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Autofinder Fabio Fusco Md Tel: Chicago, IL, Tel: Duggan's Serra Mortuary Westlake Ave. Series discontinued in Mistakes were made, and once the mistake was made, it followed that song every week until it left the charts; they were never corrected. Suite Redwood City, California, Tel:

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The original hit version of "Quiet Village" was a mono recording. All stereo versions of the song, including on stereo 45, stereo 33, or album, have been the stereo remake. London Blue label with silver print; mono label shown. Love Standard red mono label with gold print is shown: Although the singles below were included in a Billboard ad as available on stereo 45, their existence has not been verified.

Madison Purple label with silver print: Mercury Mercury had at least two special sleeve designs for the stereo singles, shown at left. The Mercury stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo except Johnny Preston's "Cradle of Love". Many of these stereo singles were also issued in New Zealand using the same catalog numbers on a black Mercury label with silver print. Blue label with silver print, like Mercury stereo LPs. On the other hand, both of these may have been reported to Billboard as available even though they weren't.

This was issued in September, , as a demonstration disc to disc jockeys only. It came with a special promotional pink picture sleeve with black printing stating: This single was also later issued commercially with the assigned number SK with the standard yellow label with black printing. After this point, the newly-introduced black label with multi color logo is used: They may have been issued on numbers higher than Standard early Monument black label with silver print.

Omega Disk Yellow label with black print. Orbit Standard red label with black print. The Preston Epps single "Bongo Rock," reported to Billboard , is probably not true stereo if it exists. The Little Bobby Rey single is true stereo, but includes instruments from the multitrack mixed out of the mono Raynote White label with red print mono version shown.

Darla was a longtime member of "Our Gang" as a child, starting in the s. Many of the Neil Sedaka stereo singles are difficult to find. The Elvis Presley stereo singles are collector's items and command premium prices. RCA sometimes also used special stereo single sleeves, such as those shown at right. Standard Roulette label, with "STEREO" on both sides of the center hole for some issues, while others had only the stereo designation on the right side.

The SSR series had an R mono counterpart. The SSR series is stereo only and has no mono counterpart. At this point, Roulette shifted the SSR series from stereo 45 releases to its stereo-only compact 33 releases. These were usually released in sets of five, with juke box title strips and a 5x5-inch slick of the album cover. Royal Roost Blue label with silver print. Although we have not heard the single below, both sides should be stereo, as they were taken from an early stereo album. Savoy Red label with silver print.

Seeburg These 45s were made for the Seeburg stereo juke boxes. The film's musical director was Wayne Shanklin, who ran Signet Records. Stere-O-Craft Early singles used a light blue label with black print. Later issues used a royal blue and silver label with silver print. Stereo-Gems Orange label with black print. Tico Standard yellow Tico label with black print. Top Rank Early issues at least to used a gold and white label with red print and a red logo at the left.

At least one issue specifically, used the standard red and white Top Rank label with black print and the grey logo to the left of the center hole. Stereo was indicated to the left of the center hole. If it exists, it may have the red label.

It has not been released in true stereo elsewhere, so it may have been cancelled because no true stereo master was available. Later issues and above used the gold and white label with black print and the red logo, but the stereo notation was moved to the left under the logo in much smaller letters.

The Al Martino single is true stereo. The Harry Simeone reissue is probably rechanneled. Although 20th Fox re-recorded the song in stereo, this was not done until the early s. Unart Black and silver label. The single is rechanneled. United Artists The earliest stereo 45 below had a light blue label with black print: Vee-Jay Grey label with black print.

The items below marked U were inferred from the mono series and missing stereo numbers, but are unconfirmed. Although "Mack the Knife" by Ella Fitzgerald was reported in Billboard to have been issued on a stereo 45, this was apparently an error. It may have been planned as one of the two missing numbers , above, but changed at the last minute.

Gold label with black print. Warner used stereo EP sleeves for the stereo 45 singles. The WB stereo 45s we've heard have been true stereo. The promo of S , at least, is on gold vinyl.

Warwick Standard red Warwick label with black print. The "Red River Rock" stereo single is rechanneled. This label was used for and The second label is also gold with black print, but "Stereo Phonic" is in decorative letters above the company logo. This label was used for , and for and later. World Wide Gold label with black print. This discography is not comprehensive. Apex Canada Blue label with silver print. Stereo sleeve also shown at left. Apex Apex Records was a major label and record company in Canada.

Their heyday was the s and s. In addition to releasing their own mostly French artists, the company also issued releases by the smaller independent labels in the United States. Once such label they distributed was Roulette Records. They issued this Jimmie Rodgers 45 in stereo in June, Apex released a huge volume of singles, but this is the only stereo 45 known, and the copy illustrated on this page is quite rare.

Brunswick Germany Black label with gold print. Columbia Germany Light blue label with black print. Coral Germany Orange label with black print. Electrola Germany Red label with black print. Heliodor Germany Black label with gold print. London Germany Black label with gold print. London UK Black label with silver print.

Oriole UK Blue label with silver print. Polydor Germany Red label with black print. National Geographic NL: Nick Jr NL: NPO 1 NL: TV Krimpenewaard NL: Zeeland Televisie NL: NET 5 NL: NPO 2 NL: NPO 3 NL: RTL 4 NL: RTL 7 NL: RTL 8 NL: SBS 6 NL: Channel 34 US: TV Student US: Nasa TV US: Russia Today Documentary US: Cartoon Network US: Comedy Central US: Golf Channel US: HBO 2 US: Showtime Showcase US: Sportsnet US: Starz Edge US: HSN 2 US: The Florida Channel US: Bravo US N: Cinemax East US N: Freeform US N: Golf Channel US N: H2 US N: Hallmark Channel US N: Lifetime US N: MY9 US N: Nick US N: Showtime US N: Showtime 2 US N: Showtime Beyond US N: Showtime Extreme US N: Showtime Showcase US N: Showtime West US N: Space US N: Spike US N: Sportsnet US N: Sportsnet One US N: Sportsnet Ontario US N: Sportsnet World US N: Star z Cinema US N: Starz Cinema US N: Starz Comedy US N: Starz East US N: Starz Edge US N: Starz Encore US N: Starz West US N: Univision Deportes US N: ViceLand US N: Chaneel 2 ISR: Chaneel 10 ISR: Channel 20 music ISR: Channel 10 ISR: Channel 2 ISR: Channel 20 ISR: Channel 22 News ISR: Channel 9 ISR: Hop Yaldut ISR: Hot Junior ISR: Music 24 ISR: Nick Jr ISR: Ti TV IR: Quran TV IR: Press TV IR: Persian Movie IR: Omid E Iran IR: NEX 1 IR: Jame Jam 1 IR: Irib Namayesh IR: Didar TV IR: Playboy TV AdultVip: Pink Erotic 1 AdultVip: Pink Erotic 2 AdultVip: Pink Erotic 3 AdultVip: Pink Erotic 4 AdultVip: Pink Erotic 5 AdultVip: Pink Erotic 6 AdultVip: Pink Erotic 7 AdultVip: VOD9 Adult 4K: VOD8 Adult 4K: VOD7 Adult 4K: VOD6 Adult 4K: VOD5 Adult 4K: VOD4 Adult 4K: VOD3 Adult 4K: VOD2 Adult 4K: VOD11 Adult 4K: VOD10 Adult 4K: La Trois BE: B4U Movies IN1: Movies OK IN1: Sony HD IN1: Sony india IN1: Star movies india IN1: Jaya Max 2 Tamil: Raj TV Tamil: ABP Majha Kannada: Colors Kannada Kannada: Sri Sankara Kannada Kannada: Suvarna News 24X7 Kannada: Suvarna TV Kannada: Udaya TV Kannada: Plus HD AL: Alb Humor 1 AL: Alb Humor 2 AL: Anime Kids AL: Bang Bang AL: Digi Gold 1 AL: Digi Gold 2 AL: Digi Gold 3 AL: Digi Gold 4 AL: ERA mk AL: Explorer Shkence AL: Film Hits AL: Film Autor AL: Film Drame AL: Film dy HD AL: Film Komedi AL: Film Nje AL: Film Thriller AL: Klan Kosova AL: National Geographic AL: Report TV AL: RTK 2 AL: RTK 3 AL: Top News AL: Tring Comedy AL: Tring Fantasy AL: Tring History AL: Tring Life AL: Tring Life 2 AL: Tring Max AL: Tring Planet AL: Tring Shqip AL: Tring Super AL: Tring Tring AL: Tring World AL: TV Mitrovica AL: Film Aksion AL: Action 24 GR: Ant 1 GR: Antena 1 GR: Blue Sky GR: Cyprus TV GR: ERT 1 GR: ERT 2 GR: ERT 3 GR: EuroSport 1 GR: Kriti TV GR: Messina TV GR: Nea TV GR: Net TV GR: Omega TV GR: Rik 1 GR: Rik 2 GR: Tinos TV GR: Pink 2 EX-YU: TV 1 Ex: Arena Sport 1 HR Ex: Arena Sport 2 HR Ex: Arena Sport 3 HR Ex: Arena Sport 4 HR Ex: Arena Sport 5 HR Ex: Arena Sport 6 HR Ex: Afro Music PT: Canal Panda PT: Cartoon Network PT: Discovery Channel PT: Disney Junior PT: Eurosport 1 HD PT: Eurosport 2 PT: Eurosport News PT: Fight Box PT: Fox HD PT: Fox Movies PT: Fuel TV PT: Motorvision HD PT: Nat Geo Wild PT: Panda Bigss PT: Porto Canal PT: Real Madrid PT: RTP 3 PT: Sic Caras PT: Touros TV PT: Travel Channel PT: BNT 1 BG: Box TV BG: Cinema Plus BG: City TV BG: Comedy Plus BG: Diema Family BG: Diema TV BG: F Plus BG: Film Plus BG: Hobby Lov BG: New kick ass photo blog http: New photo blog http: My novel number http: Emancipated porn galleries http: Daily updated sissy blog search for people in south africa pusy gerls pointe shoes cheap http: Hard dick shemales http: Started up to date web throw http: Adult blog with daily updates broken nose surgery chastitybelt stories tanssexual women http: Started new spider's web stand out http: Girls with well-known tits blogs http: My updated work is next!

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