1-Bowl Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

Origin and Growth

If so, how long would you recommend baking? You have a wonderful gift of developing recipes, thank you so much for sharing them! I agree that MSG is not good. It is like someone with a peanut allergy recommending that I avoid peanuts. Pop in and eat well! Alarmingly, the European Food Safety Authority estimates that 30 percent of adults, 68 percent of adolescents, and 18 percent of children below 10 years consume energy drinks despite their health risks.


You only have to read all of the sci lit research papers you can find on MSG, carefully try to weight the fact that much of the research is done by companies having a vested interest in sales, to get a pretty good idea of the potential health risks. Read the lit, then see if is still something you really want to eat. MSG has a very negative effect on me. I can eat Chinese food without MSG just fine. The worst reaction was I nearly passed out in a Chinese restaurant and shook violently for hours afterwards.

The taste is much better then the processed garbage. If you choose not to eat these that is your choice. However do not go bashing the good industry because it is a choice you choose not to consume. Maybe instead of bashing ingredients you should understand what the purpose of each one is.

Each ingredient serves a specific purpose. Yes you can create a cheese sauce with cheese butter and milk but when you want to create a dried cheese powder there is so much more that goes into that. Consumers who are purchasing this item understand that they are getting a shelf stable product which is going to require extra processing compared to a refrigerated or frozen and especially a fresh homemade product.

You write as if the poison approach to creating cheese powder were the only one possible. Sure, each constituent has a purpose—in that particular formulation. As Vani points out, the Euro formulation is cleaner. Yes she has the right to bash ingredients if she wants.. WOW you must live in a world where companies are so generous and kind where they just want you to be healthy and fed properly.

I am horrified at all this crap they put into food! Makes me sick and soooo sooo angry. Very quickly I know what to take and what not.

Thank you for being our food babe and taking these big corporations that poison us to the slaughter house. Please include a one page printable no pictures summary of these post so we can print them out for our friends. I transfer almost everything I want to save to a word document.

I can store these documents in a file labeled, eg. Food, GMO, Additives, etc. The pdf can easily be saved for later printing, stored for reference, or emailed to friends. Thank you for your information; however, Anthony was wanting to know how to simplify the document, not print it as is. I like to save on ink,etc. People really are clueless as to the extent of what they do to the foods and how they trick us. Most people never think food companies would poison the foods which make us sickly.

Food companies do it because they can make more money and less loss and if people let it go they will keep doing it. The sad thing is that we all let the companies get away with it because we all love the quick conveniences and are afraid that the foods will increase in price if they change. People are and become what they eat period. Plus, it costs a lot more money. It is supposed to be a real quality product.

That graphic of the Kraft boxes and ingredients list should be a poster. Or give us large stickers that we can glue to supermarket doors and shelf space…. Too many uninformed parents out there should contact this information somehow. How about you other people? Its really sad that I grew up on thia stuff and u feed it to my daughter until 4 years ago when I started getting smart and learning about all this crap they out in our foods.

I hope now we can educate others. This is exactly why I became a personal trainer and certified fitness nutritionist, so I cab help educate people of the harm of eating these things! As such a resource, it has been empowering. Clearly the ingredients are unhealthy.

Rather, it controls the individual which ultimately is not a sustainable solution to health. Let us seek to approach the health of the individual in sustainable ways: I do agree with you Brittany. People need to be informed and educated about their food choices.

The only thing I slightly disagree with you about is that unfortunately not all people have the time to sit down and get food chemistry lessons, so they rely on the companies they trust making the the food to be of good character.

Take that crap out of our food supply! Stop slowly poisoning us to earn a buck! We are far from an ideal world so it is good to know that there are people like food babe being advocates for us. So I just want to comment on this Mac and Cheese Madness. I am a Certified Health Coach with an extensive background in nutrition and chemistry. We can all agree that ALL Food affects the whole person, on a cellular level.

Everything we eat is a chemical and has a chemical reaction and hormonal effect that modifies the neurotransmitters. I make a Mac and Cheese with low fat chicken broth to flavor, whole grain pasta, skim milk, low fat cheese, and a little salt , pepper and garlic powder… in a rice cooker and my kids LOVE it. It is a healthier alternative to this comfort food that we all love.

Eating better will make you feel better and when you feel better your whole life changes. Make smarter choices around food and pay attention to what eat.

Balance the diet with the right choices. As an activist ,I think its wonderful that this debate has begun and so many people are participating in these discussions, it gives hope that things will change for the better. Sometimes it is hard to make choices and quite often the wrong decisions are made, food advertising is very persuasive and cost and consumer driven familiarisation are part of the problem.

I strive to stay chemical-free including drugs, alcohol, and medications. Besides 25mg of Stevia, the only ingredients listed are: Kosher vegetable glycerin, water and maltodextrin in that order. How do you feel about this product?

I feel it is the purest form I can get without growing the plant myself. Glutamates elicit an sensation known as umami different from salt or sugar. I have seen no studies saying that there are any addictive properties related to the consumption of MSG. Glutamates in general are present naturally in many foods that we eat every day.

Soy Sauce for example has a wealth of great glutamates that deliver a wonderful mouthfeel, and can really bring the flavors together in a dish. Yeast extract is exactly what it says- extract from yeast. It does not contain monosodium glutamate at all. It is a replacement for MSG that delivers a similar mouthfeel. If it is naturally occurring that is fine. So I have banned all products that add MSG.

Mac and Cheese should have a very short ingredient list, without the need for MSG or anything else. I understand that some people think that MSG is bad, but Jay is right.

MSG is a naturally occurring compound in many foods, including seaweed, tomatoes, soy sauce, miso and most cheeses. Conversely, many people have adverse reactions to milk and wheat. Why are these things not shunned with equal distrust? How is drinking milk from another animal ok? How is eating eggs ok? Those things are pretty disgusting if you think about it.

But MSG has become this scapegoat for people feeling sick. People that are lactose intolerant or allergic to gluten probably do not need to be warned to avoid pasta or dairy.

There are some dairy products like yogurt that lactose intolerant people can…well…ummm…tolerate. By the way, only 1 out of every people has celiac disease.

There seems to be a mass hysteria making the rounds when it comes to gluten. Beef was one such product I saw. The majority of people do not need to be concerned with buying gluten free. I think I can say I would not feed this stuff to my dog.

Where can I get some UK version of mac and cheese? I have been living organically since My teenager still pushes back about certain cleaner mac and cheese products I buy. If I can get the UK version I maybe able to make a point with her.

There was only one product that I thought could be recommended without reservation based on its ingredients. Most other products use annatto or annatto and paprika. Even the Kraft Deluxe skips the artificial yellow dyes. A couple products use apocarotenal. That ingredient has some potential cancer baggage. Most all the other products contain one or more dubious ingredients like maltodextrin, corn syrup, hydrolyzed oil, etc.

The products that use non-animal enzymes in their cheese tend to say so. Many of the products use fortified pasta added vitamins. That in itself is not so bad except it suggests the food is not nutritious without the extras. By French law, there are only 4 ingredients in French baguettes, flour, water, yeast and salt. They pretty much all have what I consider to be unnecessary add-ons. There are NO extra junk ingredients. Everything is organic, non-gmo or non-animal.

The only knockdown I would give the product is it uses annatto for coloring. Following the same path as cigarettes in the US, Americans are buying less processed junk food. So profits are down, at least partly due to Kraft never diversifying into healthier and organic foods. Tastes pretty good although it is loaded with fat. Only issue is the cheese has a gritty mouth feel. Obviously, low fat could be substituted for the milk, cheese and butter margarine. Do you have an alternative to the sugar to add sweetness?

I know am very late but hope you had a fabulous day!! Brought it to a birthday party of all non-vegans and they went crazy over it. Hi — could you tell me a good substitute gf flour for your gluten free flour blend? I just made this. It tastes delicious however it falls apart really easily. I followed the recipe as written. My husband made this for me for my birthday and it was out-of-this-world good. Moist, flavorful and delicious. I added some ginger and black pepper along with the cinnamon.

I made this as a cake and it was A—mazing!!! Are there any adjustments needed if I want to make cupcakes out of this recipe? The cake was a big hit and very delicious. Thank you for your hard work on Gluten Free recipes. I intend to use your recipes in the future. Our family is a real challenge to feed one dish between gluten issues, nut, soy and milk allergies your recipes will restore my sanity. This was very good! I made this and after letting cool in pans 15 minutes I wrapped the still warm cakes with Saran Wrap and put into ziplock and froze.

Defrosted two days later with excellent results! Next time, I will increase the cinnamon to 2 t. I feel like when gf items get baked, the spices fade into the background. I made a lemon buttercream: This was a hit with the hubby and he was blown away by how good it tasted! I made the buttercream frosting with it and that was absolutely delicious too!

I made this using your homemade gluten free flour blend and it was SO good. I should have cooked it a little longer, as you suggested, but it was so moist and cake-y and amazing.

Will make it again and again and again. Made this for my daughters 9th birthday! Followed the recipe exactly. This will be my go to cake! Thank you so much! Made this previously and non-vegans and vegans loved it all the same! Now baking it for Indian- themed birthday so I added some cardamom to the dough and will add some coconut in frosting.

It was completely flat, almost like a pancake, and it was raw inside but burned outside and I had to keep it in the oven 20 minutes more than the recipe calls for. I want to try to make it again…any ideas what might be the problem? I made this cake, and many of your other recipes they are all so yummy and look so beautiful.

I love how you keep the ingredients list simple, short, always healthy, and vegan. This is my favorite place to look for any recipe for any meal love it.

I made this cake for my birthday and I absolutely loved it! It is hard to find a good both vegan and gluten free cake and this one turned out to be a perfect one!

Carrot cake is my absaloute go to cake and this recipe is just spot on: What ratio would you suggest or would you suggest something else? Date puree can substitute 1 cup of sugar in any recipe.

Thank you so much for your response! It should make 12 cupcakes, and keep the same temperature for baking just bake for slightly less time. You may need to keep an eye on them just to make sure, they will be ready when a toothpick comes out clean! Mine came out flat. Tastes great but has a dense, pudding-like texture, not fluffy. Hope my guests like it.

Hi Dana, this recipe is amazing! I put a pinch of stevia in place of the brown sugar and cane sugar, with hemp milk and almond meal!! Thanks so much for publishing the recipe! What is the best store bought gluten free flour substitute to use for these? Also, can they be made into muffins? We like using this kind!

They can be made into muffins, just bake for less time! I did a test run today with mini and regular cupcakes. I thought they were done but ended up being mushy inside. I still cooked for almost the same recommended time as the cakes. Could it be because I used silicone muffin pans?

I made this using the exact half of the ingredients and it was a great success! I baked them using a muffin pan and made 12 muffins. I also used thick soya yogurt with maple syrup. Each one is around calorie, packed with a lot of nutritious stuff! Delicious, thank you very much. I made this three times already. The last time I doubled the recipe because I already knew how good it is and that people would eat the whole thing!

First time making vegan gluten free cake and I am seriously suprised at how good this turned out! Thank you so much for doing all the hard work and sharing this recipe.

Only thing is I need to double the cake mix as the cake does not rise as much as conventional cakes and I only managed to get 2 x 1inch layers and for a bigger cake I would need at least 3 layers.

Can I just use 3 cups all purpose flour?? I made this and though it turned out super tasty, the outside of the cake turned out tough whilst the inside remained deliciously moist. I had to use arrowroot flour and oat flour all I had on hand. Does that explain the difference in consistency? Do you have any tips for how to make this at high altitude? I would follow this! This looks so promising and delicious! Will it work if I cut down the ingredients by half to make a smaller cake?

Hello, just made this cake and once out of the oven while cooling it sunk a little from the middle. Does this mean it needed more time or is this something normal for this cake? I did the toothpick test and it came out lean and the cakes are a deep golden brown color already.

The sides of the cake were already looking a bit over baked. Hi, is there a way I can use cassava, tigernut, coconut, and arrowroot flour instead of the mentioned flours above? If so, what are the ideal ratios? I imagine this recipe would work with regular flour? I love your site… I get most of my recipes from you! I made this cake last night my first from your site. I pressed on and I was pleasantly surprised at the end result.

While making the cream cheese frosting I kept tasting along the way for sweetness and watching the change in texture as I continued. I added the walnuts and I loved the end result of the cake. My daughter and son in law loved it too.

It turned out really really good. Planning to make it for my friends birthday, but how would I substitute all purpose flour?

We are not gluten free and have plenty of AP flour on hand! I made this cake for my vegan sons 15th birthday…he just loved it and said that it was the best gift I could have give him!! Also everybody at the party was non-vegan and they just loved it!! I made this cake with regular white flour but everything else remained the same with the exception of adding ground cloves… Ok, so I also got vegan cream cheese and mixed it with a vegan vanilla frosting. I brought to a family gathering and my family of meat and dairy eaters loved it!

My mom said she could not believe it was vegan. The first time, I used the vegan cream cheese frosting. I made it with vegan butter spread; it was very loose.

I love all of your recipes and your cookbook. Thank you for existing and sharing your knowledge! I also used almond meal instead of almond flour, which gave it a bit more chew but it was still a light and airy cake.

I just made 3 of these …. I made it the 1st time a month ago and everyone loved it. Make sure you let it cool fully before eating!! Substitutions I made based on what I had around: Hi Dana, I looked through the questions and if I missed it and someone already asked then I apologize: I would like to make these into GF Vegan carrot cake cupcakes.

Should I just follow the recipe as is? Bake the cupcakes at the same temperature called for in the cake recipe, but reduce the baking time by one-third to one-half cupcakes usually bake for minutes. Check doneness by inserting a wooden toothpick into the center of the cupcake. If the toothpick comes out clean, the cupcakes are done.

Thank you so much for sharing. I made it for my birthday yesterday: It was scrummy and it tasted even better today. Try using honey or any other liquid sweetener … you can replace the apple sauce using crushed pineapple that is what I did.

Just blend some pieces or pineapple — it goes well with the carrot cake. I think I could have reduced even more. The cake is really good, I liked the texture — Added some more spices to it cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom. Thanks for a great recipe! I usually bake with non vegan ingredients, but I have been really trying to cut down on both animal products and gluten.

This cake really hit the spot , my family had no idea it was gluten free and vegan. This substitution worked fine for me. I also used almond meal flour instead of almond baking flour and it worked just fine. Thank you again for this amazing recipe! I added both walnuts and raisins to this delicious moist cake and it truly hit the spot. My dinner guests were impressed that this was both vegan and gluten free. I highly recommend the vegan cream cheese frosting.

I substituted pecan meal for the almond meal. I also substituted So Delicious plain coconut milk for the milk. It needed to be cooked a little over 1 hour. It turned out well and was delicious!

Awesome recipe, I used it to make 24 cupcakes and they turned out great! Added raisins and lots of chopped walnuts. Thank you for creating it. My husbands favorite is carrot cake and he loved it! I used the cashew cream cheese version and added 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a little bit of extra maple syrup and vanilla and it came out great!

Thanks for the amazing recipe! Will be making again soon! I was so happy to finaly find a gluten free vegan cake that actually cooks… Why do you think this happened? Did you change the recipe at all?

We used and already made gluten free flour, and we cooked it in 2 pan with heart shapes the right size! Made this cake tonight in inch pans. Cooked 40 minutes but was hard to tell if it was cooked all the way through. Was not fully cooked when we dived in, would recomend longer time if your on the edge if its cooked enough.

Hi, I love your recipes! Our family avoids saturated fats, especially coconut oil with its 12g per TBSP. I saw your not on substituting applesauce and how it might affect the texture. Do you have a suggestion on amount to use of avocados alone or a mix with applesauce for better texture? Wow, this looks incredible!!

Definitely going to give it a try! If I were to make cupcakes instead of a full cake, would there be any modifications? Do I have to make it three layers or can I make it just two layers? Thank you in advance! Just wondering if i could sub for water or less oil, because i prefer to consume very minimal amounts of oil in my diet!! Hi Ruthie, we do recommend using some type of oil. Whether you want to use coconut oil or another oil, it is pretty key to the recipe.

I used to 8 inch cake pans and the cakes where both pretty flat, did not rise that much. It tastes delicious, but the cakes didnt rise much and looked pretty sad as a layer cake. Did I do something wrong, or is it better to use the smaller cake pans for a fluffier, taller cake? This looks so good for Easter! Can this be made with just regular all purpose flour and have the same consistency?

Can I make this without the brown and white sugar? Would love to try. Feel free to experiment with other sweeteners or cutting back the sugar. Just know that if using a wet sweetener, it may thin the batter. Used less close to no almond milk because I knew the dough would be too wet without the sugar. Love this and all your other recipes!! Make another cook book! Wanted to make this for Easter.

Just made this and it is the most delicious, perfect carrot cake!!! I am not gluten free so I used regular white flour and also subbed grapeseed oil for coconut oil and it is absolutely perfect. Also made your cream cheese icing using tofutti and it is delicious. It really is the perfect complement to this wonderful cake. My husband has never liked carrot cake or cream cheese vegan or not and yet he loved this!

Thank you for such an amazing recipe. I want to make these as cupcakes. Do you think I could just use the same recipe and put in muffin tin? Just cook for less time?

I subbed almond milk with coconut milk full fat. Could this have made an impact on the outcome? This recipes was perfect and so delicious. I made it for non vegans ranging from kids to my 82 year old Grandma, loved it! I also made it with the vegan cream cheese icing with 3 cups of powdered sugar, just really good. Your recipes are so great And easy to follow, thanks so much! I made this for Easter dessert yesterday.

Since it was my first time making both recipes, I followed them exactly as the recipe instructed, except I used 3 eggs Instead of flax eggs. The cake had a very good flavor, just a little on the dry side.

What would you recommend for the next time? I frosted it with your vegan cream cheese frosting. Thank you so much for all of your fabulous recipes! I am not a regular GF baker but often bake vegan. This was too mushy. I wonder if I needed to bake it longer, as in, as long as possible without burning it. The flavors were good though. Hi Claire, my thought is that the problem was the cup for cup blend.

Ah, I had no idea that mushy cakes with the Cup-for-Cup blend is a known problem. I only do GF baking occasionally, so I figured making my own blend would not be reasonable. But I will make use of the bulk foods section to economically make your blend next time! Sorry for the low-star review, seems that is probably just my own ignorance. Thanks for the guidance! I made this for my family Easter Dinner. I loved the cake. The frosting was a little tricky for me. I wish I had added more raisins to the cake.

I think it would have given it the sweetness I felt was missing. I am new to the Plant based world and still struggle with the sugar removal from the diet. I made this yesterday and the flavour was perfect! Thank you for this recipe!!! I made this for my health-conscious in-laws at Easter and it got devoured!

Instead of GF flour mix, I made my own oat flour and it worked fine. I went back for seconds and thirds — it was that good!!!! I will definitely be making this any time another carrot cake craving strikes! You can buy edible flowers quite often! Whole Foods generally carries them in the produce section: I followed your recipe exactly and was amazed how good it turned out.

Exactly as stated; moist, soft, tasty and with the cream cheese icing — superb. The biggest complement was that my grandson has lined me up for his birthday cake maker in three weeks! Oh oh what have I done. I made this cake for a special celebration at work for all non-vegans. Thanks for the great recipe! Light or dark brown sugar? I hope this recipe will replace my standard version—would be wonderful to have a go-to vegan carrot cake recipe. Looks beautiful and delish!

My daughter is allergic to all nuts can I just substitute the almond meal for extra gluten free flour? They were floored when I told them they were vegan! Lol I did a make few substitutions though.. I used crushed pineapple in place of the applesauce, I used finely shredded coconut in place of the almond flour, and I used regular all purpose flour instead of GF flour.

I made your cream cheese frosting and added fresh lemon juice to it. Made this last night and used the coconut butter recipe as a frosting. It came out delicious, all my non-vegan friends loved it and wanted seconds! I used two 8 inch tins and it raised less than expected, but tastewise, it was perfectly balanced.

I used chopped peacan nuts, as I prefer them to walnuts and almond meal instead of almond flour. Thank you for the recipe! Hi I have never used flax eggs before. You say one tablespoon of flaxseed would be 7g. I am in the uk and realise American tablespoons are smaller than ours ours are 15g or ml but even so 7g seems a small amount for a tablespoon.

Can you confirm this for me please? I just want to make sure I am adding enough flax and water! I love carrot cake and this, with cashew buttercream, has become my most favorite recipe!!

What size cake pans did you use? I followed this recipe to a T. The only modification I did was using all gluten free flour in stead of part almond flour. I bit into one thinking it was done and the flavor is great! Clearly I did something wrong.

Hmm it sounds like the batter was too dense from using all GF flour vs. If you try it again using almond flour or another nut flour, report back on how it goes! She cannot have almond flour and almond milk. Im just wondering is there any way to make this with eggs? I know its vegan but what i need is just a gf and dairy free cake, and i havent got the egg substitute on hand. What do you think? How many eggs would make sense? Hi there the recipe says 3 batches flax eggs 3 tablespoons mix so I would need 3 eggs is that correct?

Decorated with orange roses too. It was super easy to do, although I used en egg replacer instead of a flax egg Ener-G I think the brand was. I will definitely be making it again. Thank you so much for posting this. You now have a very grateful and happy follower. I swear by your recipes. My all time favorite is your carrot cake. I want to use the recipe to make cupcakes for my daughter who is on the baby led weaning path.

What would you substitute for the sugar in the cake as well as the icing. I hope you reply to this. I want to make these for her turning 7 months on the 31st this month. My son requested a carrot cake for his 14th birthday. With your vegan cream cheese frosting.

Now all of our birthday guests in August will have something to have for dessert. However, he is asking for cupcakes now of course, teenage boy ;-. Do you have and idea what the cooking time would be for cupcakes with this recipe? You are able to adjust the recipe by changing the serving size at the top of the ingredient list. I tried this today for a birthday cake. Hi Dana, I love the look of all your recipes..

I have just bought your book.. I was just looking at your wondering carrot cake and would love to have a go at making it. Would you beable to tell me what size pans you use for this cake please. I made this today and baked it for 50 minutes as cupcakes and the inside is still batter!! I was making it for a big party and was super worried about serving a cake I had never made before so I literally made 3 different carrot cakes from 3 different well known bloggers and this one was SO far beyond the other recipes that there was truly no comparison.

On top of how good I thought it was…there were 2 chefs at the party and 1 pastry chef who were all begging for the recipe by the end of the night seriously I was so nervous. So thank you thank you for being so reliable with your recipes and especially for THIS recipe! I am wondering if this could be made with shredded apples. I am looking for a Rosh Hashanah recipe and it seems perfect if I could switch just the carrots out for apples.

I made it as a bundt and put cream cheese filling! I made this for my brothers birthday party and I received glowing reviews. Hi, I am vegan and gluten free, so I have been very excited to see a rise in vegan-gluten free recipes popping up on your site. Would it be possible to replace the carrot in this recipe with pumpkin like proper pumpkin, not canned pumpkin? Try this recipe instead!

I was so excited that it was a vegan gluten free one bowl style cake. I also had tons of carrots I could use from my garden. It turned out super moist like you said! There were only two thing I did different.

I swapped out the coconut oil for canola and I did use my homemade almond milk. I also used your cream cheese frosting recipe and it was perfect! I think the cake was delicious and not super sweet. I wish I could post a picture for you to see. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into perfecting these recipes! You make gluten free vegan taste delicious!

I halved the sugar and the flavor actually turned out pretty good. The cake itself, though, was dry even though I followed the rest of the recipe to a tee and monitored it while it baked. I also made the vegan cashew frosting which, to my disappointment, tasted like straight-up cashews and not decadent at all.

Overall, this cake was OK, but by no means was it stellar. Save my name and email in my browser for the next time I comment.

Your email address will not be published or shared. Rate this recipe after you've made it: I Have a Question. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday to me! I hope you all LOVE this carrot cake! Amazing carrot cake made in 1 bowl! Simple to make, insanely moist and flavorful, and undetectably vegan and gluten-free! Prep Time 15 minutes. Cook Time 45 minutes. Total Time 1 hour. Freezer Friendly 3 Weeks. Ingredients US Customary - Metric. Instructions Preheat oven to degrees F C. Prepare flax eggs in a large mixing bowl.

To flax eggs, add oil and maple syrup and whisk to combine. Next, add applesauce, sugars, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and cinnamon and whisk to combine. Divide evenly among cake pan s. Bake for minutes or until deep golden brown and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. The gluten-free blend just takes a little longer to bake. Also, note that the size of pan you use will vary baking time.

Remove from oven and let rest in the pans for 15 minutes. Then carefully run a knife along the edges and gently invert onto cooling racks to let cool completely. This cake needs to cool completely. It benefits from plenty of airflow, and the flavors develop as the cooling process goes on.

If short on time, you can speed the cooling by placing the cakes in the refrigerator or freezer until very cool to the touch. Once cooled, you can serve as is or frost!

For frosting, you have several options! Store leftovers at room temperature, covered, for days, in the refrigerator for days, or covered well in the freezer for several weeks. However, it's best when eaten fresh. Do note that, if using vegan cream cheese or yogurt in the frosting, the cake should be stored in the refrigerator. From the refrigerator, let set out for minutes before serving so it warms a bit and becomes more tender. Let thaw completely from the freezer.

Nutrition Per Serving 1 of 12 slices Calories: Facebook Twitter Pin It. Thanks for giving us such good easy recipes. This cake looks like a delicious way to celebrate. Happy happy birthday, Dana! What a gorgeous cake! Definitely have to try this. I will definitely be making this cake to celebrate along with you! What would be the sub if not using flax eggs? Same amount of regular eggs?

You can sub 1 small egg per flax egg! Let me know how it goes. Can you use coconut flour instead of the gluten free mix? Or just all almond flour? How did it go using all almond flour? The cake looks beautiful?? I love carrot cake!

Which frosting option do you recommend? I went with my classic vegan cream cheese! But all are delicious. Happy B-day, can i sued the almond flour for oat flour, or millet flour? But if you test it, let me know how it goes! Wondering about the difference between almond flour and almond meal?

Have you attempted making a frosting out of the coconut milk yogurt? Yes, check out my Cashew Buttercream linked above. But if you try it, let me know how it goes!

Let me know how that goes if you try it. Happy, sweet and healthy birthday to you, my dear! Thank you for all you share with us -: Can I sub three eggs for the flax eggs?

I always recommend 1 small egg per 1 flax egg. Just finely grate or purée. Did you use gf flour with xanthan gum or no?