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Will the outlier trends continue? Will we have five straight days of VIX below 10? He makes no mention of how such a position can be squared with Bilski , or how his view of what should be can be implemented judicially rather than by Congress. Big launch day for Dropbox with nearly 10k contracts. Whole life exists for the life of the member and sometimes carries cash value. Are They at the Crossroads? Trade wars are back on the table.

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Unlimited Turbo Long-Zertifikat auf Apple: Memory Express-Zertifikat auf Infineon: Gebraucht, aber gut in Schuss - Zertifikateanalyse. Anzeichen von Stress - Zertifikateanalyse. An idealer Stelle gedreht! Verkaufssignal unter 9,79 EUR abwarten - Zertifikateanalyse.

Zertifikate-Branche steckt in der Nische fest. Operative Zuwächse im zweiten Quartal - Zertifikateanalyse. Unlimited Turbo Short-Zertifikat auf Tesla: Das Kartenhaus fällt in sich zusammen - Zertifikateanalyse. Unlimited Turbo Short Zertifikat auf Continental: Das war nicht gerade die feine Art - Zertifikateanalyse. Derivate Beschreibung Derivate — was sind das eigentlich? Der Name geht auf ein lateinisches Wort zurück: Und das bringt es auf den Punkt: Und das gilt für eine ganze Reihe von Wertpapieren: Durch den sogenannten "Hebel-Effekt" kann der Anleger bei vielen Derivaten bereits mit geringem Kapitaleinsatz überdurchschnittlich von Kursschwankungen des Basiswerts partizipieren.

Hier gilt es aber zu differenzieren. Denn Derivat ist nicht gleich Derivat. Building Synergies Muller Yogurt: Will It Pay Off? Reshaping the Global Advertising Industry? The Case of Renault Duster Amazon in What Lies Beyond Calico? A Move to Empower Women in India? Rebounding from the Recession Britannia Industries Limited: Will it Dazzle the Indonesian Motorcycle Market?

A Strategic Game Plan? Reshaping Portfolio to Accelerate Transformation Walgreens: On a Growth Curve Sina Weibo: Expanding Footprints in West Asia e-Choupal: Emerging Opportunities and a Wakeup Call Diabetes: The Next Coffee Shop? Set to Spread Wings in India Lenovo: Global Growth Strategies Advertising in India: An Agent of Social Change?

Embracing Class and Mass? A Strategic Cool Move? Expanding Wings in Medical Tourism Mydentist: In Search of Next Blue Ocean? Will Brand Repositioning Drive Sales? A Landmark Deal for Indian Pharma?

Ushering a New Game Plan? Disrupting the Traditional Model China's Xiaomi: Going Global in the Smartphone Market Apple vs. Grabbing Space in the Healthcare Landscape Medellín: Calculated Risk or Potential Payoff? Aiming for the Top Spot in India Walmart: The Convenience Store with a Cult Following!

The Digital Way Havas Group: Consolidating for Further Growth IndiGo: Can the Service Catch up in India?

A User Empowerment Strategy? Launching Consumer Drones Shalimar Paints: The Right Way to Go? Expands into the Middle East: Serving the Arab Market Philips: Can it Gamble with Global Expansion? Does Crisis Bring an Opportunity? Redefining Success SpaceX: Challenges to Universities Toshiba to Light up India: Dreaming Big Dr.

Embracing Omnichannel Retailing Farfetch: Creating a Splash in the Dairy Business? Tapping Rural Opportunity Uber: Crafting an Uncertain Marketplace? Has it Broken the Jinx? Driving Ahead With Consolidation Clarks: Setting a High Trajectory for Growth Vistara: Will it Fly High on Indian Sky? Will it Have a Smooth Voyage? A Brand on Decline? A Brand Reinforcement Move? Reviving Fortunes of Future Group? Will the Expansion Strategy Pay Off? Struggling for Survival Apple: Can it Grow Any Further?

Leveraging Expo Opportunities for Growth? An Aggressive Growth Strategy? E-Commerce Tie-ups to Drive Growth? Fashion Favourite No More? Differentiation as a Growth Strategy Yelp: Gaining Momentum in India Pernod Ricard: Unlocking Opportunities in Africa Guroo: Brewing Trouble in Coffee Cup?

A Growing Social Trend? A Standard Bearer of Openness? Will the Gamble Payoff? A Virtual Partnership to Redefine Nanotechnology? Global Ambitions of the Local Start-up? Trouble in Store for the Food Startup? Can the Ageing Brand be Revived? Cannibalization or Game Changer? The Pioneer in Cloud Computing Instagram: Will the Revamping Strategy Pay Off?

Growing through Acquisitions Takata Airbags: The Premier Healer in Turmoil? Crafting an Innovative Business Model Duolingo: A De facto Language Tutor? Can the Innovation Sustain? Prompting an Unprecedented Tax Inversion Row?

Can it Ride the Changing Tide? Striking the Right Spark? Can it Have a Smooth Ride in India? Compact Case Digital India: Tough Times Ahead eBay: Can it Repeat its US Success?

Get it Right Skill India Mission: A Challenge to Google? Compact Case Quintillion Media: A Disruptor in the Digital Publishing Space? Crisis Time for the Mining Behemoth Zoctr: Solving Urban Transport Conundrum in India?

A Boon for Start-ups? A Move in the Right Track? Leveraging on Smartphone Penetration Education Loans: Investing for Future India? Will it Trigger a Price War? A New Global Health Emergency? American Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy Xerox: Facing Turbulence Nike's Growth Strategy: Creating a World Class Beauty Experience?

Scripting a New Paradigm for Cricket? Will its Ethical Growth Strategy Payoff? Riding on High Hopes? Can its Success Continue? A Strategic Move to Conquer the Continent? In Search of the Lost Glory? Compact Case StoreKing: Battle of the Titans Bigbasket: Can the 'Phygital' Model be a Game Changer? Scripting a New Growth Story? Unleashing a Bigger Game Plan? Will it Disrupt the White Goods Space? An Inspiration to the World of Business? Can the Unilever Deal Add Sheen?

A Move to Strengthen Market Position? Can the Clothing Retailer Emerge from Bankruptcy? Will the Bubble Burst? Dreams of Building a Global Brand? A Tremor too Big? An Unrelated Growth Strategy? A Win Win Deal? The Future of Chronic Disease Management? Can Welspun Regain its Lost Image? Will it Ensure Service Integration? On a Journey from Cricket to Business? CC Activision Blizzard: Growing to the Next Level Reliance Jio: Betting Big on Content-app Ecosystem?

Making Self Driving Cars a Reality? Is the Gulf Airliner Losing its Lustre? Creating an Industry Leader in the Oil Sector? Can it be Revived? What the Future Forecasts?

What Next for the Stationery Stalwart? What's your earnings options MO? We are living in the Bitcoin futures world. Total volume Sunday overnight was a reported 3, contracts, with nearly 20 trading firms actively participating. The first "real" futures launched today on CBOE. More Jan 50 "catastrophe" puts in Tesla Motors Inc. Put-palooza in GameStop Corp. Cheapie call roll in Glu Mobile Inc. The war for Bitcoin derivatives is heating up again.

Nasdaq also announced futures with a planned Q2 launch. With so many choices-How will you trade Bitcoin in ? Someone has the gall to downgrade Tesla, but the stock still rallies. It was the highest November ever for options volume. Jan 50 "Catastrophe" puts in Tesla Motors Inc. Puts trade in Amgen, Inc.

The war for Bitcoin Derivatives is heating up again. GOP tax plan passes the Senate. Weird backwards post-earnings roll in L Brands Inc. How do you think you'll be trading Bitcoin in ? Dow sets new record by hitting 24, and SPX hits 2, This was the fifth 1,point milestone for the Dow this year, first hitting 20, on Jan.

The market is still in rally mode, awaiting tax deal. North Korea unable to spook the market. More Jan 50 "Catastrophe" puts on the tape yesterday - OI breaks 30k. Near-term Dec call love in Caesars Entertainment Corp. SPY always dominates the options volume charts. But what do you think people are actually trading in SPY? Looks like QCOM activity is actually a dividend play. Light on earnings this week. Goldman execs cash out decade-old options just days before they expire.

No cheating or checking with your broker - use your grey matter and your "gut" to pick the right one. We are not letting the Thanksgiving holiday get in the way of you getting your Option Block fix on. What are the uses for binary options?

Binaries as a way to trade options. VIX coming back to life. House passes tax reform, will congress unify behind a single plan? Uncle Mike speculates on winter weather and resulting oil demand. There is still earnings on the horizon, including: Put-palooza in Time Warner Inc. Will option vol come down?

Are people going to take the money and run? Are we heading for more carnage? Putin says he didn't do anything to the election. Catastrophe puts in Tesla Motors Inc. Size put roll in SEAS. Uncle Mike is looking at oil and financials. Sebas is wondering what will happen on Tuesday. Trading Options during Earnings is a coin flip. What's your Earnings Options MO? How many tax brackets? High-yield bond charts look ugly.

RCM webinar on Wednesday, November 8th, Options tracker in Tesla Inc. This season's theme "Buy Premium"! Under Armor before the bell tomorrow. Pre-earnings put-palooza in Under Armor Inc. Reviewing what's happening post-earnings. Is North Korea testing hydrogen bombs? After-hours options trading would have been fun this week.

Calls trade in Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. The question now - what is the best way to make it happen? Massive closing paper in Norfolk Southern Corp. Size upside love in Comcast Corp. Everything macro and the lack of reactions to everything macro. Earnings are coming up. Apple continues to rally. Puts trade in GameStop Inc.

In BrokerMadness spirit, lets bring the fight to exchanges. What is your fav? Where do you send your business? Everyone's got electric cars on the brain. How are you playing the shift to electric in your Options trading? A quick overview of our live show from last week. A quick summary of the TSLA "catastrophe" puts. Will we have five straight days of VIX below 10?

What is the Pro Trader Summit? VIX is back in the single digits. Memories of trading floor days. VIX is back in the double digits hitting VIX volume is exploding: Will traders take a knee too? Return of the VIX whale? VIX is back in the single digits, hitting 9. Size collar trade in Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.

The listeners pick the strategy block: Uncle Mike discusses selling premium with a 9 VIX. What shoe will drop? Equifax gives away the keys to the kingdom. One exec even cashed in his options before the public disclosure. EFX options volume up is again today. TSLA Options tracker is back.

Size call vertical in Visa Inc. How do you prep your portfolio? Well-timed, lucky or illegal? I have recently been looking at some Apple calendars. Aren't these supposed to be the same and since they are not can you arb this, especially if you do not have commission charges. Trading VIX iron condors. Watching Tesla, just because you can't help it. Who is calling the volatility shots? As Q4 looms, where are you placing your bullish Volatility bets?

Which has most Upside by end of ? Hurricane Irma puts Florida in it's crosshairs. The numbers are in: August was surprisingly strong. Earnings season is in the rearview mirror now. Upside call love in Himax Technologies, Inc. Hurricane cannon pointed at the southeast.

NFL season kicks off tonight. Tension between China and North Korea. A thin day in the market. Lululemon LULU after the bell: Will invisible yoga pants strike again? Amazon announces price cuts at Whole Foods, Hurricane Harvey bears down on oil central. Earnings are still happening! Rolling calls in Genworth Financial Inc. Question from Salman Azhar: Are call or put diagonals better for bears. Math is same but practice?

ULTA pared off the earlier selloff. What's happening in Jackson Hole? GoFundMe to buy Twitter. The eclipse hits the U. Steve Bannon gone from the White House. Which Options are you looking forward to trading this week? Donald Trump sympathizes with Confederate statues. A look at George Soros options positions. Puts trade in Urban Outfitters Inc. Is this the end of low Volatility? Or a temporary blip? Which Options Exchange or group has carved out the largest piece of the Options market so far in ?

Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses what happens when low volatility gets higher in the course of just one day. BOX Options is opening a new trading floor. What do you think of the planned launch of cash-settled Bitcoin futures later this year? Scaramucci Maybe 2-week options should be called Scaramuccis?

Comment from Tim A. What about a box? Often on segments like the odd block or similar segments on your other shows you talk about someone going bullish or bearish on certain contracts. For example let's take the Tesla way OTM puts you have mentioned.

You talk about someone wanting to be long those catastrophic Tesla puts, but for each trade there is some party taking the other side.

Since there is always another party in these trades why isn't it the inverse analysis - in this case for example that someone really wants to sell way OTM TSLA puts?

Bezos surpassed Gates ever-so briefly as richest man in the world. Then there was a selloff. Are you a buyer or a seller? Earnings season is back! TSLA options tracker - "catastrophe" puts hit the tape today, 20 more Jan 20 puts also trade today. A double strategy today! A put roll down trade in silver and a modified collar trade in XLF.

Aug 8 calls top the charts so far. Listener Question from Darqane: Assigned on short SPX puts means getting long the underlying? But how does that work if it is cash settled? A plan for new trading pit triggers a feud in the U. Puts roll in L Brands Inc. LB Puts trade in Gap Inc. Welcome to our th episode. Today's special panel includes: It's all strategy in this abridged episode of the Option Block. Today, uncle Mike discusses what you an do when you're not connected to your computer, including:.

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin Volatility these days. Where do you stand on Bitcoin after last weeks aggressive downturn? Let's get back to basics. What's your fav way to go long? Taking the weekend out of the market. Biotech and the effect of the AHCA bill. Crude and the energy section taking it on the chin. PAA call spreads trade in Praxair, Inc. Did we turn a corner? Do we have a lack of shellac? Everyone wants to be everything. Where do you stand on Bitcoin after last week's aggressive downturn?

The Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point rate hike Wednesday as expected. The market keeps shrugging off news about Trump. The news deluge, with its quasi facts, is making people numb. But recent events have us asking again: What is up with VIX today? How low should VIX go? Are you in the Goldman camp or the Barclay's camp? Gaming segment hot today. Big news out of the E3 show. Comey talks before the Senate - the markets shrug. VIX still in double digits, barely. Mike discusses the importance of having different strategies for different underlying, in similar scenarios.

Why buy these puts? Comey swing and miss. Will we make a new all-time high? Fed news conference next Wednesday. The VIX is back to flirting with its lowest levels ever. Keep an eye on APPL. The World Wide Developer Conference begins this week. Calls trade in Cenovus Energy Inc. Do we need to bring back mini options with all of these high-priced stocks? The crude rally continues. Guess what the number one position in Tesla is right now? How would you trade? Question from GuruHawk -How do you know the shares were purchased as well?

I see the volume on the option But to know workings of intent? What is going on in the June 16 SPY contract? Market reaction to the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. How low can VIX go? Calls trade in Pandora Media Inc. Options Question Of The Week: There are still a lot of big names reporting in earnings season.

Which ones are on your options watchlist this week? A bull rally in the market. Still a lot of big names reporting in earnings season. This volatility implosion is starting to make people nervous.

How Low Can It Go in ? VIX near the single digits at the 10 handle. Is the VIX too low? Tesla, Facebook, Disney and EA. These are crazy times for all markets from commodities to equities and volatility. Which crazy level will we hit first? The Trumpcare bill and French election, how might they affect vol? Thank you to Steve A for the fan art! Do you trade options on cheap stocks? Looking ahead to AAPL earnings. Wonderful is loving AAPL right now. Quarterly earnings continue to roll with one of the biggest names of the season set to announce Tuesday after the close.

Technology giant Apple Inc. In addition, there are other big names announcing as well including Tesla Motors and Pfizer. Calls trade in Applied Optoelectronics Inc. GGP , puts trade in Excelon Corp. Glad to ask a? Yeah, I got assigned 2 of 3 my put spread.. Seeing the large margin number was not pleasant.. Call spread selling in Thor Industries Inc.

Today we have very special guest co-hosts: Question from AndersonInvesting - New to options. I use TD Ameritrade but currently I do not like it for options. I was looking at Charles Schwab. Any recommendations for an options newbie? Also looking at AMD puts to protect gains averaged in at Earnings date has been announced for May 1st.

The year anniversary of the vote to join WWI. VIX pops after Syrian attack. New week highs new highs today: LULU craps the bed. Stock market climbs after economic data, with banks in lead. Tesla produces more PR noise. Vol skew gets dumped. Should technical analysis be applied to VIX? Stock-market fear threatens a return, as Dow stares at longest losing streak in 6 years.

Options BrokerMadness tournament going on now. Comment from VoiceOfReason1 -Options seems far too complicated - too much thinking involved. I follow the penny stock community - they are usually dead accurate. Why the bull run will stay in great shape even as the health bill troubles traders. What's your Zombie weapon of choice? The stock market slipped following Fed rate-hike rally, declining in oil prices. If you had to buy Volatility-which is the best value?

Are SNAP options set for strong demand on their market debut? Fed kicks off tomorrow. Puts trade in Encana Corp. If you had to buy Volatility, which is the best value? An escalating broker price war has begun. The first big IPO of the year is off to the races.

AKA how much movement do you expect? It is a very heavy week as far as economic reports go with a bulk of them coming on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Where did February go? Mar 2 - Jobless Claims. Dow sets sights on 12th straight record close. WarrenBeatty screwed up Best Picture. What is your biggest Options screwup? How low will it get during the rest of his term? Earnings earlier this week. What is your go-to spread? I buy 1 Feb What am I missing? Why does everyone say this earnings stuff is so hard? Like many burgeoning tech startups, Snap warned that it? Rest of Nasdaq seemed bright green.

Question from Richard R. Is this just the current ATM straddle? The market will be closed Monday, February 20 for Presidents Day. This week in the market - Feb Apple did not reach all time highs, but its close price is an all time highs. All time highs happened on April 28, ICE Cool on Options: Question from Game Day Dog - Hi. I am worried about max risk. How is this different than selling a naked option if my protection is OTM at expiration?

Can you discuss the "surprises" or things to watch for with vertical spreads? DIS earnings on Tuesday: Options QuestionOfTheWeek - With so many different Options expiration cycles available weekly, etc - which duration do you prefer?

But there is more than just earnings. The Snapchat IPO looms ahead. Time for another Earnings StraddleBattle: Which stock will outperform its straddle by the largest margin? Call writer in Coach Inc. STZ and calls trade in Pfizer Inc. Calls trade in Kate Spade Co. Lots of earnings on the horizon.

Stocks tumble ahead of Trump inauguration - Dow off Another crazy earnings for NFLX. How a one-two, Trump-Yellen punch may move interest rates. Dow drops about points. Who can slow down the Amazon juggernaut? Oil drop stymies the Dows march to 20, Tech stocks send Nasdaq to record, Apple is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Gold prices settle at highest level in nearly 6 weeks.

The options market is not too worried about retail XRT woes, but should it be? First QuestionOfTheWeek for How will Options volume compare? A look back at the year in the options market. An overview of Lightspeed Trading with guest co-host Kevin Ott. Oil falls for the first time in nine days as U. Will be a lighter trading week as many traders and investors will be taking the week off because of the holidays. There are a couple of economic reports worth noting listed below. Calls trade in Globalstar, Inc.

Major market indices are pushing record highs. Everyone has protection on the brain. How do you protect your portfolio? Vol off half a handle. How likely is the Fed to make an announcement before the end of the year? Financial advisors represent the last options frontier. What level of options knowledge do you expect from your advisor? The market and everything else rallied.

What's the scoop with the shiny stuff? Stocks mixed as Dow hits another new record high, flirting with 20, Crude and XLE up too. Understanding the minutiae of VIX. The Tao of Don: Sell or sell not. There is no buy. CrudeOil has been volatile lately. Where will Crude Volatility close on Friday? Apple still up on the year. What might next year look like? Earnings after the bell today: Why was November such a massive month for markets around the world?

Commodities are capturing a lot of attention and generating a lot of Volatility. What's your option of choice? Jobs report and the Fed set the holiday table this week. How the "Trump bump" to the U.