetic state.

Once in the parasympathetic state, then the body can detoxify on its own again. So it can go either way. The more often you exercise your frontal lobes, the stronger and healthier it becomes and consequently the less often your sympathetic nervous system will be dominant and the better your detoxification system will work. I can't really say with certainty which came first, the chicken or the egg, but it doesn't really matter.

We can restore balance to the autonomic nervous system either way, and when we do, then detoxification works properly again. It's the old "more than way to skin a cat" analogy at play again.

However, there are a few factors that are not accounted for in limbic system retraining in regard to detoxification. There are a variety of genetic polymorphisms that can impair both phase I and phase detoxification. If nutritional deficiencies are present, the detoxification system cannot function adequately.

Pesticides can create an upregulated phase I and an downregulated phase 2, which is a dangerous combination, because the body cannot excrete the oxidized toxin, which is much more toxic than it was when it entered the body originally. Additionally, pesticides can also permanently damage the phase I cytochrome p enzymes. I can't say how someone with any of the aforementioned issues will respond to limbic system retraining.

Perhaps that 10 or 15 percent of people who do not respond to Dynamic Neural Retraining TM or Amygdala Retraining TM are dealing with some of these issues, or maybe not. Regardless, these are things to consider. However, unfortunately, Ashok doesn't make it to the U. In all honesty, a while back I felt that both the seminar and the DVDs were over priced; especially the seminar. This was a big road block for me when I was considering whether to buy.

I felt I was being overcharged, which promoted feelings of distrust. I see that this is an issue for many other people as well. So that wasn't something I even considered. On the other hand, if you can recover your health, then I guess many of us would be willing to pay anything and it would be worth it.

Additionally, I have heard from a few others who have attended the seminars and also have the DVDs and they felt that the seminar was a much more powerful experience and that it propelled the healing process significantly. In regard to the DVDs, when you take into account the fact that we spend hundreds of dollars a month on things like supplements, it is not really that much money.

I felt that immediately after I watched the program that it was already worth my money. If I hadn't experienced any improvement, I would have still be happy that I watched the program as I learned a lot of amazing things about the brain and I had an immediate shift in my view of my conditions. Although I wish the program was more affordable for the financially challenged, I encourage you to not let the price of the DVDs influence your decision.

The DVDs are not in a very stable package. It's just a little cardboard holder. This allowed the DVDs to flop around during shipment. I had several scratches on them, but they were not harmed. For me, the DVDs had an electronic smell and the book smelled slightly like a skunk.

I reacted quite badly just holding it outside. I had to air it out for a couple weeks. This is not a reflection on Annie's manufacturing process, only an indicator of my high level of sensitivity at the time and my great need for limbic system retraining. You should be aware that all the packaging, dyes and manufacturing materials are made to be environmentally friendly and from what I hear and see from others is that almost all people with MCS did not have any trouble tolerating the DVDs or the book.

I was certainly in the minority on that point. I had to wear a mask while watching the DVDs or open the windows. In order to use the manual I had to make copies of the worksheets on my own paper. I tell you this, because I've seen some people who are reluctant to try the program because they are unable to tolerate watching DVDs. I say, "find a way to get through it.

The symptoms will only be temporary and the benefits you gain will be well worth it. Find some way to make it happen. If that means you have to sit outside and watch it with your coat and hat on, or separate yourself from the DVD player with a glass window, then so be it.

Be willing to go the extra mile for your health. Both my son and I felt that it was very confusing and difficult to navigate from one section to the next. I repeatedly got lost and had to find my way back to my current spot. If you move from one spot to another it would frequently replay the disclaimer over and over before allowing you to proceed even though you already saw it. There were several mechanical glitches. It would get stuck and would not move forward.

It would quit responding to clicks. This all incited quite a bit of stress and frustration. However, you can get through it sufficiently. However, I would have liked to seen more science around the area of applying her theory to chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue, etc.

There is a lot of science about neuroplasticity in general on the DVDs, which was an excellent learning experience, but I thought the science connecting it to MCS etc. I also did not see science that supported the theory of kindling and how a cycle of inflammation comes about. I would have also liked to see more testimonials from people who struggled and took a long time to recover.

I could not relate to the people who got well in a matter of hours or days and some people's stories were so over the top they were hard to believe. In the beginning it was difficult to feel hopeful that the program would work for me, because I didn't see any dramatic and immediate improvements.

If more testimonials had been presented from people who struggled, it would have helped with faith and hope. I also would have liked to seen something about the process of limbic system retraining recovery.

The process was not really covered at all. I found myself many times throughout the process wondering if what I was experiencing was normal, was it still going to work, do other people go through this, has this happened before, what should I do about this and that and questions like that. Something in the manual or the DVDs that explained what the process was like would have been helpful.

People didn't really talk much about process in the forum either. Other Highlights of the DNR Program There is a private forum where you can talk with others engaging in the program that I found to be helpful.

Annie, and her coach Candy, often answer questions personally in the forum, so you get help from the experts. It isn't a highly active forum, but a lot of the material that is there is of high quality and quite useful. Personally, I like the low level activity as it feels like a good fit for me. Forums with too much activity cause me stress. However, in the forum, you are only allowed to talk about positive things and success. It isn't a support forum for those who are struggling or need help.

It's entire focus is on talking about success. This means that the people who are struggling don't get very much attention. Most attention is paid to those who are excelling in their progress. If you aren't having exceptional success, you may be ignored and feel unwelcome. This can be discouraging for those who are struggling and I think the forum could be more useful if it changed its angle a bit, but you can still gain a variety of useful tips and strategies by reading what is posted.

If you need help, then you really have to get personal coaching, which I discuss in the next paragraph. They also provide private telephone coaching for the DNR program for a fee.

I did two of these sessions and found this to be very helpful as well. My coach, Candy, was professional, kind and very competent. She did not waste any of my time or money on fluff conversation. She provided me with many useful tips and strategies that I was able to implement immediately that assisted me in moving forward with my progress. I encourage you to have a couple coaching sessions, if you are in the Dynamic Neural Retraining TM program.

Again, I felt this was well worth the money. The definition of mindfulness that was presented in the DNR program does not fit with my understanding and experience of mindfulness. The program implies that being mindful of symptoms and pain will increase them.

That is not accurate. There is a very big difference between being focused, preoccupied and ruminating over symptoms and pain and being mindful of them. When you are mindful of your pain and your symptoms, you can make them disappear within minutes.

Being mindful decreases symptoms and pain. You can learn more about this in my mindfulness for migraines and mindfulness for chronic pain books, if this is an area of interest for you.

I also do not agree with the amount of exercise that is recommended. Recent research suggests that traditional cardio and aerobics are actually harmful to our health. The body experiences endurance type of exercise as stress.

In practice it was never more than temporarily cancelled; it was renewed to other borrowers on the first opportunity. So that a continuous succession of different people without money were empowered by the banks to acquire wealth temporarily from the community to which they were not entitled and for which the whole community paid.

The banks traded on a monetary capital they created themselves, but made no pretensions to possessing. If they were wound up and their businesses discontinued all of the excess of their liabilities over their assets would have to be made good by those to whom they have lent money. The quantity of money would be reduced then to, say, one-sixth of the present amount or less. This is a somewhat vital distinction between real money and the phantom money being described.

With the repayment of a genuine loan the quantity of money is not affected. With the repayment of fictitious loans there is so much less money in existence, so that repayment becomes increasingly difficult as it is enforced.

If issued in boom and cancelled in slump they are repaid in units of money worth more than when borrowed. It is very widely believed that there has been something akin to an actual financial conspiracy to enslave the world.

It has escaped the purview of the professed theoretical economists, who seem to have remained entirely oblivious of the profound changes going on under their eyes in the very nature of money. Conspiracy or not, there can be little question that the power these discoveries have put into the hands of financiers will, if not controlled, enable them in their own time and choice effectively to conquer the world.

Hitherto in this field of high finance, the semi-Oriental, cradled in the battleground between East and West, has been supreme. Before the development of science, the flood of mystical half-truths that inundated the Western world from this quarter had effectually subjugated it intellectually. The Westerner, in trying to assimilate and digest this exotic spiritual diet, entirely lost—and, indeed, counted it well lost—any intellectual independence.

But conscious conspiracy or not, and whether one race rather than another is responsible, there can be no doubt of the fact that finance has already more than half enslaved the world and few, if any, individuals, corporations, or even nations can afford to displease the monetary power.

In President Woodrow Wilson said: Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.

We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilised world—no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a, Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.

We have given up the belief in physical miracles, only to be ensnared by metaphysical ones. Until the apparent miracle of Virtual Wealth is understood and mastered by those who would essay to influence the destinies of nations they will continue to be like clay in the hands of the astute financier. It is a consequence of this miracle that science has endowed ghouls and become the King-maker of Cacus, offering men the choice of freedom to be worked and preyed upon or leisure to starve in the richest age the world has ever known, and to nations armaments and conscription to destroy one another in order to create national security and securities, so that pious posterity may eternally honour their sacrifice and never cease to pay tribute to the national debt.

In this situation one distrusts the ability of the League of Nations to hold its own and bring about real peace. Their suggestion that there should be a sort of gold standard, the value of which can be made much what it is considered best by the eminent bankers and financiers advising them, is a sinister and distressing move, for it frankly hands over the real control of the world to the monetary power.

Whereas it is obvious that national safety lies in the precisely opposite direction, in each nation understanding and controlling completely its own financial mechanism and regaining the powers so unwittingly abdicated and lightly allowed to go by default.

Only then is it to be expected that it will be used to the general good and that the richest of science will be used to promote wealth rather than debt. Marsden, The Britons Publishing Co. These are conjectural possibilities, and, no doubt, as in the time of Moses, there are still Jews and Jews.

Let us hope so, at least. But of the existence of a real conspiracy—a conspiracy of silence—on all monetary problems, in the Press and on political platforms, among editors, publishers and economists, who more than any others ought to be alive and awake to their infinite importance—there can be no question whatever.

It exists, and anyone who has tried to call attention to the evils of the present system will affirm it. Wells is reported to have said:. Editors will implore the writer almost tearfully not to write about money, not because it is an uninteresting subject, but because it has always been a profoundly disturbing one.

It was indeed a revelation to the author, accustomed to think of the battle for liberty of thought in scientific matters as having been fought and won centuries ago at the time of Galileo and the Inquisition, to find that in economics, as distinct from physics, it has not yet been won at all. If he had been a biologist no doubt he would have put the date as late as the controversy between Huxley and the bishops.

On the other hand, if he had been a pure mathematician, he might have smiled at the very idea of anyone having to fight at all about, say, the truth of the propositions of Euclid. Which is to say, that liberty of thought is an evolutionary growth rather than a sudden birth, extending in order from the affairs of the intellect to those of the soul, and only finally, if ever, to the affairs of the pocket.

It was not without its humorous aspect in this connection to find in the recent condemnations in this country of the campaign against the teaching of evolutionary doctrine in certain States of the American Union certain disquieting parallels drawn between it and the precisely similar attitude of our own liberal savants towards psychical research, the teaching of the methods of birth control, or, as might have been cited as an instance, towards the new doctrine of Physical Economics.

Liberty of thought still much depends on the circumstances. One may sympathise with the motive for preserving a decent concealment and obscurity from the public gaze of the inner mysteries of the subject of money, whilst condemning the danger and folly of it. If economics were really a science it would not need to protect itself from criticism by a conspiracy of silence.

A responsible criticism would in any scientific subject be met with instant response, and not by the ostrich policy of burying the head in the sand in the hope that that will thereby choke the ears and throw dust in the eyes of the pursuer also. Every proposal to reform the system is always met by powerful interests pretending that the reform proposed is the old heresy of economic salvation by creating money.

Precisely, then, if when practised by the Government or the private counterfeiter, it is a quack remedy, why are the banks constituted the duly qualified practitioners of such quack remedies and relieved by their office from responsibility for the ruin they cause?

It may be that our publicists are silent for the same reason as a doctor is when he hesitates to inform his patient that he is suffering from a fatal malady that baffles all scientific inquiry. What, then, can they reply to this charge, that the patient is made and kept ill by administering drugs that all know to be harmful and fatal? It may be that the danger is not to the country, except, indeed, the danger or recovery from its present impotent and drained condition, but to our public servants and officials, who, unless an amnesty were granted them, might reasonably expect to find themselves impeached, if real political government came to be re-established.

Lastly, it may be, and probably is, that our professed leaders and experts in these intricate matters are in a dense fog themselves, and, not knowing what else to say, go on repeating what they were taught in their youth at college as economic science.

Whatever be the reason, if this attempt to hide from the public the real facts of the existing monetary system and to suppress all public criticism and common-sense arguments in favour of its reform is continued, the already very prevalent view of the existence of a treasonable conspiracy against the State by the leaders of Finance will not lack foundation.

Conscious conspiracy or not, the danger is exactly the same. A corrupt monetary system strikes at the very life of the nation. Like Gates and Rosling, cancers are optimistic by nature, they have infinite growth and can dump their waste into the general circulation. How can you inform the RNAs fresh out of the nucleolus college students that all of the benefits of technology come at a stupendously great cost?

There is also the matter of denial. Bill Gates, Steven Pinker and Jordan Peterson all have a common behavioral defense mechanism which protects them from uncomfortable thoughts. These mechanisms are summarized in the article below:. And why is it that most people do not have an intellectual interest in a well-constructed natural philosophy? Could it be that there is no tangible reward at the end of the process? An unnatural philosophy as provided by religion is rewarding or at least fear suppressing for those that entertain its simple tenets.

A natural philosophy that approaches the bullseye of reality strips away imagined rewards and dictates against the uncontrolled hedonism of technological civilization. Promotion of false ideas and suppression of reality generally serves the consumers of a gradient. To foster its continuance it maintains a revolving door system, essentially paying the immune system to look the other way in return for future employment rewards and even provides the opportunity for well-compensated speeches to disarm potential presidential adversaries.

Meanwhile, the citizenry struggles under greater and greater amounts of debt while their income slips away, perhaps to some overseas sweatshop.

When the gradients are gone or even showing signs of failing and the externalities are flogging mankind like a cat-o-nine tails, there may be a realignment of thought, but I doubt it. They will all defend their patently stupid and malevolent behaviors until the end. Thermodynamics likes stupidity, it provides a maximum return on investment.

The conduits can be discarded after use. The mechanism of anchoring also serves from early childhood; parents, home, the street become matters of course to the child and give it a sense of assurance. One clings to the dead values, concealing as well as possible from oneself and others the fact that they are unworkable, that one is spiritually insolvent.

Insofar as this state falls into certain categories, it is made subject to psychoanalytic treatment, which aims to complete the transition to new anchorings. Anchoring might be characterised as a fixation of points within, or construction of walls around, the liquid fray of consciousness.

He has established a mighty bulwark against the dissolution of life, and others are by suggestion gaining from his strength. Any culture is a great, rounded system of anchorings, built on foundational firmaments, the basic cultural ideas. The average person makes do with the collective firmaments, the personality is building for himself, the person of character has finished his construction, more or less grounded on the inherited, collective main firmaments God, the Church, the State, morality, fate, the law of life, the people, the future.

The closer to main firmaments a certain carrying element is, the more perilous it is to touch. Here a direct protection is normally established by means of penal codes and threats of prosecution inquisition, censorship, the Conservative approach to life. The carrying capacity of each segment either depends on its fictitious nature having not been seen through yet, or else on its being recognised as necessary anyway.

Hence the religious education in schools, which even atheists support because they know no other way to bring children into social ways of response. The craving for material goods power is not so much due to the direct pleasures of wealth, as none can be seated on more than one chair or eat himself more than sated.

Rather, the value of a fortune to life consists in the rich opportunities for anchoring and distraction offered to the owner. Both for collective and individual anchorings it holds that when a segment breaks, there is a crisis that is graver the closer that segment to main firmaments. But during such play one may accidentally rip a hole right to the bottom, and the scene is instantly transformed from euphoric to macabre. The dread of being stares us in the eye, and in a deadly gush we perceive how the minds are dangling in threads of their own spinning, and that a hell is lurking underneath.

I can see why people hug five-hundred year old trees now, it gives them an anchor, an unchanging aspect in life, at least in the brief lifespan of the human. A place where all of the depredations and disintegrations experienced by corporeal mankind can never reach. A place without gradients and where thermodynamic imperatives do not exist for its ephemeral inhabitants. Sadly, this place too, a creation of thermodynamic forces in the brain, eventually ceases to exist in tandem with the life of its possessor.

But finally, in death, the human form or conduit finds eternal rest from the demands put upon it by the unsettled Universe that uses the body for its own singular purpose of gradient reduction. Something would survive from the life lived — a house, the venerable old tree, children walking in the footsteps, a tombstone in the cemetery.

But the house will lose the system that supports it, the tree was cut down and the children were enslaved by debt and cannibalized by their parents who seek endless distractions from the reality. Dissipative structures competing for territory and resources are released from the eternal battleground of earth.

Some people anchor themselves with gold, the metal that resists entropic decay, always exchangeable for some amount of energy and resources needed by the human conduit. It will likely outlast by millennia all of those consumable items for which it was exchanged when the fossil fuel gradient reduction was occurring.

Sparkly diamonds, at least before they were man-made were equally representative of permanence. But alas, no amount of gold or diamonds will change the final destination of mankind as diamonds and gold are traded back and forth in the process of gradient reduction.

In this piece man is seen separated from the dna tree as he no longer relies on biological evolution to adapt to his environment and believes he is apart from it. However, as can be seen in the image mankind is actually trapped by it on his quest to reach for the stars. The geckos are a symbol of change and a reminder to man that although we feel removed from nature and masters of it we can never escape its influence and in this painting this notion is depicted as such by way of the gecko mutating our inherited gene tree and reminding us of our connections to nature as harbingers of disease.

Of course Homo sapiens is no more deserving of an award for being what they are than any other species. The entire evolutionary track has been without preconception and planning.

The necessary complexity to tap into the fossil fuels started slowly with only slight rewards for small phenotypic adjustments and conservation of the information necessary for more complex tools came slowly, but once the journey began it was far too lucrative to abandon. However, the journey to becoming technologically systematic meant extinction for many varieties and tribes of hominids less capable of creating and wielding the tools and less able to form super-tribes of hundreds or thousands of individuals with specialization.

It was not an explosive growth from the beginning which awaited the penultimate innovations prior to extinction, like antibiotics, chainsaws, fishing trawlers, ICBM and so on. The journey leading to terminal cancer was slow and mostly unnoticed until the symptoms reached a threshold.

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