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Sit Less, Move More, Sleep Well: Active play guidelines for under-fives
Stop drinking alcohol if you could be pregnant, are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. There are different types of breastmilk depending on the stage of lactation. It can vary in and between individuals and the energy can vary between and kJ per mL. For example, choices about food and beverages can be shaped or influenced by factors such as advertising, ethnic or cultural traditions, food costs, and the food available. Young people can develop their technological literacy in the context of food technology. When an issue has been agreed on, young people can engage in the action learning process.

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ARPHS recommends that anyone with measles stay away from work, school, childcare, and places where large groups of people gather, so that they do not spread measles. Talk to your doctor about exact dates to be kept way from work or school. The only way to prevent infection with measles is to vaccinate with MMR vaccine. Two doses of the measles vaccine is all you need to protect yourself, your family and your community.

Check with your GP if you or your child should be vaccinated — vaccination is free for children and adults who are not immune to measles. The high amount of measles worldwide means increased risk of bringing measles into New Zealand.

The recent measles outbreak in Auckland cases was started with an unimmunised child, who became infected on a family trip to England, then developed measles when back in Auckland. Worldwide, there has been a resurgence of measles.

In Europe a common destination for New Zealanders over 30, cases were notified in both and while in Australia also a common travel destination there have been 89 cases of measles confirmed from January to August , 71 of them in New South Wales. Anyone travelling overseas, whether a child, teenager or adult should know their immunisation status before they leave. Where there is any doubt, immunisation with MMR vaccine is recommended prior to travel.

Measles What is Measles? Complications About one in three people with Measles will experience: How is Measles spread? When will symptoms appear? Prevention The only way to prevent infection with measles is to vaccinate with MMR vaccine. Alternatively there are a number of regulatory affairs consultants who specialise in advertising compliance. A list is available on this web site.

Another useful resource is the TAPS website. This website contains some guidelines on therapeutic claims and provides examples of claims that do not imply a therapeutic purpose. Distributors wishing to import unprocessed plant or animal material, should contact NZ Biosecurity to determine which import standards apply.

The New Zealand Customs Service is also able to advise on the requirements for commercial importation. Copies of all the New Zealand Acts and Regulations discussed above may be downloaded for free from www. If assistance is required in determining whether a product is a medicine or a medical device the sponsor of the product should collate the following information and submit this to Medsafe together with their request for the categorisation status of the product.

Medsafe may also request further information about the product in order to make a decision. Therapeutic purpose - means any of the following purposes, or a purpose in connection with any of the following purposes:. A related product is defined in the Medicines Act A related product is a cosmetic or dentifrice or food in respect of which a claim is made that the substance or article is effective for a therapeutic purpose.

It does not include any medicine. A product that is used "wholly or principally" for a therapeutic purpose is a medicine. A related product has a therapeutic purpose that is not its principal purpose e.

Many products at the food-therapeutic product interface are likely to be related products e. The standards can be downloaded from www. Dietary supplements are regulated under the Food Act and are subject to the Dietary Supplements Regulations administered by Medsafe. These regulations specify a number of requirements for dietary supplements relating to matters such as composition, labelling and maximum permitted daily doses for many vitamins and minerals.

A product is a cosmetic if it is used to beautify, cleanse or protect the hair, skin. This group standard includes lists of chemicals whose use in cosmetics is restricted. It is available from www. Refer also to regulations 22, 24 and of the Medicines Regulations for requirements that apply to cosmetics. Psychoactive substances are regulated under the Psychoactive Substances Act This act contains the definition of psychoactive substances.

Further information is available at psychoactives. A therapeutic type dose form is a presentation of the product in a form generally used in pharmaceuticals such as tablets, capsules and controlled amounts of oral liquids or powders.

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